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To Understand and be Understood: A Practical Guide to Successful Relationships

by Erik Blumenthal

This practical guide offers a series of sure-fire strategies to those seeking to transform their personal relationships and inspire new ones. Drawing upon examples from everyday life, Erik Blumenthal’s warm,...


by Richard Popkin

This is a concise but comprehensive introduction to a key figure in the history of modern philosophy, Benedict Spinoza.

Science of the Cosmos, Science of the Soul: The Pertinence of Islamic Cosmology in the Modern World

by William C. Chittick

Islamic Intellectualism is dead: or so argues William Chittick in this radical new book challenging modern trends in religious thought. Whilst many may say that Islamic studies thrives as a subject, Chittick...

Husain Ahmad Madani: The Jihad for Islam and India's Freedom

by Barbara Metcalf

Maulana Husain Ahmad Madani (1879 – 1957) was a political activist, Islamic scholar, and supporter of Gandhi during the struggle for India’s independence. Humane and fiercely dedicated whether campaigning...

Ghazali: The Revival of Islam

by Eric Ormsby

This fascinating work profiles Abu Hamid al-Ghazali (1058-1111), the foremost Islamic scholar and mystic of the medieval period. Attracting the patronage of the vizier Nizam al-Mulk early in his career, he was...

Chinggis Khan: Selected Readings

by Michal Biran

In this novel perspective on a much-maligned figure, Michal Biran explains the monumental impact Chinggis Khan has had upon the Islamic World, both positive and negative. Often criticized as a mass-slaughterer,...

Mu'awiya ibn abi Sufyan: The Savior of the Caliphate

by R. Stephen Humphreys

In this accessible study, Stephen Humphreys introduces the most elusive of the early caliphs, Mu'awiya ibn abi Sufyan (602-680). Throughout history, some have accused him of being the first caliph to diverge...

Rumi: Swallowing the Sun

by Franklin Dean Lewis

Timeless and eternal, the poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi is loved the world over, making him the best selling poet from America to Tajikistan. In this beautifully presented volume of new translations, Franklin...

Magnificent Joe

by James Wheatley

Recently released from prison, Jim is welcomed back by his childhood mates to the northern working-class town where he grew up. With no alternative, Jim falls in step with their lives: working down the building...

Philosophy: A Beginner's Guide

by Peter Cave

Philosophy, the “love of wisdom”, is the product of our endless fascination and curiosity about the world – the child of wonder. Through it, we seek to answer the most fundamental of questions: How do we...

This Is Improbable: Cheese String Theory, Magnetic Chickens, and Other WTF Research

by Marc Abrahams

Often, thinking seriously about outlandish problems is the only way to make progress in science. The rest of the time, it’s hilarious. Marc Abrahams, the founder of the famous Ig Nobel prizes, offers an addictive,...

Spiders: The Ultimate Predators

by Stephen Dalton

"I have never warmed much to spiders ... [they] are too creepy ... Well, I'm wrong and this book has changed my mind. Spiders are tops. ... One is tempted to think there is no such thing as a dull spider." --...

Tail, Tail

by Lina Lü & Ruifang Yuan

Tongtong wants to have a big tail as beautiful as that of a peacock. To help make his wish come true, he decides to live, eat, and sleep like a peacock.

The Panda Tongtong series of picture books uses stories...

Goodbye, Little Cloud

by Lina Lü & Ruifang Yuan

Mum is good at magic. At Tongtong's request, Mum sent him a cloud as a pet. The cloud is very smart and understanding. It can be changed into anything, except a smiling face...

The Panda Tongtong series of picture...

Hello, Tongtong

by Lina Lü & Ruifang Yuan

In a small vegetable garden, all the vegetables are very familiar with Tongtong and like him very much. One day, when they see Tongtong headed their way, they quickly "dress up" for him!

The Panda Tongtong series...

One, Two, Three, Freeze

by Lina Lü & Ruifang Yuan

Today is Sunday. Tongtong really wants to play with Mum! However, Mum is too busy to play with him. Tongtong is so upset that he plays the game of "freeze" by himself and becomes a "wooden panda".

Pointing the Finger: Islam and Muslims in the British Media

by Julian Petley

Ever since 9/11, Muslims and Islam have dominated the headlines in the UK. With one leading newspaper describing the Muslim community as a “troublesome minority”, the media has often been accused of hostility....

Plato's Podcasts: The Ancients' Guide to Modern Living

by Mark Vernon

Do you ever get the feeling that something went wrong? What with credit crunches, the war on terror, and unemployment, it is natural to hark back to less complicated times. In this witty and inspiring book,...

Philosophy and Religion from Plato to Postmodernism

by Max Charlesworth

From the works of the Greek philosophers to the Postmodernist theories of Jacques Derrida and Richard Rorty, this authoritative survey encompasses over two thousand years of interaction between philosophical...

Paths From Science Towards God: The End of all Our Exploring

by Arthur Peacocke

In this ground-breaking work, biochemist, priest and 2001 Templeton Prize winner Arthur Peacocke offers a uniquely balanced evaluation of the science-religion debate.