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Capitalism Versus Planet Earth

by Fawzi Ibrahim

The dangerous intersection between ecological and economic crisis leaving humanity with a stark choice: maintain capitalism or save the planet

Fugues on a Funny Bone

by Jan Woolf

A collection of short stories about children in a referral unit, the book also charts the relationship between a young man and woman who meet, part and come together again in and woman in unusual circumstances....

Going Over

by Alan Franks

Three novellas of which the the first 'Going Over' won the National Novella Competition in 'New Writer Magazine'. A young man walks across the north of England and, remembering his relationship with his father,...

The Notes of Dr Newgate

by Alan Franks

A comic novel written in the 1st person by a GP recovering from forms, not just drink and drugs but the lethal lures of gambling, power, lust and love.

A Fridge for a Picasso

by John Jesse

A gallery of famous and eccentric figures animate this entertaining and informative autobiography. Not least is John Jesse who treats life as fun yet established himself as a respected specialist in his field...

Big Parts

by Shane Connaughton

A London house. A warren of rooms. The tenants refuse to budge. A comic novel about a tragic, and

grotesque world presided over by an elderly showman with delusional plans about the future. A Captain Ahab in...

Van Gogh in Brixton

by Shaun Traynor

An emotional poetic narrative of love lost, love regained.

Out of Time

by Ruth Boswell

Joe (17) is locked out of his house and pursued by a crowd determined to kill him. He escapes and finds shelter among a group of dissidents fighting a dictator. He is in a parallel world like and unlike his...

Death Comes for the Poets

by Matthew Sweeney & John HartleyWilliams

The cream of Britain's poets are getting murdered. Victor Priest takes on two assistants to help investigate. In a hilarious and dramatic denoument the criminal is discovered. Priest hires two assistants to...

Sins of the Sons

by Alan Franks

A novel that charts a passionate story about the losing of innocence and the bitter gaining of adulthood. It is also a painfully acute account of a young man's attempts to redeem himself from the ravages of...

Unmade Roads

by Alan Franks

A collection of moving, witty and passionate poems about love, loss and landscape, about men and women struggling to find meaning in a land reeling from urbanisation. Here too are beautifully crafted homages...

200 Weeks

by Gavin Richards

Narrated in the first person this is an account of the savage journey of a man who has not only been brushed by mortality but who is still in the process of trying to wrestle it to the ground

Losing It

by Ranjit Bolt & Roddy Maude-Roxby

Written in rhyming couplets 'Losing It' is the story of Lucy , a luscious young virgin who goes to London to try losing her virginity.

The Sons of Adam

by Alan Mackie

A diary kept by journalist Alan Mackie in Cairo in 1973 during the 7 Day War with Israel and the effect it has had on present Egyptian politics and attitudes to the West

Beckett's Last Act

by Mora Grey

Samuel Beckett watching the final rehearsal of Krapp's Last Tape and its effects on the production team, climaxing in a final tragic event. A psychological drama of great intensity.

The Gardens That Mended a Marriage

by Karen Moloney

A spirited and comic account of developiung a dream Persian garden in the dry soil of Spain. Undserlying the trials and tribulations is a story about love.

Tonight The Moon is Red

by Virginia McKenna

A highly personal collection of poems written by Virginia McKenna, the star of Born Free, recollecting the people, places and animals that have inspired her.

Cleaning Up

by Paul Connor-Kearns

Cleaning Up is a gritty, contemporary, urban drama told through the parallel and intertwined lives of its three main characters; a teenage boy adrift on the city s drug raddled estates; a young ambitious policeman...