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101 Amazing Facts about the USA

by Jack Goldstein

In this amazing eBook you can find more than one hundred facts about the United States of America. Separated into sections such as its geography, its people, famous American figures from history, presidents...

101 Amazing Facts about France

by Jack Goldstein

In this amazing eBook you can find more than one hundred facts about the country of France. Separated into sections such as its geography, its people, famous French figures and many more you will find some fascinating...

The RealAge(R) Workout

by Michael F. Roizen & Tracy Hafen

Dr. Michael F. Roizen has empowered thousands of Americans to take control of their own destinies. How? His best-selling books, RealAge®, The RealAge® Makeover, and YOU: The Owner's Manual, have helped people...

Minty and Marmaduke

by Marian Marsden

Minty and Marmaduke are curious, inquisitive mice, and they like exploring their surroundings on a quiet English farm. They seem unable to stay out of trouble for long, but they always manage to end their expeditions...

Tell Us Again Nanny

by Claire Morton Hough

Claire Morton Hough was inspired to write these stories and verses for her grandchildren, Abigail and Philippa. They are designed for children under the age of ten, to capture the imagination and to kindle a...

The Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy

by Christopher Lasch

"[A] passionate, compelling, and disturbing argument that the ills of democracy in the United States today arise from the default of its elites." -John Gray, New York Times Book Review (front-page review)In...

Keep It Real: Everything You Need to Know About Researching and Writing Creative Nonfiction

by Lee Gutkind

The one guide every creative nonfiction writer needs to turn to when being "creative."Writers of memoir and narrative nonfiction are experiencing difficult days with the discovery that some well-known works...

Every Moment Counts: A Life of Mary Butterwick

by Carmel Thomason

Mary Butterwick, OBE, lost her husband, John to cancer in March 1979. At that time there was no support network in the North East for those suffering from life-limiting illnesses and no real advice and support...

A Vicar, Crucified: An Abbot Peter Mystery

by Simon Parke

Abbot Peter has recently swapped his failing leadership of a remote monastery in the Sinai desert for retirement in the bleak and stormy English seaside town of Stormhaven. When the charismatic local vicar is...

Introduction to the Counseling Profession: Sixth Edition

by David Capuzzi & Douglas R. Gross

Introduction to the Counseling Profession is a comprehensive overview of the history and foundational concepts of counseling, offering the most current and relevant breadth of coverage available. Students will...

Lying with the Heavenly Woman

by Robert A. Johnson

The bestselling author of He, She, and We analyzes two mythic stories that illuminate the malaise of our time--the wounded feeling function.

Tricksters and Punks of Asia: World Class Shortcuts

by Phil Nicks

This non-fiction guide covers the myriad scams, tricks and money business that Asia is famous for, as well as a philosphical foray into the world of punk and outsidership.

Laytime and Demurrage

by John Schofield

Laytime and Demurrage is an indispensable book for those new to laytime and demurrage as well as anyone who needs a more in-depth analysis. It is considered to be the main source of authority on all issues to...

Ship Sale and Purchase

by Iain Goldrein, Matt Hannaford & Paul Turner

An essential working guide for anyone involved in the business of making ship sale contracts or in the resolution of related disputes, his timely new edition coincides with the launch of Saleform 2012 - the...

pollution at sea: Law and Liability

by Baris Soyer & Andrew Tettenborn

A sharp, informed and thoroughly practical guide to contemporary and developing issues relating to sea pollution, prepared by leading academics and practitioners with everyday hands-on experience. Pollution...

Progressive Counting Within a Phase Model of Trauma-Informed Treatment

by Ricky Greenwald

Clinicians recognize trauma & loss as a prominent source of clients' problems. Progressive counting represents a significant advance in trauma treatment, because it is about as efficient, effective, and well-tolerated...

Education Quality and Social Justice in the Global South: Challenges for policy, practice and research

by Leon Tikly & Angeline M. Barrett

How we understand education quality is inextricably linked with perspectives on social justice. Questions of inclusion, relevance and democracy in education are increasingly contested, most especially in the...

Surviving and Thriving in Stepfamily Relationships: What Works and What Doesn't

by Patricia L. Papernow

Surviving and Thriving in Stepfamily Relationships is designed to be useful both to stepfamily members themselves and to a wide variety of practitioners, as well as to educators, judges, mediators, lawyers and...

The Political Economy of Development and Underdevelopment in Africa

by Toyin Falola & Jessica Achberger

While Africa is too often regarded as lying on the periphery of the global political arena, this is not the case. African nations have played an important historical role in world affairs. It is with this understanding...

Children in Crisis: Ethnographic Studies in International Contexts

by Manata Hashemi & Martín| Sánchez-Jankowski

This volume brings together ethnographers conducting research on children living in crisis situations in both developing and developed regions, taking a cross-cultural approach that spans different cities in...