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Wolfe's Temptress

by Robyn Donald

Wolfe has been looking for Rowan Corbett for five long years. She is the only one who knows the truth about his brother's death.

But the woman he encounters is not the temptress he expected. In fact, Wolfe can...

Virgin Bought and Paid For

by Robyn Donald

When a mysterious young woman is found on the tropical island of Fala'isi, Luke Chapman insists that she remain at his home. But Luke isn't being entirely benevolent; he has an ulterior motive for keeping her...

Tiger, Tiger

by Robyn Donald

Not only opposites attract!

When Lecia first spotted Keane Paget, his presence burned like a shining beacon. He was handsome, certainly, and profoundly male, but the face that stared back at her was otherwise...

Tiger Eyes

by Robyn Donald

Love Trap…

"He's tough and he's brilliant and he's got no weaknesses." That was how Leo Dacre's brother had described him. And Tansy Ormerod was about to find out just how accurate those words were! Leo intended...

The Temptress of Tarika Bay

by Robyn Donald

Morna is suspicious of a newcomer to Tarika Bay. Hawke Challenger is handsome, ruthless and rich. He believes she is a gold digger, and he wants everything she owns—her beautiful New Zealand coastal property…and...

Surrender to Seduction

by Robyn Donald


Geraldine Dacre is beautiful, sophisticated and loved by all, but she has yet to surrender to love. Only one man turns her head—Bryn Falconer.

Returning from a business trip, Bryn and Gerry...

Stepping out of the Shadows

by Robyn Donald

Marisa Somerville has changed. Now a confident, groomed, successful businesswoman, she's nothing like the scared wife of an abusive husband that Rafe Peveril survived a plane crash with six years ago.

She has...

Sanchia's Secret

by Robyn Donald

It had been three years since Sanchia had last laid eyes on Caid's rangy, sexy body, his powerful Greek ancestry apparent in all its glory. Caid's forceful charisma still had the ability to steal her breath...

Ruthless Billionaire, Inexperienced Mistress

by Robyn Donald

Alli Pierce is desperately seeking her real mother. But hotel magnate Slade Hawkings is convinced she's after his family's money, and that she is nothing but a scheming gold digger!

Despite Slade's misgivings,...

The Royal Baby Bargain

by Robyn Donald

For three years Prince Caelan Bagaton has been searching for the woman who kidnapped his nephew. Now he has finally found her, and he is going to exact his revenge....

Abby Metcalfe will do anything for the little...

Rich, Ruthless and Secretly Royal

by Robyn Donald

Prince Kelt, Duke of Vamili, knows the weight of responsibility a title brings. So the brooding royal keeps his privileged birth well hidden. Until one glance at mysteriously alluring Hannah Court threatens...

The Rich Man's Blackmailed Mistress

by Robyn Donald

Kain Gerrard—mesmerizing, sexy and filthy rich—can have any woman he wants! So taming Sable Martin shouldn't be a problem. The scandalous gold digger has used her sensual charms to blackmail his cousin,...

The Prince's Pleasure

by Robyn Donald

Prince Luka of Dacia is a man with a lot to lose if his secret leaks out too early. He trusts nothing and no one, least of all his unexpected desire for Alexa Mytton. She might be beautiful, but she's dangerous—and...

The Prince's Forbidden Virgin

by Robyn Donald

Revealed: a scandalous royal affair!

Maximillian—the last heir to the throne. Will a beautiful girl prevent him from becoming king? Max Fierezza: a prince of the people and the land. But now Niroli's subjects...

The Prince's Convenient Bride

by Robyn Donald

The passionate prince—

When Prince Marco Considine sees model Jacoba Sinclair, he wants her—

The supercool supermodel—

But Jacoba can never surrender to Marco. She fears he'll discover her secret—

And a...

Prince of Lies

by Robyn Donald

"I'm going to stick close to you…closer than a lover, but I'm not going to touch you…"

He called himself Duke and, like a prince on a charger, he'd rescued Stephanie from a nightmare kidnap situation.


Powerful Greek, Housekeeper Wife

by Robyn Donald

With the body of a Greek god, a tycoon's wealth and all the emotion of cold, hard marble, Luke Michelakis is an enigma. Intimidated and out of her depth in his glamorous world, Iona Guthrie has consigned their...

The Nanny Affair

by Robyn Donald


A Nanny in trouble…

Job: Nanny with a difference required to love and care for two adorable dogs.

Special Qualifications: Interminable patience, especially when it comes to Emma's new neighbor, the...

The Mirror Bride

by Robyn Donald


"A mirror marriage, picture perfect but insubstantial, a mere reflection of the real thing."

In marrying Drake Arundell, Olivia Nicholls will secure Simon's future…and condemn her own! Though...

The Millionaire's Virgin Mistress

by Robyn Donald

Paige Howard has held a reluctant and secret desire for New Zealand tycoon Marc Corbett ever since they met—when he married her best friend!

Six years later, still a virgin, Paige has never felt the same for...