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Plato - Dialogues

by Plato

These dialogues contain the core concepts of Platonic philosophy and serve as a good introduction to the legacy of Socrates and philosophy in the golden age of Greece. In the first of the dialogues Euthyphro...

Robert Louis Stevenson as a Dramatist

by Arthur Wing Pinero

Robert Louis Stevenson has more written about him then most authors, this fascinating book looks at the work of Stevenson from a different angle, looking at his dramatic works for stage.

Fundamental Handball

by Bernarh E. Phillips

One can hardly expect to become a champion over night by merely reading a book on handball although it is possible that he considerably augment his ability with its guidance and serious application. In this...

The Earth's Face - Landscape and Its Relation to the Health of the Soil

by Ehrenfried Pfeiffer

Ehrenfried Pfeiffer was a German scientist, soil scientist, leading advocate of biodynamic agriculture, anthroposophist and disciple of Rudolf Steiner. 'The Earth's Face - Landscape And Its Relation To The Health...

Ladies from Hell

by Robert Douglas Pinkerton

"The Ladies From Hell" was the nickname applied to the kilted units of the British and Canadian armies in the First World War . Clearly this is meant to paint the men in question as something out of the ordinary;...

La Belle Au Bois Dormant - Avec Illustrations Par Arthur Rackham

by Charles Perrault

Pook Press célèbre le grand âge d'or de l'illustration dans la littérature pour enfants. Beaucoup de livres pour les premiers enfants, en particulier ceux qui remonte aux années 1850 et avant, sont maintenant...

Life-Work of Louis Klopsch - Romance of a Modern Knight of Mercy

by Charles Melville Pepper

Louis Klopsch was a man dedicated to spreading the word of god, as editor of The Christian Herald, he came up the idea of 'Red Letter' bibles.

Sherley; Book of Poems, Choice and Rare

by Sherley Pegram

This book of poems was written by Miss Pegram who was born and reared on a farm. She has written this collection by drawing inspiration from her life which has been a story of struggle, self-sacrifice, and perfect...

No Lifeguard on Duty

by Janice Dickinson

A rollicking memoir by one of the greatest (and most outrageous) supermodels of the 1970s.

Janice Dickinson was not only the first of the supermodels, she endured a nightmarishly traumatic childhood at the hands...

East of the Sun and West of the Moon - Old Tales from the North - Illustrated by Kay Nielsen

by Peter Christen Asbjørnsen

Pook Press celebrates the great Golden Age of Illustration in children's literature. Many of the earliest children's books, particularly those dating back to the 1850s and before, are now extremely scarce and...

Green Laurels - The Lives and Achievements of the Great Naturalists

by Donald Culross Peattie

Originally published in the early 1900s. The illustrated contents include: Schoolmen and Herbalists - The Wonderful World of the Microscope - Science at Court: Buffon and Reaumur - Linnaeus and His Life Work...

Hunting Reminiscences (History of Hunting Series - Drag Hunting & Terriers)

by M.P. Pease

This rare early work on fox, hare and drag hunting is both expensive and hard to find in its first edition. READ COUNTRY BOOKS have republished it in an affordable, high quality, modern edition, using the original...

Conditioned Reflexes and Psychiatry - Lectures on Conditioned Reflexes, Vol. 2

by Ivan Petrovitch Pavlov

A guide for anybody with a keen interest in the workings of the human brain. The story of Pavlov's dog being conditioned to drool is well known and has entered the common lexicon, this book is where that study...

The Battle of Lake Erie

by Charles Oscar Paullin

The Battle of Lake Erie' by Charles Oscar Paullin contains A Collecion of Documents, chiefly by Commodore Perry including the Court-martial of Commander Barclay & the Court of Enquiry on Captain Elliott. This...

The United States Soldiers' Home - A History of Its First Hundred Years

by Paul R. Goode

Colonel Paul R. Goode's history of The United States Soldiers' Home. Shortly after the Mexican War, General Winfield Scott and several other senior Army officers suggested the establishment of a "Military Asylum"...

Pianos: Their Construction, Tuning, and Repair - With Numerous Engravings and Diagrams

by Paul N. Hasluck

This book contains a comprehensive digest of information on the construction, tuning, and repair of pianos scattered over of about thirty thousand columns of the journal Work and supplies concise information...

The Border Fancy Canary - Its Breeding, Rearing and Management

by James Patterson

Breeding and raising canaries has been a hobby for millions of people around the world for generations, this helpful guide is designed for keen amateurs wishing to really develop their breeding skills.

Nudism in Modern Life

by Maurice Parmelee

Nudism in Modern Life written by Dr. Maurice Parmelee, Professor of sociology, City College of New York who was the honorary President of the American Gymnosophical Association. The reader accompanies Dr. Parmelee...

Education on the Dalton Plan

by Helen Parkhurst

Teaching and learning are correlative occupations which have been carried on since the beginnings of human society. In this book Miss Helen Parkhurst inquires how they may best be adjusted to one another, and...

No Man's Bride

by Shana Galen

No Man's Plaything . . .

Catherine Fullbright has vowed never to marry. Growing up with a disreputable father, she witnessed male behavior at its very worst. Unfortunately her ambitious parent refuses to marry...