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Last Lion: The Fall and Rise of Ted Kennedy

by Peter S. Canellos

No figure in American public life has had such great expectations thrust upon him, or has responded so poorly. But Ted Kennedy -- the youngest of the Kennedy children and the son who felt the least pressure...


by Phil Gifford

Olympian, World and Commonwealth champion. Valerie Adams talks openly and honestly about life in the spotlight and her tumultuous private life. Valerie Adams keeps no secrets as she tells her inspirational story...

Out of the Woods But Not Over the Hill

by Gervase Phinn

For Gervase Phinn growing old is not about a leisurely walk to the pub for a game of dominoes or snoozing in his favourite armchair. As this sparkling collection of his very best humorous writing shows, he may...


by Ruth Dee

Imagine what it would be like if your thoughts weren?t the only ones in your head. Ruth has lived with other people in her head since she was four years old. She splintered off into different selves when her...

Michael Vaughan: Time to Declare My Autobiography

by Michael Vaughan

Michael Vaughan tells the full, compelling story of a remarkable career - from his early days at Yorkshire, to his emergence as a world-class batsman; from the successful partnership with Duncan Fletcher that...

Beyond Belief: Abused By His Priest. Betrayed By His Church. The Story of the Boy Who Sued the Pope.

by Colm O'Gorman

'I was living in a world where a priest who spoke the words of God used me for sex, and there was no-one to tell. The world where this horror happened didn't exist for anyone else.' As a boy in Ireland where...

A Very Unimportant Officer

by Alexander Stewart

Rediscovered after 80 years gathering dust on a family bookshelf and first brought to public attention on BBC Radio 4?s Today Programme, A VERY UNIMPORTANT OFFICER is a detailed and intimate account of the experience...

Rose West: The Making of a Monster

by Jane Carter Woodrow

Hard to believe it looking at her now, but Rose West was an exceptionally beautiful little girl, with a Maltese mother and English father. Strangers would stop and stare at her in the street and she could entrance...

Parky's People

by Michael Parkinson

Sir Michael Parkinson occupies a unique place in the public consciousness. For many he is the chronicler of a generation. Through his onscreen work and his intelligent, thought provking journalism, he has introduced...

Searching for Daddy

by Christine Hart

A horrifying story of a girl scarred by religious mania and childhood abuse, who is driven to believe one of Britain's most infamous criminals was her father. Christine's childhood was utterly desolate. Starved...

You Couldn't Make It Up

by Jeremy Kyle

The follow up to the top five Sunday Times bestseller I'm Only Being Honest reveals Jeremy Kyle's lighter side as he opens up on topics such as celebrity, middle age, parenting and Gordon Brown. Love him or...

The Little Book of Loose Women

by LooseWomen

OK, enough is enough. You spend your life running around after everyone else and never get a minute to yourself. It?s easy to forget the things that really matter in life when you?re knee-deep in laundry and...

Not Without You

by Alan Brogan & Irene Brogan

'That night I lay in my new bed and the pain came. I thought about Irene. I would find her again. I had to.'Alan and Irene first met in a cold, regimented children's home when he was seven and she was nine....

A Passion for Living: The Amazing Story of a Boy who Makes Every Day Matter

by Alexander Stobbs

Our lives are precious. Never more so than for 19-year-old Alexander Stobbs who has been a cystic fibrosis sufferer from birth. For him, each day could be his last. But as he says in the BAFTA-nominated documentary...

Where Does It Hurt?: What the Junior Doctor Did Next

by Max Pemberton

The Junior Doctor is back! He's into his second year of medicine, but this time Max is out of the wards and onto the streets, working for the Phoenix Outreach Project. Fuelled by tea and more enthusiasm than...

My Whispering Angels

by Francesca Brown

My Whispering Angels is the extraordinary story of an ordinary Irish wife and mother blessed with an incredible gift. Francesca faced the dawn of the new millennium debilitated by ill-health and despair, without...

Knave of Spades: Growing Pains of a Gardener

by Alan Titchmarsh

When Alan left school at fifteen little was expected of him. An 'O' level in art is not the most obvious passport to success, but in the ancient greenhouses of the local nursery Mrs T's little lad found his...

Rifling Through My Drawers

by Clarissa DicksonWright

With her inimitable wit and outspoken views, Clarissa Dickson Wright opens her diary and takes us on a journey around Britain with this unrivalled collection of stories and anecdotes from her ever-eventful life....

I'm Only Being Honest

by Jeremy Kyle

Teenage pregnancy, alcoholism, juvenile delinquency, absentee parents, soaring rates of drug addiction? Britain is failing. Over the last twenty years, traditional family values have declined to the point where...

Nobody's Child

by Kate Adie

What's your name? Where were you born? What is your date of birth? Simple questions that we are asked throughout our life ? but what if you didn?t know the answers? Kate Adie uncovers the extraordinary, moving...