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Sixguns and Double Eagles

Border Empire #2

by Ralph Compton

Wes Stone was once a lawman. Then the Sandlin Gang shot down his father, known as The Gunfighter. Swearing vengeance, he takes up his father?s guhns. But little does he know that the odds are even more against...

The Florabama Ladies' Auxiliary and Sewing Circle

by Lois Battle

  • A New York Times bestseller
  • A Literary Guild and Doubleday Book Club Selection

    Welcome to Florabama, Alabama—a place where you can stop to sip a co'cola or iced tea and think about money and love. If you had'em,...

  • Marlborough Street (The Psychic Thriller Series, Book 2)

    by Richard Bowker

    Unshaven, unkempt, and an avid Boston Red Sox fan, Alan Simpson is a reluctant psychic and tracker of persons, missing or dead.

    When the mayor's son is kidnapped, Alan is brought in to investigate the crime.


    Dragonbound (The Jade Lee Romantic Fantasies, Book 2)

    by Jade Lee

    Horrific are a dragon's claws, its fiery breath and buffeting wings. Potent is its body, fraught with magic down to the very last glistening scale. But most fearsome of all is a dragon's cunning-and the soul...

    The Night Remembers (The Heart of the City Series, Book 2)

    by Candace Schuler

    Free-spirit Daphne Granger and nose-to-the-grindstone Adam Forrest had nothing in common but hormones and heat. The dissolution of their brief and tempestuous marriage was the proof. But fate has brought them...

    Scoundrel for Hire (Velvet Lies, Book 1)

    by Adrienne deWolfe

    Raphael Jones is a Kentucky-born scoundrel, who has never played by the rules. When Colorado mining heiress, Silver Nichols, hires him to stop her precious daddy from marrying a golddigger, Rafe sets out to...

    A Lady of Letters (Scandalous Secrets Series, Book 2)

    by Andrea Pickens

    Articulate and intelligent, Augusta Peabody avoids Society's censure by secretly publishing her political essays under the pen name "Firebrand." But despite all outward efforts to behave like a proper lady,...

    Gunsmoke Over Texas

    by Bradford Scott

    "Elevate! In the name of the state of Texas!

    Then answer was a wild yell and the gleam of gun barrels in the moonlight. The Ranger's hands flashed up and down. His first shot boomed before the outlaws could...

    Maverick Showdown

    by Bradford Scott

    "What do you want?" they asked, the first time they shot at Walt Slade.

    "Fork your bronc, or die!" they warned, the second time they fired.

    The third time they said nothing. What do you say when you blast...

    The Shotgunner

    by Ray Hogan

    There was no celebrating in Saddlerock when Dan Ruick returned home again. Many stories had been told about his six killings. Maybe he had only killed with cause, but the townfolk didn't press their luck and...


    by Katie MacAlister

    Read Katie MacAlister's posts on the Penguin Blog.

    View our feature on Katie MacAlister’s Steamed.Katie MacAlister takes on Steampunk-and romance gets hotter than ever...

    When one of Jack Fletcher's nanoelectromechanical...


    by Max Brand

    It was a one shot kill ...

    But it wasn't the man Silvertip meant to kill. It was just a kid wearing Bandini's cape. And while Silvertip wasn't denying he pulled the trigger, it was Bandini who set the youngster...

    The Galaxy Primes

    by E.E. "Doc" Smith

    They were four of the greatest minds in the Universe: Two men, two women, lost in an experimental spaceship billions of parsecs from home. And as they mentally charted the Cosmos to find their way back to earth,...

    Bring Back Her Body

    by Stuart Brock

    "I want Paula or her body-I don't care which."

    This was the command of her wealthy, ruthless father. But Abel Cain, who undertook the search, found that he had been presented with only one side of the ugly truth....

    Edison's Conquest of Mars: The Unauthorized 1888 Sequel to the War of the Worlds

    by Garrett Putnam Serviss

    Just as humanity begins to rebuild after The War of the Worlds devastated Earth, the Martians launch a second attack. The greatest scientific minds race to find something to stop the next alien invasion from...

    The Tide Can't Wait

    by Louis Trimble

    Barr courched down to get out of the sea spray. The rock bulking over his head was wet and slick in the darkness, cold. But it was a measure of protection against the wind and the spray that lashed up from the...

    Longarm 241: Longarm and the Colorado Counterfeiter

    by Tabor Evans

    More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA.

    Longarm #288: Longarm and the Amorous Amazon

    by Tabor Evans

    She stands six-foot-six, and usually over the body of someone who got in her way. She's the biggest gal that Deputy Marshal Custis Long has ever met-and she's willing to do anything to see that Deputy Marshal...

    The Gauntlet (A Thriller)

    by Jason Melby

    Harvard Graduate, Zach Taylor, is now an unemployed financial consultant on the verge of bankruptcy. Then his pregnant wife is wrongly imprisoned.

    Desperate for the $10,000 in bail money, Zach agrees to mule...

    Rogue Justice

    by William Neal

    When a renowned marine biologist threatens to expose the death of a killer whale in captivity-and bring down the aquatic empire of ruthless tycoon Mitchell Chandler-she ends up dead.

    But Chandler doesn't stop...