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Elephants, Economics and Ivory

by Edward B. Barbier, Joanne C. Burgess & Timothy M. Swanson

Ivory is big business, and in some parts of Africa elephants have been hunted almost to extinction in the quest for it. The losses to African economies have been catastrophic. Now there is an international ban...

Forests: Market and Intervention Failures: Five Case Studies

by Soren Wibe & Tom Jones

The economic value of forest. has long been recognized, but the ways in which that value is calculated and the management policies adopted in consequence have all too often resulted in overuse and irreversible...

World at the Crossroads: Towards a Sustainable, Equitable and Liveable World

by Philip B. Smith, Samuel E. Okoye & Jaap de Wilde

Thirty years ago the Russell-Einstein Manifesto warned humanity that our survival is imperilled by the risk of nuclear war.In the spirit of that Manifesto, we now call on all scientists to expand our concerns...

Economic Analysis of the Environmental Impacts of Development Projects

by John A. Dixon, Richard A. Carpenter & Louise A. Fallon

It has always been thought that some level of pollution and waste is unavoidable in development projects. But no one has made much effort to quantify and assess the extent of this sort of damage.

In this book...

Women and the Environment in the Third World: Alliance for the Future

by Irene Dankelman & Joan Davidson

'This book ... should be issued to grass-root organisations everywhere' Doris Lessing, The New Scientist 'It is must reading for government planners, environmentalists and the ordinary layman' Asia Week Women...

Tomorrow's World: Britain's Share in a Sustainable Future

by Duncan McLaren, Simon Bullock & Nusrat Yousuf

This title uses the concept of environmental space to resolve many of the issues facing us in the future and applies the lessons specifically to the UK. Believing that we occupy more environmental space than...

Social Change and Conservation

by Krishna B. Ghimire & Michael P. Pimbert

The book discusses protected areas and conservation policies, critically reviewing protected areas management and the concepts of conservation. Drawing on case studies form North America, Europe, Asia and Africa,...

Dam the Rivers, Damn the People: Development and Resistence in Amazonian Brazil

by Barbara J. Cummings

The Brazilian Amazon is the largest area of tropical rainforest in Latin America. Brazil is that continent's most rapidly developing country. The Amazon is at the heart of the conflict between conservation and...

Rising Seas

by Martin Ince

Recent and dramatic flooding in places as far apart as Bangladesh and North Wales are example of what could become commonplace if sea levels rise. Most scientists are predicting a rise of about one metre and...

Strategies for Sustainability: Latin America

by Arturo Lopez Ornat

IUCN- The World Conservation Union Founded in 1948 The World Conservation Union brings together States government agencies and a diverse range of non-governmental organisations in a unique world partnership...

The Demon's Bride: A Penguin eSpecial from Signet

by Jo Beverly

Rachel Proudfoot has enough trouble resisting the temptation of rakish Lord Morden without supernatural intervention. When she plays the traditional role of the Demon's Bride at a Walpurgis Night festival, however,...

Wasted: Counting the Costs of Global Consumption

by Michael Redclift

Sustainable development cannot be achieved solely at the international level. Without the creation of more sustainable livelihoods, it will remain a utopian and elusive goal. Yet given the huge differences in...

Strategies for Sustainability: Africa

by Adrian Wood

The World Conservation Union, Founded in 1948, brings together States government agencies and a diverse range of non-governmental organisations in a unique world partnership over 800 members in all, spread...

Strategies for Sustainability: Asia

by Jeremy Carew-Reid

IUCN - The World Conservation Union Founded in 1948

The World Conservation Union brings together States, government agencies and a diverse' range of non-governmental organizations in a unique world partnership:...

Strategies for National Sustainable Development: A Handbook for Their Planning and Implementation

by Jeremy Carew-Reid, Robert Prescott-Allen & Stephen Bass

The IUCN Strategies for Sustainable Development Handbook Series

This handbook is one in a series being produced by IUCN and its partners to assist countries and communities implement Agenda 21, the action programme...

Caring for the Earth: A Strategy for Sustainable Living

by The World Coservation Union (Iucn), Unep & Wwf

'This is a strategy for a kind of development that provides real improvements in the quality of human life and at the same time conserves the vitality and diversity of the Earth. The goal is development that...

Atlas of Nepal in the Modern World

by Michael Sill & John Kirkby

Nepal is associated, in most people's imagination, with Everest (Sagarmatha to the Nepalese), vivid plants and picturesque villages and people. The truth, as always, is other. It is one of the poorest countries...

Vanishing Borders: Protecting the Planet in the Age of Globalization

by Hilary French

National governments are ill-equipped for tackling transnational environmental problems, from ozone depletion to soaring trade in commodities like timber and shrimp. As these issues climb higher on the political...

Mountain World in Danger: Climate change in the forests and mountains of Europe

by Sten Nilsson & David Pitt

The changing climate, the warming of the world and acid rain are among the greatest problems facing us at the end of the twentieth century. This book describes, for the first time, the effects of these phenomena...

Sponsoring Nature: Environmental Philanthropy for Conservation

by Maano Ramutsindela, Marja Spierenburg & Harry Wels

Saving the world's flora and fauna, especially high-profile examples such as chimpanzees, whales and the tropical rain forests, is big business. Individuals and companies channel their resources to the preservation...