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A Soldier's Return (Mills & Boon American Romance)

by Judy Christenberry

Ever since he was a kid and his orphaned family split, sending him into foster care, Captain James Barlow knew he was a jinx to anyone he loved. He'd hidden out safely in the marines…

until a detective found...

Who's the Daddy?

by Judy Christenberry

Could An Expectant Mother Really Forget Who Fathered Her Baby?When Caroline Adkins woke in a hospital bed with amnesia, she received startling news—she was pregnant! She couldn't remember one single night...

The Wedding Promise

by Judy Christenberry

Refusing Gabe's proposal was the right thing to do.

And Katie hasn't regretted her choice once in the past ten years. Gabe went on to law school and a brilliant career, and she took care of her family, put her...

Wanted: Christmas Mommy

by Judy Christenberry

Single dad Doug Graybow has his hands full trying to run a ranch while raising two spunky twin boys. But he doesn't expect his ad for a housekeeper to turn into a search for a wife! Nor does he realize there...

Vanessa's Match

by Judy Christenberry

To Vanessa Shaw nothing is more important than family, especially since her recent reunion with her long-lost brother and sisters. So when she's asked to counsel a troubled teen, she puts everything into restoring...

A Texas Family Reunion

by Judy Christenberry

The Last Barlow?

David Buford/Barlow has finally found his long-lost family, but the joy he feels at being reunited with his brother and sisters is complicated by his growing feelings for his "cousin" Alexandra....

The Texan's Tiny Dilemma

by Judy Christenberry

4 Months + 5 Months = Baby!

As good as accountant Jim Schofield was with figures—he could count back and tell when Teresa got pregnant—he was bad with words like commitment and marriage. But when the stubborn...

Struck by the Texas Matchmakers

by Judy Christenberry

The matchmakers of Cactus, Texas, are back—and all the single folk better beware! Everyone was convinced that Diane Peters and Jeff Hausen were perfect for each other. Everyone but Diane and Jeff, of course....

A Soldier's Return

by Judy Christenberry

Coming Home…

Ever since he was a kid and his orphaned family split, sending him into foster care, Captain James Barlow knew he was a jinx to anyone he loved. He'd hidden out safely in the marines…until a...

Snowbound With Mr. Right

by Judy Christenberry

Tempting the tycoon out of the city… just in time for Christmas!

Sally Rogers's family store is the heart and soul of the small town of Bailey, and she's working all hours to keep her business afloat. So when...

Saved by a Texas-Sized Wedding

by Judy Christenberry

Another Match Made in…Cactus Suddenly a single mom and a ranch owner, city girl Suzanne McCoy needed help in a hurry when the matrons of Cactus, Texas, came to her rescue. Their solution—Ryan Walker, the...

A Ring for Cinderella

by Judy Christenberry






Susan Greenwood had expected a tip, not an offer of marriage! But how could the down-on-her-luck beauty resist when rich-as-a-prince Zach Lowery...

Rent a Millionaire Groom

by Judy Christenberry

Independent lady Elise Foster didn't want a husband—but she was desperate for a fiancé. To pacify her marriage-hungry family, she had to find a hunk she could pass off as her man-in-waiting. Then the perfect...

Rebecca's Little Secret

by Judy Christenberry

Surprise Family

From the moment Rebecca Barlow starts her job at a law firm, she knows she's in for a lot of surprises. Especially when her new boss unexpectedly turns out to be her first love—her son's father....

Randall on the Run

by Judy Christenberry


When Jess Randall dragged a critically wounded man into her car, she had no idea he was a wanted whistleblowing DEA agent. All she knew was that Steve Carter needed help—help she could only...

Randall Wedding

by Judy Christenberry

Randal Rescue Gruff as a bear with a thorn in his paw, cantankerous loner Russ Randall simply didn't need the aggravation of playing hero to a stranded lady and her adorable toddler. Yet the code of honor held...

A Randall Thanksgiving

by Judy Christenberry

She was home for the holidays…but jewelry designer Melissa Randall had no intention of staying in Rawhide, Wyoming. The sassy sophisticate had a life in Paris—one that didn't include a meddling, matchmaking...

Randall Riches

by Judy Christenberry

The Randall Saga Continues… Trapped like a hog-tied calf in a greasy spoon, champion bull rider Rich Randall had no choice but to accept the help of pretty diner waitress Samantha Jeffers to get himself, and...

Randall Renegade

by Judy Christenberry

RANDALL HONOR demanded that Jim Randall help the only woman to break his heart. Patience Anderson's child's life was at stake-so Jim swept back into her life, secreting her and her son high in the mountains...

Randall Pride

by Judy Christenberry

The Randalls are back! A new generation will discover the meaning of family…and the power of love.

Though not a Randall by blood, rodeo star Toby Randall had always been fiercely loyal to his adoptive family....