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Muriel''s Reign

by Susanna Johnston

The mistress of black comedy returns, pulling no punches, laying bare everything that’s pompous, conceited, vain or deluded.In Muriel Pulls it Off our heroine inherited an estate from an eccentric relation....

The Hidden Thread: Russia and South Africa in the Soviet Era

by Irina Filatova

The Hidden Thread is a journey of revelation about the relationship between Soviet Russia and South Africa, hidden for most of its length. The story is told with insight and depth by Irina Filatova and Apollon...

Technobiophilia: Nature and Cyberspace

by Sue Thomas

Nature and Cyberspace examines how nature metaphors are used to refer to online experiences. It investigates the sources and history of usage, asking how early developers decided on words like 'home', 'navigate'...

Discovering Feminist Philosophy: Knowledge, Ethics, Politics

by Robin May Schott

Discovering Feminist Philosophy provides an accessible introduction to the central issues in feminist philosophy. At the same time, it answers current objections to feminism, arguing that in today's world it...

Relational Remembering: Rethinking the Memory Wars

by Sue Campbell

This book offers a feminist philosophical analysis of contemporary public skepticism about women's memories of past harm. It concentrates primarily on writings associated with the False Memory Syndrome Foundation...

Forest Communities, Community Forests: Struggles and Successes in Rebuilding Communities and Forests

by Jonathan Kusel

A collection of stories about thirteen communities in the United States in their efforts to protect and restore community forests. It explores the struggles and opportunities faced by people as they work to...

Blacks in the White Elite: Will the Progress Continue?

by Richard L. Zweigenhaft & G. William Domhoff

This extensively revised edition of Blacks in the White Establishment? shows why America is at a crucial juncture in relations between blacks and whites, when advances made since the Civil Rights Movement could...

Wife or Worker?: Asian Women and Migration

by Nicola Piper & Mina Roces

This volume challenges the dominant discourse that perceives Asian women as either "mail-order" brides or overseas workers. Providing the first sustained critique of the artificial analytical division between...

Imprisoned Intellectuals: America's Political Prisoners Write on Life, Liberation, and Rebellion

by Joy James

These essays, by writer-activists incarcerated because of their political beliefs and acts, offer some controversial and thought-provoking theories of contemporary social change and liberation movements.

Unbroken Communion: The Place and Meaning of Suffering in the Theology of Edward Schillebeeckx

by Kathleen Anne McManus

The reality of suffering is the greatest challenge to faith in the goodness of creation and the possibility of salvation. In Unbroken Communion, Kathleen Anne McManus, O.P., shows how the theology of Edward...

Congress Confronts the Court: The Struggle for Legitimacy and Authority in Lawmaking

by Colton C. Campbell & John F., Jr. Stack

The Supreme Court is frequently portrayed as an isolated entity void of politics that reaches judgments by some unseen and unknowable logic. At the same time, Congress is cast as a singularly political enterprise...

Nietzsche's Mirror: The World as Will to Power

by Linda L. Williams

Nietzsche's Mirror is an introduction to the development and scope of will power in Nietzsche's writings. After arguing that will to power is not metaphysical, it is shown how a non-metaphysical interpretation...

New Directions in Anthropological Kinship

by Linda Stone

Following periods of intense debate and eventual demise, kinship studies is now seeing a revival in anthropology. New Directions in Anthropological Kinship captures these recent trends and explores new avenues...

From the Center to the Edge: The Politics and Policies of the Clinton Presidency

by William C. Berman

From the Center to the Edge is the first historical interpretation of the politics and public policies of the Clinton administration. Eminent political historian William C. Berman describes in penetrating detail...

Mexico in the 1940s: Modernity, Politics, and Corruption

by Stephen R. Niblo

Attention to Mexico's history after 1940 stands in the shadow of the country's epic revolution of 1910D1923, and historians and scholars tend to bring their focus on Mexican history to a close with the end of...

For la Patria: Politics and the Armed Forces in Latin America

by Brian Loveman

Defending 'la Patria,' or 'homeland,' is the historical mission claimed by Latin American armed forces. For la Patria is a comprehensive narrative history of the military's political role in Latin America in...

Undocumented in L.A.: An Immigrant's story

by Dianne Walta Hart

Yamileth's own words.

From start to finish, Undocumented in L.A.: An Immigrant's Story is testimonial literature at its best. This eye-opening work will show the reader the opposition and difficulties undocumented...

Rituals of Rule, Rituals of Resistance: Public Celebrations and Popular Culture in Mexico

by William H. Beezley, Cheryl E. Martin & William E. French

This book presents readers with scholarship on public celebrations and popular culture throughout Mexican history. Leading scholars from the Americas and Great Britain discuss aspects of Mexico's popular culture...

Women Reshaping Human Rights: How Extraordinary Activists Are Changing the World

by Marguerite Guzman Bouvard

In Women Reshaping Human Rights ,ordinary yet extraordinary women tell their stories, in their own words. Their deeds span continents and have profoundly affected millions worldwide.Readers will meet Vera Laska,...

Doing Business with the Dictators: A Political History of United Fruit in Guatemala, 1899-1944

by Paul J. Dosal

The United Fruit Company (UFCO) developed an unprecedented relationship with Guatemala in the first half of this century. By 1944, UFCO owned 566,000 acres, employed 20,000 people, and operated 96% of Guatemala's...