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by Nigel Tranter

Written by the author of The Bruce Trilogy, The Captive Crown, and Margaret the Queen, this is the story of a very human, fallible but courageous and indomitable man, born an Irish prince in the troubled and...

A Stake in the Kingdom

by Nigel Tranter

Seventh son of the penurious Laird of Balfour, the fiercely ambitious

David Beaton was determined to rise in the world - by whatever means

available. Never one to be burdened by scruples, he cynically used the...


by Nigel Tranter

Alexander III of Scotland was just seven years old when he inherited the

throne. South of the border, England's King Henry III saw this as his

chance to assert his paramountcy over the kingdom. At the age of ten,...

Mail Royal

by Nigel Tranter

A casket of incriminating letters from Mary, Queen of Scots. The

letters would be an instrument of persuasion - or blackmail as others

might call it. Whoever held them had a hold over the James VI King of


Margaret the Queen

by Nigel Tranter

First she was Margaret the refugee. A Saxon princess, sister of Edgar

Atheling who, but for William the Conqueror, would have been King of

England. She came to Scotland in 1069.

Beautiful, sympathetic and devout,...

Lords of Misrule: House of Stewart Trilogy 1

by Nigel Tranter

In turbulent 14th century Scotland, the ruling House of Stewart was a house divided, beset by hatred and jealousy. Descendants of the Bruce's daughter, they only kept the throne by an astonishing genius for...

Lord and Master: Master of Gray trilogy 1

by Nigel Tranter

Born of one of Scotland's noblest families, Patrick Gray was fascinating, irresistible, ambitious and ruthless. Involved in a daring plot to free the imprisoned Mary Queen of Scots, and immersed in the intrigues...

The Riven Realm: James V Trilogy 1

by Nigel Tranter

1513; King James IV lies dead on Flodden's field, his young heir entrusted to two low-born lairds. There are many who seek to supplant or control the boy-king, and only his loyal protectors stand in their way...

The Courtesan: Master of Gray trilogy 2

by Nigel Tranter

The second in the Master of Gray trilogy takes this seventeenth-century story of war and intrigue in Scotland to the next generation - the Master's illegitimate daughter. Unacknowledged daughter of the Master...

MacGregor's Gathering: MacGregor Trilogy 1

by Nigel Tranter

At the beginning of the eighteenth century, one of the most exciting and

romantic periods of British history, the famous Rob Roy MacGregor and

his gallant nephew Gregor, a fierce young highlander loyal to the...


by Nigel Tranter

Norse-Slayer and nation-builder, Kenneth, son of Alpin mac Eochaidh, King

of Galloway, was the visionary who brought together the ancient kingdoms

of Alba, Dalriada, Strathclyde and Galloway to create the country...

Sword Of State

by Nigel Tranter

The youthful Alexander II, who ascended to the Scottish throne in 1214

at the age of sixteen, was delighted to welcome to his court a young man

of royal blood, heir to the ancient - and all but rival - line of...

A Rage of Regents

by Nigel Tranter

In 1568, the defeat of Mary, Queen of Scots at the Battle of Langside,

and her subsequent flight to England left Scotland a troubled nation.

Mary's infant son was crowned James VI, with her illegitimate


Past Master: Master of Gray trilogy 3

by Nigel Tranter

With the end of Elizabeth I's long reign in sight, Patrick, Master of

Gray, is determined that James VI should succeed to the English throne.

Nothing can be allowed to stand in his way - not even his own daughter's...

Black Douglas

by Nigel Tranter

It was almost inevitable that in the 15th century the new Scots royal

house of Stewart would have to come to a reckoning with the great

house of Douglas.

Young Will Douglas, the eight earl, was born to vast...

The Young Montrose: Montrose 1

by Nigel Tranter

Nigel Tranter tells the fascinating yet desperate story of a gallant

nobleman from the initial snub he received from Charles I, the

monarch he is to devote his life to serving.

A brilliant leader, a renowned...

Macbeth the King

by Nigel Tranter

Across a huge colourful canvas, ranging from the wilds of Scotland to

Norway, Denmark and Rome, here is the story of the real MacBeth.

Set aside Shakespeare's portrait: read instead of his struggle to make


Wisest Fool

by Nigel Tranter

Son of the doomed Mary Queen of Scots, raised to rule two countries, James was one of the oddest kings ever to ascent any throne. Neither noble nor heroic, he confounded those who despised him by being shrewd...

The Clansman: MacGregor Trilogy 2

by Nigel Tranter

This is the second book in Nigel Tranter's trilogy of novels about the MacGregor clan. In 1715, declared an outlaw by the Secretary of State, the Duke of Montrose and the Duke of Cumberland, Rob Roy MacGregor,...

Gold for Prince Charlie: MacGregor Trilogy 3

by Nigel Tranter

In 1745 the Highlanders limped away from the bitter field of Culloden.

Soon the Duke of Cumberland was offering a huge sum for the capture of

Prince Charles Edward Stuart, dead or alive.

Duncan MacGregor, great-nephew...