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Encyclopedia of the Developing World

by Thomas M. Leonard

A RUSA 2007 Outstanding Reference Title

The Encyclopedia of the Developing World is a comprehensive work on the historical and current status of developing countries. Containing more than 750 entries, the Encyclopedia...

Signatures of the Visible

by Fredric Jameson

"The visual is essentially pornographic," writes Fredric Jameson, "films ask us to stare at the world as though it were a naked body." In Signatures of the Visible, one of America's most influential critics...

Theories of Art: 2. from Winckelmann to Baudelaire

by Moshe Barasch

First published in 2001. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Theories of Art: 3. from Impressionism to Kandinsky

by Moshe Barasch

First published in 2001. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Customer Advisory Boards: A Strategic Tool for Customer Relationship Building

by David L Loudon & Tony Carter

From Dr. Tony Carter, a leading authority in business management, comes a book to give your company the winning edge. Customer Advisory Boards: A Strategic Tool for Customer Relationship Building examines the...

Tuning the Brain: Principles and Practice of Neurosomatic Medicine

by Jay Goldstein

In this remarkable volume, Dr. Jay A. Goldstein clearly presents both the theoretical and the practical aspects of this revolutionary approach to treating CFS and other conditions that have often been termed...

The Nazi Party in Dissolution: Hitler and the Verbotzeit 1923-25

by David Jablonsky

This book examines the effect the Verbotzeit had on the leadership structure and on the consequent position of the party within the völkisch movement. Looking primarily at Bavaria and North Germany it examines...

Deterrence and the New Global Security Environment

by Ian R. Kenyon & John Simpson

This collection of papers rigorously examines the current place of deterrence in international security relations, delivering the best of contemporary thinking. This is a special issue of the leading journal...

The State, Class and the Recession

by Stewart Clegg, Geoff Dow & Paul Boreham

The contributions to this edited collection, first published in 1983, are based on two underlying themes. The first examines the major recession that took hold of the global economy during the 1980s and assesses...

Broad's Critical Essays in Moral Philosophy

by David Cheney

The ideas of C. D. Broad have affected the work of moral philosophers throughout the twentieth century to the present day. First published in 1971, this edited volume contains Broad's best essays on the philosophical...

Spiritualism and Society

by G. K. Nelson

First published in 1969, this title explores the origins of Spiritualism as a religious movement. The first part is a history of Spiritualism, with a focus on its origins within America and the development of...

Urban Systems: Contemporary Approaches to Modelling: Contemporary Approaches to Modelling

by C S Bertuglia, G. Leonardi & S. Occelli

This edited collection, first published in 1987, provides a comparative analysis of different approaches to urban modelling, and lays the foundations for the possibility of integration and a more unified field....

Policies and Plans for Rural People: An International Perspective: An International Perspective

by Paul Cloke

This edited collection, first published in 1988, was the first title to bring international perspectives into the field of rural planning. Using a comparative approach and a broad range of case studies, including...

Key Settlements in Rural Areas

by Paul Cloke

The problems of providing essential services in a constrained economic climate, and of conserving the rural environment whilst protecting rural people, are of immediate importance. This book, first published...

An Introduction to Rural Settlement Planning

by Paul Cloke

This book, first published in 1983, provided the first thorough and informative introduction to the theory, practice and politics of rural settlement planning. It surveys the conceptual and ideological leanings...

Bastard Feudalism and the Law

by John Bellamy

This title, first published in 1989, was one of the first to directly address the legal dimension of bastard feudalism. John Bellamy explores the role and vulnerability of local officials and juries, the nature...

ConnectAbility: 8 Keys to Building Strong Partnerships with Your Colleagues and Your Customers

by David Ryback


-noun: 1. an agile approach to running an organization that takes into account the psychology of human interaction; 2. the only way to do business in today's economy

Drawing from the powerful...

The Tudor Law of Treason: An Introduction: An Introduction

by John Bellamy

This title, first published in 1979, was ground-breaking in its exploration of the understudied area of the Tudor law of treason. Bellamy first examines the scope of that law, noting the inheritance from the...

Rural Resource Management

by Paul Cloke & Chris C. Park

This book, first published in 1985, provides an overview of resource management, together with a geographical treatment of physical, landscape and social resources. Drawing on British, European and North American...

Acid Rain: Rhetoric and Reality: Rhetoric and Reality

by Chris C. Park

This title, first published in 1987, provides an authoritative account of both the science and the politics of acid rain. Chris Park places the debates surrounding acid rain in context, and examines the full...