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Zuleika Dobson: An Oxford Love Story

by Max Beerbohm

Zuleika Dobson is a conjurer by trade and a femme fatale by nature. She visits her uncle at Oxford University and all the young men studying there fall in love with her. She is unable to love any man who is...

Take a Look

by Gene Taylor

Jordan Baldwin has a job at a popular coffee shop, a cool apartment downtown, and a charming hunk of a new neighbor who doesn't mind taking a chance on him. Jordan's also got a smartass mouth on him, just like...

Coyote Point Casino

by Rick Zalon

The saga of Jim McBride, a feckless adjunct professor who, faced with the elimination of his teaching position, conveniently rediscovers his tribal ancestry and secures an endowed chair in his university's Native...

I Came Out for This?: A Novel

by Lisa Gitlin

A hilarious tale of lesbian adolescence at forty-seven years old.

Heads You Lose

by Lisa Lutz & David Hayward

Dave, I just finished the first chapter of a new novel-a real crime novel with a dead body and all-and I thought of you...

Paul and Lacey Hansen are pot-growing, twentysomething siblings sharing a modest rambler...

Magic Club

by Harry Clifford Brown

Henry Kessler wrestles. Not that he particularly likes to, especially when it's with one of his best friends' mother. Or when he wrestles with notions of how to coax his father out of the Airstream parked in...

Kat Jumps the Shark

by Melinda Houston

Kat Kelly reckons she's got life sorted. She has a man who cooks and does the dishes. A stepdaughter she adores. And her dream job: scouting locations for a TV production company. All the big dramas are behind...

Ghosts of Tom Joad: A Story of the #99 Percent

by Peter Van Buren

A story about growth, failure, and redemption, Ghosts of Tom Joad traces the rise of the working poor and the don’t-have-to-work-rich as it follows the fortunes of the protagonist Earl. A product of the post–Korean...

The Writers Afterlife

by Richard Vetere

The Writers Afterlife is the story of Tom Chillo, a 44-year-old writer on the verge of fame, who suddenly dies of a stroke and finds himself transported to a place where all writers are sent after they die....

Viva Voluptuous

by Sarah Clark

When Ellie finds herself newly single, her confidence takes a nosedive. Will friends, sex and a Covent Garden flash mob bring it back?

Jannah Station: A Soft Murder

by Joseph B Cadotte & Elizabeth Kidder

A third of the way ahead of Earth in its orbit, Jannah Station is a resort habitat for some of the Solar System's wealthiest families and the people and bots who serve them. When the immortal chief financier...

Ladies with Options

by Cynthia Hartwick

Minnesota, 1983

The Mostly Methodist Club met Saturday morning year-round, but was at its best in autumn and winter, when it helped steel the ladies for the Sundays their men spent watching TV sports with eyes...

Bridget Jones's Diary: A Novel (Penguin Ink)

Bridget Jones #1

by Helen Fielding

The #1 national bestseller by Helen Fielding, author of the new novel Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy (October 2013)

Bridget Jones's Diary is the devastatingly self-aware, laugh-out-loud account of a year in...

Love Me

by Garrison Keillor

n this charming departure from Lake Wobegon, bestselling author Garrison Keillor tells a hilarious and heartwarming tale of ambition, success and failure, and the virtues of real love. Aspiring writer Larry...

Rat Bastard

by Stephen Osborne

Sequel to Pop Goes the Weasel

Patrick "Weasel" Weasley is worried he's not spending enough time with his new boyfriend Tony, now that they are living and working in different towns. He decides the best way to...

The Diary of a Nobody

by Weedon Grossmith

Charles Pooter and his wife Caroline have just moved to a new home. Mr Pooter is a City of London clerk with Perkupps. The couple have a 20-year-old son, Lupin, who works as a bank clerk in Oldham. From the...

A Vaporous Collection of Moments

by Dominic Macchiaroli

Do you have enormous difficulty with your clothing? My shoes and I are constantly at odds because they regularly kidnap my socks. In my house, all kinds of conspiracies abound. Does your cat think you're stupid?...

Skateboarding on the Appian Way and other short stories

by Dominic Macchiaroli

Sedated and Often Sedation is commonly used in procedures like dentistry, cosmetic surgery, and the grand-daddy of all barbaric and diabolic tortures known to mankind: the dread vasectomy. Other times, sedatives...

My Parakeet was an Anarchist and other short stories

by Dominic Macchiaroli

Unexersized Cats Our cat has to be picked up in stages. He is enlarged in his fatness. His girth spreads over time zones and dimensions. Quantum physics can't describe his bulk. My wife suggests a gentle diet,...

Be Seated: Short Stories For The Smallest Room

by John White

Better than a newspaper. Better than your usual reading material. Better than contemplating your kneecaps. Why be bored? Why be alone in there? This delightful book of short stories is brimming with amazing...