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Shadow Knights

by Gary Kamiya & Jeffrey Smith

Pulp History brings to life extraordinary feats of bravery, violence, and redemption that history has forgotten. These stories are so dramatic and thrilling they have to be true.


In SHADOW KNIGHTS, everyday...

Malcolm X

by Randy DuBurke & Andrew Helfer

The age of multitasking needs better narrative history. It must be absolutely factual, immediately accessible, smart, and brilliantly fun. Enter Andrew Helfer, the award-winning graphic-novel editor behind Road...


by Joe Miller

In Cross-X, journalist Joe Miller follows the Kansas City Central High School's debate squad through the 2002 season that ends with a top-ten finish at the national championships in Atlanta.

By almost all measures,...

The Ten-Cent Plague

by David Hajdu

The story of the rise and fall of those comic books has never been fully told -- until The Ten-Cent Plague. David Hajdu's remarkable new book vividly opens up the lost world of comic books, its creativity, irreverence,...

The Magic of Reality: How We Know What's Really True

by Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins, bestselling author and the world’s most celebrated evolutionary biologist, has spent his career elucidating the many wonders of science. Here, he takes a broader approach and uses his unrivaled...

Never Eat a Booger !

by Kurt A. Pfister

Never Eat a Booger ! offers up a cornucopia of hysterical options for that freshly picked greeny but eventually sums it all up at the end, leaving the picker with one final life-changing choice!

Locee Lock's

by Walter T. Rogers

This is a story of how Locee and her family became planet Zadalins most powerful superheroes due to a freak accident. Join Locee as she takes on her most important mission being a single mother as well as a...


by James Hipsher

Gramics is a word that I made up for my own use to capture the essence of the meaning and use of anagrams in a cartoon or comic form. An anagram is a word or phrase that uses the same letters as another word...

Vinny and Bud Comix Book Ii

by Vinny Thompson

Welcome to the second book in the Vinny & Bud series. The story continues with the two 10 yr. old boys facing the summer of '77 with humor like Charlie Brown meets the 70's Show. Vinny still hates disco; Bud...

Introducing Mind and Brain

by Angus Gellatly & Oscar Zarate

How do emotions affect your basic decision making? Why do certain smells prompt long-forgotten memories, and what makes us suddenly self-conscious?

How does the biological organ, the brain, give rise to all of...

The Rise of Comic Book Movies

by Jason Keen, Benny Potter, Dan Rumbles & Chris Stuckmann

Why We Can’t Get Enough of Superhero Movies Recent years show a sea change in Hollywood- the biggest movies come from the pages of comic books. These box office successes are driven by fans who love seeing...


by Rupert Woodfin & Oscar Zarate

Karl Marx was one of the most influential thinkers of the late 19th century, inspiring revolutions and colossal political upheavals that have radically transformed the lives of millions of people and the geopolitical...

Introducing Foucault

by Chris Horrocks & Zoran Jevtic

Michel Foucault's work was described at his death as 'the most important event of thought in our century'. As a philosopher, historian and political activist, he certainly left behind an enduring and influential...

Introducing Marxism

by Rupert Woodfin & Oscar Zarate

Was Marx himself a 'Marxist'? Was his visionary promise of socialism betrayed by Marxist dictatorship? Is Marxism inevitably totalitarian? What did Marx really say? "Introducing Marxism" provides a fundamental...

Saigon Calling

by Marcelino Truong & David Homel

In this sequel to the graphic memoir Such a Lovely Little War, young Marcelino and his family move from Saigon to swinging London in order to escape the war. There, he discovers an exciting new world of hedonists...

Barbarians and the Birth of Chinese Identity

by Jing Liu

The third volume of the Understanding China Through Comics series, Barbarians and the Birth of Chinese Identity, tells of the founding of the Song Dynasty and its attempts to reinvigorate a flagging economy...

Co-operative Revolution

by Paul Fitzgerald (aka Polyp)

As the dominant economic system is increasingly called into question, the time of the co-operative has well and truly come. Illustrating the history of the co-operative movement from its humble beginnings in...

Portraits of Violence

by Brad Evans, Sean Michael Wilson, Robert Brown & Carl Thompson et al.

Bringing together established academics and award-winning comic book writers and illustrators, Portraits of Violence illustrates the most compelling ideas and episodes in the critique of violence.

Hannah Arendt,...

The Vagabonds #1

by Josh Neufeld

In The Vagabonds, Josh Neufeld explores religion, global politics and the mysteries of everyday life, in locales as diverse as the Thai countryside, San Francisco and New York City.

Stranded in a remote corner...

Tokyo On Foot: Travels in the City's Most Colorful Neighborhoods

by Florent Chavouet

This prize-winning book is both an illustrated tour of a Tokyo rarely seen in Japan travel guides and an artist's warm, funny, visually rich, and always entertaining graphic memoir.

Florent Chavouet, a young...