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Sparrowhawk III: Caxton: Caxton

by Edward Cline

Third in the popular historical series, 'Sparrowhawk' Book Three follows Jack Frake (Book One) and Hugh Kenrick (Book Two) as they meet in Colonial Virginia. Jack is a successful planter who has gained a lifetime...

The Sparrowhawk Companion

by Edward Cline

A comprehensive guidebook for readers of the landmark Sparrowhawk series, The Sparrowhawk Companion includes critical essays, detailed character profiles, and an extensive glossary and bibliography. Praise for...

Sparrowhawk VI

by Edward Cline

The sixth and final installment in this popular series about the start of the American Revolution. Opening in the spring of 1774 and ending explosively on the York River in the fall of 1775, Sparrowhawk Book...

Sparrowhawk V

by Edward Cline

Edward Cline's historical series about the years leading up to the American Revolution continues with Book V. Following on from Book IV, the story continues with the intensifying of colonial resistance to The...

Sparrowhawk IV

by Edward Cline

The political tumult in the American Colonies immediately following the French and Indian War was as turbulent as the war itself. With the war's conclusion and English liberties now presumably guaranteed, the...

Sparrowhawk II

by Edward Cline

Following the success of Sparrowhawk Book One: Jack Frake, this second installment in the historical series recounts the life of Hugh Kenrick as he finds his own moral path through England's upper class. When...

Sparrowhawk I

by Edward Cline

Bringing a radically new perspective to the events leading up to the American Revolution, Sparrowhawk, a series of historical novels, establishes that the revolution occurred in two stages: the war for independence...