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Services in Canada

by W.R. Frisbee & M.S. Sommers

First Published in 1990. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Right-Wing Extremism in Western Europe

by Klaus von Beyme

First Published in 1988. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Marketing Information: A Strategic Guide for Business and Finance Libraries

by Michael R. Oppenheim & Wendy Diamond Mulcahy

Help your patrons create effective marketing research plans with this sourcebook!

Marketing Information: A Strategic Guide for Business and Finance Libraries identifies and describes secondary published sources...

Business in the Age of Reason

by R.P.T. Davenport-Hines & Jonathan Liebenau

First Published in 1987. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Price of Everything: Finding Method in the Madness of What Things Cost

by Eduardo Porter

Everything has a price, but it isn't always obvious what that price is.

Many of the prices we pay seem to make little sense. We shell out $2.29 for a coffee at Starbucks when a nearly identical brew can be...

Marketing in the Service Industries: Marketing Service Inds

by G. R Foxall & Gordon Foxall

First Published in 1985. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Israeli Society and Its Defense Establishment: The Social and Political Impact of a Protracted Violent Conflict

by Moshe Lissak

First Published in 1984. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Disobedience: Concept and Practice

by Elena Loizidou

Disobedience has been practiced and considered since time immemorial. The aim of this edited collection is to explore the concept and practice of disobedience through the prism of contemporary ideas and events....

A Sociological Theory of Law

by Niklas Luhmann & Martin Albrow

Niklas Luhmann is recognised as a major social theorist, and his treatise on the sociology of law is a classic text. For Luhmann, law provides the framework of the state, lawyers are the main human resource...

Global Environmental Governance After the Nagoya Protocol: Access and Benefit Sharing After the Nagoya Protocol

by Sebastian Oberthür & G. Kristin Rosendal

This book analyses the status and prospects of the global governance of Access Benefit Sharing (ABS) in the aftermath of 2010's Nagoya Protocol to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). The CBD's initial...

Between Psychology and Psychotherapy: A Poetics of Experience

by Miller Mair

In this highly original and thought-provoking work the late Miller Mair puts forward his ideas for a new psychology. First published in 1989, he deals with issues of fundamental importance to the future of a...

Employee Engagement in Theory and Practice

by Catherine Truss, Kerstin Alfes & Rick Delbridge

In recent years there has been a weight of evidence suggesting that engagement has a significantly positive impact on productivity, performance and organisational advocacy, as well as individual wellbeing, and...

Litigating Transnational Human Rights Obligations: Alternative Judgments

by Wouter Vandenhole & Mark Gibney

Human rights have traditionally been framed in a vertical perspective with the duties of States confined to their own citizens or residents. Obligations beyond this territorial space have been viewed as either...

Regional Maintenance of Peace and Security Under International Law: The Distorted Mirrors

by Dace Winther

This book explores the scope and limits of what is appropriate for regional action in the maintenance of peace and security. It offers a comparative study of legal regulation of the use of force in the maintenance...

Inclusive Technology Enhanced Learning: Overcoming Cognitive, Physical, Emotional, and Geographic Challenges

by Don Passey

Inclusive Technology Enhanced Learning draws together a remarkable breadth of research findings from across the field, providing useful data on the power of technology to solve cognitive, physical, emotional...

How to Make a Fortune from the Biggest Market Opportunitiesin U.S.History: A Guide to the 7 Greatest Bargains from Main Street to WallStreet

by Ron Insana

A CNBC senior analyst reveals what you need to know to take advantage of today's economy to rebound and rebuild lost nest eggs and fortunes.

For those in the know, today's financial headlines don't spell...

An Architectural Approach to Instructional Design

by Andrew S. Gibbons

Winner of the 2014 AECT Design & Development Outstanding Book Award

An Architectural Approach to Instructional Design is organized around a groundbreaking new way of conceptualizing instructional design practice....

Documentary, World History, and Power in the PRC: Global Rise in Chinese Eyes

by Gotelind Mueller

Documentaries have recently become a favourite format for Chinese state-directed media to present an officially sanctioned view of history. Indeed, this is not confined to Chinese national history. In stark...

Romantic Ecology: Wordsworth and the Environmental Tradition: Wordsworth and the Environmental Tradition

by Jonathan Bate

First published in 1991, Romantic Ecology reassesses the poetry of William Wordsworth in the context of the abiding pastoral tradition in English Literature. Jonathan Bate explores the politics of poetry and...

Empowerment, Health Promotion and Young People: A Critical Approach: A Critical Approach

by Grace Spencer

Globally, young people's health is an increasing priority area for health practitioners, policy-makers and researchers, and concepts of empowerment feature strongly in international public health discourses...