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The Unseen War: Allied Air Power and the Takedown of Saddam Hussein

by Benjamin S. Benjamin Lambeth

The Unseen War offers a comprehensive assessment of the air contribution to the three weeks of major combat that ended the rule of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein in 2003. Unlike in the earlier instance of Operation...

Her book: Poems

by Eireann Lorsung

With intelligence and crystalline clarity, a chorus of female voices speaks through the poems in Her book, Éireann Lorsung's inspired second collection.

From the poet who brought us Music For Landing Planes...

The SBS in World War II: An Illustrated History

by Gavin Mortimer

The Special Boat Squadron (SBS) was Britain's most exclusive Special Forces unit, similar to US Navy SEALS. Highly trained, highly secretive and utterly ruthless, the SBS was established as an entity in its...

The Official American Numismatic Assiciation Grading Standards for United States Coins

by Kenneth Bressett & Q. David Bowers

This comprehensive and easy-to-use guide provides the official American Numismatic Association grading standards for every United States coin minted since 1793. Beginners, advanced collectors, and dealers will...

Whitman Encyclopedia of Colonial and Early American Coins

by Q. David Bowers & Kenneth Bressett

From Q. David Bowers comes a book so comprehensive and authoritative that only the "Dean of American Numismatics" could have created it! Drawing on the expertise of dozens of specialists from around the world,...

American Silver Eagles: A Guide to the U.S. Bullion Coin Program

by John J. Mercanti & Michael "Miles" Standish

No less an expert than John M. Mercanti-the designer of the American Silver Eagle's reverse-shares his unique insight and perspective on these beautiful pieces of Americana. To create this book, Mercanti has...

A Guide Book of Civil War Tokens

by Q. David Bowers & Fred L. Reed

Civil War tokens are tangible reminders of American history. These small, cent-sized tokens served as emergency "money" during the small-change shortage of 1862-1865. Today they are highly collectible, and A...

Abraham Lincoln: Beyond the Icon

by Fred Reed & Q. David Bowers

In Abraham Lincoln: Beyond the American Icon, Fred Reed continues his exploration of the ever-changing popular depiction of Lincoln-the idealized, the idolized, the iconic-the man and the myth-bringing our understanding...

Money of the Bible

by Kenneth Bressett

No fewer than 16 of the 40 parables preached by Jesus mention coins or money. Have you ever wondered what the 30 pieces of silver-the money given to Judas for his betrayal-actually looked like? They were real...

A Guide Book of Southern States Currency

by Hugh Shull & Wendell Wolka

Building on the classic foundation laid by Colonel Grover Criswell, paper currency expert Hugh Shull presents an authoritative guide to the state-issued money of the South, from the pre-Civil War era through...

Liquidating an Estate

by Martin Codina

"What do I do with all this stuff?"

Whether it's due to the loss of a loved one, downsizing, or moving by choice or necessity, an increasing number of people are dealing with this burning question.Striking a...

Museum Governance: Mission, Ethics, Policy

by Marie Malaro

In Museum Governance, Marie Malaro addresses a range of issues facing museum administrators and trustees, arguing they can handle their duties intelligently only if they understand two points—why our country...

The Gamble

by Thomas E. Ricks

Thomas E. Rick's news-breaking follow up to the #1 New York TimesFiasco

Now updated to fully document the inside story of the Iraq war since late 2005, The Gamble is the definitive account of the insurgency...

Securitization and the Iraq War: The Rules of Engagement in World Politics

by Faye Donnelly

This book critiques the conceptualization of security found in mainstream and critical theoretical debates, and applies this to the empirical case of the 2003 Iraq War.

The Iraq War represents one of the most...

Wonder Man-A Memoir of a Craftsman Who Is Recognized As an Artist

by Hannah K

Masaaki Hiroi is an extremely renowned craftsman, who earned his status to be recognized as an artist. Masaaki Hiroi makes Edo tops, toys played by both adults and children not only in present-day Japan but...

Coins of the World: Germany

by George S. Cuhaj & Thomas Michael

"From Marks to Pfennigs this detail, pricing and photo-filled electronic download is filled with all the information you need about 20th century German coins. In this 2012 edition of the Coins of Germany you'll...

2012 U.S. Coin Digest: Cents

by David C. Harper

This easy-to-search pricing and identification download is solely focused on U.S cents. In this single source you get the entire section of cents, from 2012 U.S. Coin Digest, the most complete and detailed color...

2012 U.S. Coin Digest: Bullion Coinage

by David C. Harper

This easy-to-search pricing and identification download is solely focused on U.S bullion coins. In this single source you get up-to-date values, detailed illustrations, and characteristics about circulating...

Coins of the World: Australia

by George S. Cuhaj & Thomas Michael

"In this single, easy-to-use and affordable download you will find detailed descriptions, updated values in multiple grades, and high-quality illustrations of every coin issued in Australia during the 20th century....

Art Journey America Landscapes: 89 Painters' Perspectives

by Kathy Kipp

Showcasing the work of more than 100 top contemporary American master artists of our day, this book features landscapes (a popular subject for art collectors and a tradition throughout American art history)...