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Leo (Super Horoscopes 2011)

by Margarete Beim

The most comprehensive day-by-day predictions on the market.

Every day, people depend on their horoscopes for a glimpse of what's to come-and Berkley's Super Horoscopes offer the predictions that readers are...

Hans Urs Von Balthasar and the Question of Tragedy in the Novels of Thomas Hardy

by Kevin Taylor

What role do novels, drama, and tragedy play within Christian thought and living? The twentieth century Catholic theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar addressed these questions using tragic drama. For him, Christ...

Tussle Between Maintaining Customer Satisfaction and Supply Chain Constraints: Ignys Automotive

by Chuck Munson

This new case study focuses on turning around deteriorating customer satisfaction associated with inefficiencies in the spare parts operation of a $10 billion Indian automotive company. It reviews current processes...

Supply Chain Strategy at Zophin Pharma

by Chuck Munson

This new case study reviews supply chain strategy at Zophin Pharma, a major global generic drug manufacturer seeking to strengthen its presence in its domestic Indian national market. It reviews issues such...

Improving Preparedness in Supply Chain Risk Management at Jacket

by Chuck Munson

This new case study examines risk management at Jacket, where supplier delays and quality problems refocused executive management on the issue of reducing supply vulnerabilities. It reviews Jacket's fluid and...

Continuous Process Reforms to Achieve a Hybrid Supply Chain Strategy: Focusing on the Organization in Ricoh,

by Chuck Munson

This new case study examines how Ricoh successfully created a hybrid supply chain strategy for its office imaging equipment products. It shows how Ricoh has spent more than ten years on continuous process reforms...

Hot Money

by Dick Francis

New York Times bestselling Grand Master of Crime Fiction

Fabulously wealthy gold trader Malcolm Pembroke has in his possession something the whole world wants-and anyone could kill for. In fact, even Malcolm's...

A Brazilian Dairy Cooperative: Transaction Cost Approach in a Supply Chain

by Chuck Munson

This case study examines unique supply chain challenges faced by a Brazilian dairy cooperative based on values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity. It maps the co-op’s...

Tmall, the Sky Cat: A Rocky Road Toward Bringing Buyers and Suppliers Together

by Chuck Munson

This case study illuminates the rapidly evolving e-commerce market in China. It shows how Alibaba Group launched its new Taobao Mall B2C platform to raise standards for product quality and online customer shopping...

The End of Lean?: Automobile Manufacturers Are Rethinking Some Supply Chain Basics

by Chuck Munson

This case study shows how automobile manufacturers are reconsidering some "lean" approaches in the wake of events that have stretched supply chains beyond their limits. It focuses on two disasters: the devastating...

Make to Demand with 3-D Printing: The Next Big Thing in Inventory Management?

by Chuck Munson

This case study examines how brand-new 3-D printing technologies could eliminate the need for companies to maintain vast inventories of critical spare parts, enabling these parts to be created when needed and...

How to Keep Your Food Supply Chain Fresh

by Chuck Munson

This new case study examines supply chain issues faced by food retailers as consumers demand greater variety, more fresh produce, and year-round access to exotic products--ranging from Fair Trade coffee from...

Airbus' Overstretched Supply Chain: Just How Far Can You Go Before Your Supply Chain Snaps?

by Chuck Munson

Using Airbus's experience, this new case study discusses how exceptionally lean supply chains can generate catastrophic costs when something goes wrong. It asks: “Just what is the breaking point of a lean...

Ethical Product Sourcing in the Starbucks Coffee Supply Chain

by Chuck Munson

This case study focuses on Starbucks' challenges in integrating Fair Trade coffee into its global supply chain, empowering family farmers and workers to escape poverty. With its large market presence, Starbucks...

Analyzing Distribution Network Options at Remingtin Medical Devices

by Chuck Munson

This new supply chain management case study examines Remingtin Medical Devices' opportunities to modernize distribution, optimize inventory levels, reduce transportation costs, and operate more effectively in...

An Unforgettable Lady

by Jessica Bird

Grace Hall is a society beauty-but her fortune has made her the target of a madman killing off Manhattan's most influential women. Her new live-in bodyguard is uncompromising, hard-hearted John Smith. Moving...

Sherman's Supply Chain Challenge: Stopping the Retailer from Overcharging for Soda

by Chuck Munson

This new case study challenges students to identify the optimal pricing strategy to maximize profitability for both a soda manufacturer and its exclusive distributor: a price strategy that will resolve excess...

NunaSacha: A Facility Redesign in the Ecuadorian Andes

by Chuck Munson

This new supply chain management case study examines how a potential facility redesign might resolve problems with product contamination and backorders at NunaSacha Export, a nonprofit that turns natural Andean...

Global Pharma: Managing Uncertainty

by Chuck Munson

This new case study shows how an operationally complex global pharmaceutical company based in Hyderabad, India, responds to the challenges of high demand variability and other uncertainties. It reviews operations...

Multi-Echelon Inventory Decisions at Jefferson Plumbing Supplies: To Store or Not to Store?

by Chuck Munson

This new supply chain management case study examines "store or don't store" multi-echelon inventory decisions faced by Jefferson Plumbing Supplies. It drills down to review inventory decision-making associated...