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A Tapestry of Murders

by Paul Doherty

Chaucer's pilgrims, quarrelling amongst themselves, are now in open countryside enjoying the fresh spring weather as they progress slowly towards Canterbury. A motley collection of travellers, they each have...

A Tournament of Murders

by Paul Doherty

Chaucer's pilgrims are sheltering in a friary as they slowly wind their way towards Canterbury. As they settle for the night, away from the darkness outside and the shadowy figures that haunt the lanes and byways...

The Spies of Sobeck

by Paul Doherty

In Paul Doherty's new novel, Amerotke, Chief Judge of the Hall of Two Truths, is once again summoned to the Imperial Palaceo: Tekreth, Guardian of the Door of Sobeck, has fallen to his death from the roof of...

The Russian Tapestry

by Banafsheh Serov

A captivating tale of struggle, loyalty and love, inspired by a true story.

From St Petersburg, 1913, to Estonia, 1919, and beyond, The Russian Tapestry spans wars, revolution and friendships that will grow as...

The Relic Murders

by Paul Doherty

In the autumn of 1523, Roger Shallot, self-proclaimed physician, rogue, charlatan and secret emissary of King Henry VIII, has nothing to do. His master, Benjamin Daunbey, has been sent to Italy on a diplomatic...

The Gallows Murders

by Paul Doherty

In the summer of 1523, the hot weather and the sweating sickness provide a fertile breeding ground for terrible murders and the most treasonable conspiracies. King Henry VIII has moved the court to Windsor where...

A Brood of Vipers

by Paul Doherty

Spring 1523. Benjamin Daunbey and his rapscallion servant, Roger Shallot, are summoned to London. A Florentine envoy, Lord Francesco Abrizzi, has been murdered and King Henry is determined to unmask the perpetrators...


by Paul Doherty

January 1304 and Hugh Corbett, devoted emissary of King Edward I, has been charged with yet another dangerous mission. Scrope, an unscrupulous manor lord, has reneged on his promise to hand over a priceless...

Mother of the Believers: A Novel of the Birth of Islam

by Kamran Pasha

Deep in the heart of seventh-century Arabia, a new prophet named Muhammad has arisen. As his message of enlightenment sweeps through Arabia and unifies the warring tribes, his young wife Aisha recounts Muhammad's...

Send Me Safely Back Again

by Adrian Goldsworthy

The third novel in the series sees new challenges for the men of the 106th Foot, as the British army attempts to recover from the disaster of Corunna and establish a foothold in the Peninsula. Featuring the...

The Curse of Babylon

by Richard Blake

The sixth book in Richard Blake's brilliant series featuring Aelric, the six-century English adventurer, combines an expert's knowledge of the Roman world with intrigue, sex, black comedy and extreme violence....

The Legate's Daughter: A Novel

by Wallace Breem

The scene is Rome in the troublesome year 24 B.C. Emperor Augustus is in ill health and the city is seething with intrigue. There is speculation about the succession, uncertainty in the capital and unrest on...

Eagle in the Snow

by Wallace Breem

'Behind me I left my youth, my middle age, my wife and my happiness. I was a general now and I had only defeat or victory to look forward to. There was no middle way any longer, and I did not care.'

In the year...

The Seventh Son: A Unique Portrait of Richard III

by Reay Tannahill

A brilliant novel about England's most enigmatic king, Richard III.

The Canterbury Tales By Night Omnibus

by Paul Doherty

AN ANCIENT EVIL: As the travellers gather at the start of a pilgrimage to Canterbury, they agree to amuse themselves on their journey with evening tales of mystery, terror and murder. So begins the Knight's...

The Maharajah's General

Jack Lark #2

by Paul FraserCollard

This is a brilliant debut and I look forward to reading more of Jack Lark' Bernard Cornwell

Chain of Destiny

by Nigel Tranter

Following the murder of his father at Bannockburn in 1488, fifteen-year-old James Stewart was crowned James IV of Scotland. From those inauspicious beginnings, the inexperienced boy-king was to become one of...

The Captive Crown: House of Stewart Trilogy 3

by Nigel Tranter

With the heir to the throne murdered, King Robert III a sick weakling, and his remaining son a child, Scotland and the Stewarts were in a bad way three generations on from the great Bruce. But two young men...

Price of a Princess: Mary Stewart 1

by Nigel Tranter

After young James the Third's accession to the Scottish throne, the ambitious Boyd family of Kilmarnock seized power in a bloodless coup. Mary Stewart, James' eldest sister, was at first unwilling to marry Thomas...

A Folly of Princes: House of Stewart Trilogy 2

by Nigel Tranter

Scotland at the dawn of the 15th century was a wretched spectacle. While the feeble Robert III still clung to his throne, his kingdom rang with the sound of conflict as his son and brother grappled for power....