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Dealing with the Tough Stuff: How to Achieve Results from Crucial Conversations

by Darren Hill, Alison Hill & Sean Richardson

How to handle difficult discussions in the workplace

Packed with practical and pragmatic suggestions and methods for dealing with the tough stuff at work, this unique and helpful book features simple diagnostics,...

Advanced Facilitation Strategies: Tools and Techniques to Master Difficult Situations

by Ingrid Bens

From Ingrid Bens, the author of the best-selling book Facilitating with Ease!, comes the next-step resource for project leaders, managers, community leaders, teachers, and other facilitators who want to hone...

CIO Best Practices: Enabling Strategic Value With Information Technology

by Joseph P. Stenzel, Gary Cokins & Karl D. Schubert

Enabling Strategic Value with Information Technology Second Edition

Anyone working in information technology today feels the opportunities for creating and enabling lasting value. The CIO helps define those opportunities...

Surrounded by Geniuses: Unlocking the Brilliance in Yourself, Your Colleagues and Your Organization

by Alan Gregerman

In Surrounded by Geniuses, Alan Gregerman presents a revolutionary guide to personal, professional, and organizational success.

Breaking the Leadership Mold: An Executive's Guide to Achieving Organizational Excellence

by Rosie Steeves

Much has been written about leaders and leadership. Journal articles, blogs and books try to home in on the essence of an effective leader. While there is common agreement that a executive's performance can...

The Truth about What Nonprofit Boards Want: The Nine Little Things That Matter Most

by June J. Bradham

The Truth About What Nonprofit Boards Want is a must read for every executive and fundraiser who wonders how to attract and retain passionate and generous board members. Just listen to the Truth: stories from...

Leadership Beyond Good Intentions: What It Takes to Really Make a Difference

by Geoff Aigner & Lama Ole Ole Nydahl

How can we help change things for the better as a manager? Experienced leader and trainer Geoff Aigner shows how leaders can find compassionate ways of facilitating change in their organisations.

Shift: Inside Nissan's Historic Revival

by Carlos Ghosn

In Shift, Carlos Ghosn, the brilliant, audacious, and widely admired CEO of Nissan, recounts how he took the reins of the nearly bankrupt Japanese automotive company and achieved one of the most remarkable turnarounds...

Leadership in the Public Sector: Promises and Pitfalls

by Christine Teelken, Ewan Ferlie & Mike Dent

In view of the approaching age of austerity for the public sector, leadership is likely to continue to become a key theme. This edited volume brings together a host of material from the public sector to analyze...

The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace: Empowering Organizations by Encouraging People

by Gary D. D. Chapman & Paul White

MANAGING BY APPRECIATION, by Gary Chapman and Paul White, applies the love language concept to the workplace. This book helps supervisors and managers effectively communicate appreciation and encouragement to...

Prescription for Lasting Success: Leadership Strategies to Diagnose Problems and Transform Your Organization

by Susan Reynolds

Transform your team during crises and establish an enthusiastic and strategic culture

In an approach similar to the way a doctor reads a chart and runs tests to diagnosis an illness, Prescription for Lasting...

The Spirit of Project Management

by Judi Neal & Alan Harpham

This book examines the role that spirituality plays in project management. It is an extremely important factor that is almost always overlooked, but when tapped into, it can make the difference between effectiveness...

The Right Leader: Selecting Executives Who Fit

by Nat Stoddard & Claire Wyckoff

A trailblazing approach to choosing executives who both match the needs and fit the cultures of the organizations they will lead

Leadership failures damage or even destroy companies every day. To reduce the costs...

Suddenly in Charge: Managing Up, Managing Down, Succeeding All Around

by Matuson Roberta Chinsky

Shows how to manage effectively and successfully up and down the organizational chart.

Executive Coaching: Building and Managing Your Professional Practice

by Lewis R. Stern

Understand all the aspects of becoming an executive coach, from acquiring training to marketing your practice, with Executive Coaching: Building and Managing Your Professional Practice. Hands-on information...

The Executive Guide to Facilitating Strategy

by Michael Wilkinson


Far too often, people experience strategic planning as a wasted activity-painful, unproductive, and irrelevant to the issues at hand....

Team Turnarounds: A Playbook for Transforming Underperforming Teams

by Daniel Leidl, Joe Frontiera & Jim Kouzes

How any manager can turn a struggling team into business champs

In today’s uncertain economic environment, teams are asked to do more with less. With resources stretched thin, turning around a struggling team...

Run Your Business Like a Fortune 100: 7 Principles for Boosting Profits

by Rosalie Lober


Your business is profitable. Though you sweat every detail, it's too easy for customers and employees to slip away. Meanwhile, you're tempted...

Us Plus Them: Tapping the Positive Power of Difference

by Todd Pittinsky

You are asked to play a game of word association. The word you are given: prejudice. What do you free associate with this loaded term? “Different” and “discrimination” come to mind. Possibly even the...

Become the CEO of You, Inc.: A Pioneering Executive Shares Her Secrets for Career Success

by Susan Bulkeley Butler

How do you turn your dreams into reality? How do you make things happen for you, rather than let things happen to you? Don't be humble about who you are and what you are capable of. Stand tall and stand out....