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Love, Defined: A Dedication to the Love, Sacrifice, and Magic of Motherhood

by Mike Moore

I used to know what love was. Through you, I've learned what Love is. Motherhood, by its very definition, is love, sacrifice, and an unwavering commitment to another. From birth, to walking, to talking, a mother's...

Social Lies

by Shelly Sharp

Nicole has never been the kind of girl to go against her parents until she meets Brian Hoffine on the internet. One date with him and her world quickly comes crashing down around her. Now she has to find the...

A Song in the Rain

by Heather R. Smith

"I woke to a very strange, unremitting buzzing sound that reminded me of rain." An ancient prophesy speaks of a time of war and calls for a warrior: the only one able to save the world from a time of imminent...

Blessings Through Pain: A Broken Love Story and Faith Journey

by Darcy E. Miller

Have you ever been in an unhealthy relationship? Do you think you would recognize one if you were? Have you ever gone through a divorce or know someone who has? In Blessings Through Pain you will walk through...

Bull E. Frog

by Cheryl Steele Ph.D.

Fish are hiding. A dragon fly has a broken wing. Who is causing all of the problems at the pond? Could a troublesome bull frog be to blame? When Bull E. Frog looks at his reflection in the pond, he may not like...

Clown for a Day

by Michelle Holloway

The circus is in town, and everyone has a chance to enter a contest. The prize? To be a clown for a day. Will Logan's dream of being a clown come true? Will he just have to sit and watch the circus with the...

The Rational Law Of Logic

by Mr. Celly Luyinduladio

A Masterpiece cannot be understood at first by many, or most people because many are ordinary so extraordinary certainly cannot be understood by ordinary beings. That's asking too much from them, from their...

The Tail of Dillbert Duck

by Linda Goodgion

This colorful tale is about a duck named Dillbert. Through his experience at the park one day, he becomes an artist and doesn't even know it!

Life Experiences: A Poetic 31- Daily Devotional

by Debra McAllister

In Life Experiences: A Poetic 31-Day Devotional, author Debra McAllister, explores the relentless love that God pursues us with through every life experience. The main focus of this book is to reveal God's passion...

Audience of One at the Mercy Seat: A Place of Prayer and Intimacy with God

by Elizabeth Hilby

Delight our Lord as the Holy Spirit transforms your prayer time into a time of power that brings life-altering results. Seeing Jesus pray, declare, and forgive with results that brought change, the disciples...

Norman's Names

by Kirk Abner

Norman is a normal kid and lives with his normal family in a normal house. But Norman thinks he has something to prove in order to accept himself as a human being. The second book in the Awareness Series by...

Just Like Job

by Paula Penha

At only twelve years old, Paula Penha found herself planted on her front porch staring at a final eviction notice after her single mother had been laid off from her minimum wage job that had been barely sustaining...

Hades' Melody

by Jovon Belcher

Spiritual awakenings remain taboo in everyday conversation, despite the prevalence of appearing in pop culture through the horror genre, and most notably being mentioned in the lives of biblical saints such...


by Kenneth Neighbors

Cubbie, your new furry friend, loves to run and play so much that he can forget about the importance of staying safe. That's why his mom is there to protect him. Meet Cubbie, an adventurous pup as he goes to...

Ascent from Obscurity: The Journey of Miss America 2010 Caressa Cameron

by LaVern Cameron

How often have you evaluated where you are and felt you have blown your potential for achieving your purpose? The only way you can be a testimony is to free yourself, heal, and be truthful. Though the truth...

Dear God: Encounters with The Holy Spirit

by A.M. Hotchkiss

"Dear God..." Now there's a phrase that seems to come up often, be it in our thoughts, our words spoken in times of need and sorrow, or as we begin a prayer. What happens when one woman puts those words to paper,...

Back To the Basics: Five Core Values Revitalized

by Milan Hollister Ph.D.

Back to the Basics: 5 Values Revitalized is about a personal journey that led the author back to the basics. It presents a straightforward, user-friendly guide to help us get in touch with our five innate human...

What the Bible Says About Food Storage

by Lori-Ann Schoonover

Do you have questions regarding what the Bible says about storing food? Do you wonder if storing food means that you are not relying on God to take care of you? In What the Bible Says About Food Storage, we...

Sales Mastery: The Sales Book Your Competition Doesn't Want You to Read

by Chuck Bauer

Distinguish yourself as a "Sales Master" and win big in business today!

Your personal and professional distinctions are THE precursor to closing the deal. Why? Because most salespeople are not distinctive-all...


by Richard S. Ziegler

I hope that one day I will have the courage to stand up to Fish. Although that day is coming, it isn't going to be today, and now I need a plan B in a hurry. Everybody has a point when they are not going to...