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Unpicking Gender: The Social Construction of Gender in the Lancashire Cotton Weaving Industry, 1880-1914

by Jutta Schwarzkopf

Investigating the radicalising effects of gender in the Lancashire cotton mills between 1880 and 1914, this provocative work challenges the received wisdom that women were passive victims of a sexually segregated...

Leaving Church

by Barbara Brown Taylor

By now I expected to be a seasoned parish minister, wearing black clergy shirts grown gray from frequent washing. I expected to love the children who hung on my legs after Sunday morning services until they...

Juan de Mariana and Early Modern Spanish Political Thought

by Harald E. Braun

Juan de Mariana's 1599 treatise On the King and the Education of the King has generally been regarded as one of the early stepping stones towards a modern pluralist and democratic thought. Yet when his work...

The Chronicle of Hugh of Flavigny: Reform and the Investiture Contest in the Late Eleventh Century

by Patrick Healy

This book is a detailed study of Hugh of Flavigny and his chronicle, which is widely recognised as one of the most important narratives of a crucial period of European history, the Investiture Contest. Hugh's...

Chemistry, Pharmacy and Revolution in France, 1777-1809

by Jonathan Simon

The story of the chemical revolution has usually been told by focusing on the small group of French chemists who championed Lavoisier's oxygen theory, or else his opponents. Such a perspective emphasises competing...

Enforcing Reformation in Ireland and Scotland, 1550-1700

by Elizabethanne Boran & Crawford Gribben

Adopting an international perspective, the essays in this volume look at the motives, methods and impact of enforcing the Protestant Reformation in Ireland and Scotland. The volume offers a fascinating insight...

Municipal Services and Employees in the Modern City: New Historic Approaches

by Michèle Dagenais & Irene Maver

Municipal Services and Employees in the Modern City considers the roles played by local institutions and particular processes that shaped the urban fabric. It rediscovers from models and maps the constituent...

The Church of Mary Tudor

by Eamon Duffy & David Loades

This volume attempts to reconstruct the theology, pastoral practice and ecclesiastical administration of Mary's Church in England, focusing on the Catholic renaissance which she ushered in. By addressing a number...

The Beginnings of a Commercial Sporting Culture in Britain, 1793-1850

by Adrian Harvey

Many historians have described early industrial Britain as a 'bleak age' where the masses possessed little time, energy or money to devote to sport. Adrian Harvey reveals a very different picture of Britain...

Spain: A Modern European Economy

by Joseph Harrison & David Corkill

Written in a straight forward and engaging manner, Spain: A Modern European Economy engages with research from a wide variety of disciplines, and will be of interest to anyone with a specific interest in modern...

Heresy in Transition: Transforming Ideas of Heresy in Medieval and Early Modern Europe

by Ian Hunter & John Christian Laursen

The essays in this volume offer readers a unique insight into the changing concepts of heresy from the Middle Ages to the early modern period, c.1100 to c.1800. The contributors explore the role of nationalism...

Burgesses and Burgess Law in the Latin Kingdoms of Jerusalem and Cyprus (1099-1325)

by Marwan Nader

This is the first book devoted to the study of burgesses in the Latin Kingdoms of Jerusalem and Cyprus (1099-1325). It offers a comprehensive assessment of the contributions made by the non-feudal class to the...

Raising Blaze

by Debra Ginsberg

When you have a child that doesn't fit in, what do you do? Debra Ginsberg knew that her son, Blaze, was unique from the moment he was born in 1987. What she didn't know was that Blaze's differences would be...

John Jewel and the English National Church: The Dilemmas of an Erastian Reformer

by Gary W. Jenkins

John Jewel (1522-1571) has long been regarded as one of the key figures in the shaping of the Anglican Church. The most recent monographs on Jewel, now over forty years old, focus largely on his theology, casting...

Plenitude of Power: The Doctrines and Exercise of Authority in the Middle Ages: Essays in Memory of Robert Louis Benson

by Robert C. Figueira

'I study power' - so Robert Louis Benson described his work as a scholar of medieval history. This volume unites papers by a number of his students dealing with matters central to Benson's historical interests...

Reforming the Church before Modernity: Patterns, Problems and Approaches

by Christopher M. Bellitto & Louis I. Hamilton

Presenting essays from a distinguished international cast of scholars, this volume considers the question of ecclesial reform from late antiquity to the 17th century and tackles this complex question from primarily...

The Gesta Tancredi of Ralph of Caen: A History of the Normans on the First Crusade

by Bernard S. Bachrach & David S. Bachrach

This is the first translation into English of Ralph of Caen's Gesta Tancredi. The text provides an important narrative of the First Crusade and its immediate aftermath, covering the period 1096-1105. The work...

Religious Identities in Henry VIII's England

by Peter Marshall

In this volume Peter Marshall explores a wide range of evidence that underlines the complex web of overlapping and competing religious identities that Henry VIII's subjects were forced to assume as he sought...

Catholic Activism in South-West France, 1540-1570

by Kevin Gould

Examining Catholic activism in the south-west of France during the middle decades of the sixteenth century, this book argues-contrary to prevailing views-that the phenomenon was both widespread and militant...

Monarchy, Political Culture, and Drama in Seventeenth-Century Madrid: Theater of Negotiation

by Jodi Campbell

In early modern Spain, theater reached the height of its popularity during the same decades in which Spanish monarchs were striving to consolidate their power. Jodi Campbell examines thirty-three Golden Age...