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Marx for Today

by Marcello Musto

Since the onset of global crisis in recent years, academics and economic theorists from various political and cultural backgrounds have been drawn to Marx's analysis of the inherent instability of capitalism....

Movement Power Place Central Asia Beyond - Reeves Society: Contested Trajectories

by Madeleine Reeves

Central Asia is a region singularly marked by attempts to transform social life by transforming place. Drawing together established scholars and a new generation of historians, geographers and anthropologists,...

Fighting Corruption in Eastern Europe: A Multilevel Perspective

by Diana Schmidt-Pfister & Holger Moroff

Anti-corruption programmes, projects and campaigns have come to constitute an essential aspect of good governance promotion over the last two decades. The post-communist countries in Eastern Europe have presented...

Mothers Infants Young Children September 11 2001: A Primary Prevention Project

by Beatrice Beebe, Phyllis Cohen & K. Mark Sossin

The group of papers presented in this volume represents ten years of involvement of a group of eight core therapists, working originally with approximately forty families who suffered the loss of husbands and...

Elites and Identities in Post-Soviet Space - Lane Society

by David Lane

The dissolution of the communist system led to the creation of new states and the formation of new concepts of citizenship in the post-Soviet states of Central and Eastern Europe.

The formation of national identity...

Alan Bennett: A Critical Introduction

by Joseph O'Mealy

Alan Bennett is perhaps best known in the UK for the BBC production of his Talking Heads TV plays, while the rest of the world may recognize him for the film adaptation of his play, The Madness of King George...

The Gendered West: The American West

The Trailsman #347: Dakota Death Trap

by Jon Sharpe

It's a battle of vice versus virtue...with the Trailsman in the middle.

Jasmine Honeydew is a pious woman whose devotion to saving souls has incurred the wrath of Abe Mitchell, who likes the small town of...

Sport: Race, Ethnicity and Identity: Building Global Understanding

by Daryl Adair

Sport has long been a paradoxical environment with respect to issues of 'race', ethnicity, and identity. For much of the twentieth century, sports around the world were enclaves of difference. Whites and non-whites,...

Crossing Customs: International Students Write on U.S. College Life and Culture

by Jay Davis & Andrew Garrod

First Published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Law and Economics

by Jenny B. Wahl

First published in 1999

The Fine Structure of Polarity Sensitivity

William Langland's Piers Plowman

Moving on: Black Loyalists in the Afro-Atlantic World

Antifeminism in America: A Historical Reader

by Gillian Swanson

The documents in this paperback inform the reader's understanding and appreciation of the social and political context of opposition in which the advocates of women's rights labored from 1848 to 1996. Arranged...

Julian of Norwich: A Book of Essays

by Sandra J. McEntire

These essays-written specifically for this book-provide a rich evaluation of this late 14th and early 15th-century mystical writer's book of revelations and considers the construction of her narrative, its theological...

Feminist Legal Theories

by Karen Maschke

Multidisciplinary focus

Surveying many disciplines, this anthology brings together an outstanding selection of scholarly articles that examine the profound impact of law on the lives of women in the United States....

Educational Equity

by Karen Maschke

Multidisciplinary focus

Surveying many disciplines, this anthology brings together an outstanding selection of scholarly articles that examine the profound impact of law on the lives of women in the United States....

Angel Interrupted

by Chaz McGee

Some cases are as cold as the grave...

A lost soul in limbo, Kevin Fahey is trying to prove he's a better ghost than he ever was a man. And trying to help Maggie Gunn, the detective who replaced him, is a good...

Women and the American Legal Order