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Summary : Wikinomics - Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams

by BusinessNews Publishing

This work offers a summary of the book “WIKINOMICS: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything” by Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams.

A new and much more collaborative way to do business is emerging as a powerful...

Summary : Will And Vision - Gerard Tellis and Peter Golder

by BusinessNews Publishing

This work offers a summary of the book “WILL AND VISION: How Latecomers Grow To Dominate Markets” by Gerard Tellis and Peter Golder.

In Will and Vision, Gerard Tellis and Peter Golder raise an interesting...

Summary : Win - Dr. Frank Luntz

by BusinessNews Publishing

This work offers a summary of the book: “Win, The Key Principles to Take Your Business from Ordinary to Extraordinary” by Dr. Frank Luntz.

Summary of the ideas in Dr. Frank Luntz’s book: “ Win ” shows...

Summary : Winning Decisions - J. Edward Russo and Paul Schoemaker

by BusinessNews Publishing

This work offers a summary of the book: “Winning Decisions, Getting it Right the First Time” by J. Edward Russo and Paul Schhoemaker.

Summary of the ideas in J. Edward Russo’s and Paul Schhoemaker’s book:...

Summary : Winning Presentation In A Day - Rhonda Abrams

by BusinessNews Publishing

This work offers a summary of the book “WINNING PRESENTATION IN A DAY: Get It Done Right, Get It Done Fast” by Rhonda Abrams.

In Winning Presentation in a Day, Rhonda Abrams explains that putting together...

Summary : Word Of Mouth Marketing - Andy Sernovitz

by BusinessNews Publishing

This work offers a summary of the book “WORD OF MOUTH MARKETING: How Smart Companies Get People Talking” by Andy Sernovitz.

Andy Sernovitz is cofounder and past-CEO of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association,...

Summary : Your Marketing Sucks - Mark Stevens

by BusinessNews Publishing

This work offers a summary of "YOUR MARKETING SUCKS" by Mark Stevens.

Mark Stevens is president of a marketing firm which specializes in ROI (return-on-investment) marketing.

In his book Your Marketing Sucks,...

Summary : Youtility - Jay Baer

by BusinessNews Publishing

This work offers a summary of the book: “Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Helo Not Hype” by Jay Baer.

Summary of the ideas in Jay Baer’s book: “Youtility” explains that for a business or a company...

Summary : Zoom - James Citrin

by BusinessNews Publishing

This work offers a summary of “ZOOM: How 12 Exceptional Companies Are Navigating the Road to the Next Economy” by James Citrin.

In Zoom, James Citrin, managing director of a consulting firm, explains that...

Summary: A Good Hard Kick in the Ass - Rob Adams

by BusinessNews Publishing

This work offers a summary of the book "A GOOD HARD KICK IN THE ASS: Basic Training For Entrepreneurs" by Rob Adams.

Rob Adams is the founder and managing director of AV Labs, an early-stage venture capital company....

The mysterious stranger

by Mark Twain

No. 44 The Misteryous Stranger was published posthumously, in 1916. The stranger in Twain's novel is none other than Satan himself. A Satan, in fact, very different from how you might expect . It is chaos emissary,...

Nutrition - The answer of the soul

by Marisa Lapico

A journey through the human body, the discovery of a fantasy world where the single parts come into harmony with each other and make the most extraordinary musical work ever written before: the symphony of Life....


by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

The vampire Count Saint-Germain protects Americans fleeing persecution—and becomes trapped in a web of betrayal, deceit, and murder in post-WWII Europe in Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s SUSTENANCE

The powerful...

Carbide Tipped Pens

by Ben Bova & Eric Choi

  Seventeen hard science fiction tales by today’s top authors

Hard science fiction is the literature of change, rigorously examining the impact—both beneficial and dangerous—of science and technology on...

Beyond Flour: A Fresh Approach to Gluten-Free  Cooking & Baking

by Marie Porter & Michael Porter

How many times have you come across a gluten-free recipe claiming to be "just as good as the normal version!", only to find that the author must have had some skewed memories on what the "normal" version tasted,...

Digital Media Labs in Libraries

by Amanda L. Goodman

Families share stories with each other and veterans reconnect with their comrades, while teens edit music videos and then upload them to the web: all this and more can happen in the digital media lab (DML)

Libraries and the Affordable Care Act: Helping the Community Understand Health-care Options

by Francisca Goldsmith

This important guide, the first written specifically for library staff, offers best practices, advice, and examples of library responses from the first open enrollment period (October 2013-March 2014).

New on the Job: A School Librarian's Guide to Success, Second Edition

by Hilda K. Weisburg & Ruth Toor

From job search strategies and discovering work philosophy to the nitty-gritty details of creating acceptable use policies, this revised and updated edition, which includes a new foreword from Sarah Kelly Johns,...

Library Consortia: Models for Collaboration and Sustainability

by Valerie Horton & Greg Pronevitz

With over 35 years of experience managing five different library consortia between them, Horton and Pronevitz are uniquely qualified to show how consortia have been transforming themselves, offering new services...

The Readers' Advisory Guide to Historical Fiction

by Jennifer S. Baker

Emphasizing an appreciation of historical fiction in its many forms and focusing on what fans enjoy, this guide provides a fresh take on a durable genre.