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Oracle Service Bus 11g: on

by EAIESB & Consultants Network

This book introduces Oracle Service Bus 11g. Oracle Service Bus 11g ( is time tested as a heavyweight solution to the Enterprise Service Bus question while maintaining a lightweight and scalable architecture....

Oracle SOA Suite 11g

by EAIESB & Consultants Network

This book is an introduction to Oracle SOA Suite 11g. It introduces you to this most useful tool and provides numerous hands on examples of how to use the product. SOA Suite 11g is known as among other things...

Java EE 7 First Look

by Fabrice NDJOBO Armel

An easy-to-follow guide to reveal the new features of Java EE 7 and how to efficiently utilize them.Given the main objectives pursued, this book targets three groups of people with a knowledge of the Java language....

Oracle Healthcare: on SOA Suite 11g

by EAIESB & Consultants Network

Introduction to Oracle SOA Suite for Healthcare Integration: Oracle SOA Suite for healthcare integration utilizes several features of Oracle SOA Suite to helps user or reader to design, create, and manage applications...

Visualforce Developer's Guide

by Madusanka W.A.Chamil

This is a mini tutorial guide that discusses the most important and the most frequently used technical aspects of Visualforce development, thereby making it a perfect companion for Visualforce developers.This...

Apache 2 Pocket Reference: For Apache Programmers & Administrators

by Andrew Ford

Even if you know the Apache web server inside and out, you still need an occasional on-the-job reminder -- especially if you're moving to the newer Apache 2.x. Apache 2 Pocket Reference gives you exactly what...

Objective-C Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

by Aaron Hillegass & Mikey Ward

Want to write iOS apps or desktop Mac applications? This introduction to programming and the Objective-C language is your first step on the journey from someone who uses apps to someone who writes them.


Programming in Objective-C

by Stephen G. Kochan

Updated for OS X 10.9 Mavericks, iOS 7, and Xcode 5

Programming in Objective-C is a concise, carefully written tutorial on the basics of Objective-C and object-oriented programming for Apple's iOS and OS X...

WordPress Web Application Development

by Ratnayake Rakhitha Nimesh

An extensive, practical guide that explains how to adapt WordPress features, both conventional and trending, for web applications.This book is intended for WordPress developers and designers who have the desire...

iCloud Standard Guide

by Yadi Andri & Alfi Fauzan

An easy-to-use guide, filled with tutorials that will teach you how to set up and use iCloud, and profit from all of its marvellous features.This book is for anyone with basic knowledge of computers and mobile...

iOS Game Programming with Xcode and Cocos2d

by Justin Dike

This book is written by a professional instructor and founder of, a company specializing in new media tutorials for nearly a decade. The book is a start-to-finish guide for anyone looking to...

Laravel Application Development Blueprints

by Kilicdagi Arda & Yilmaz Halil Ibrahim

Follow along as we work together to build 10 different applications using Laravel 4. Since each chapter is devoted to the design of a different application, there is no need to read the book in any particular...

Emgu CV Essentials

by Shi Shin

This book provides a practical guide to Emgu CV libraries, with sample code and examples used throughout to explain the concepts clearly. Each chapter deals with a different aspect of the Computer Vision field...

Oracle B2B: in 21 Days

by EAIESB & Consultants Network

Oracle B2B solution provides for a trust, secure, and matured approach to the exchange of business documents that are used in e-Commerce. A business will have multiple trading partners that it engages and will...

Oracle BPM 11g

by EAIESB & Consultants Network

Oracle Business Process Management Suite provides a complete set of tools for optimizing, creating, and managing business services. Oracle BPM 11g enables services to be created, managed, and orchestrated in...

RESTful Java with JAX-RS 2.0

by Bill Burke

Learn how to design and develop distributed web services in Java, using RESTful architectural principles and the JAX-RS 2.0 specification in Java EE 7. By focusing on implementation rather than theory, this...

Mobile Html5

by Estelle Weyl

Build kickass websites and applications for all mobile (and non-mobile) platforms by adding HTML5 and CSS3 to your web development toolkit. With this hands-on book, you’ll learn how to develop web apps that...

Oracle ADF Mobile: in 21 Days

by EAIESB & Consultants Network

Oracle ADF Mobile is a essentially a framework that uses Java and HTML 5 for building mobile applications. Oracle ADF Mobile allows developers to build applications for iOS and Android from a single code base....

Advanced Oracle Service Bus 11g: in 21 Days

by EAIESB & Consultants Network

Oracle Service Bus provides a complete set of service infrastructure components for designing, deploying, and managing proxy services and business services. Oracle Service Bus enables services to be created,...

Python & XML

by Christopher A. Jones & Fred L., Jr Drake

If you are a Python programmer who wants to incorporate XML into your skill set, this is the book for you. Python has attracted a wide variety of developers, who use it either as glue to connect critical programming...