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A Perfect Marriage

by Laurey Bright

Broken Vows

To their friends, family and neighbors, Celine and Max Archer had a perfect marriage. Only the Archers knew they'd never been in love, and that nights of passion were few and far between. Still, both...

Into Thin Air


Without a Trace

Their disappearances had haunted Detective Caroline Triece for longer than she cared to remember—young girls in trouble who had simply vanished. She'd known with chilling certainty that something...

The Outcast

by Beverly Barton

She Had Been Waiting…

For months clairvoyant Elizabeth Mallory had been tormented by visions of a desperate stranger. Now that man was here, on her isolated Georgia mountain. Wounded and on the run, he needed...

Fugitive Father

by Carla Cassidy

The Second Time Around

Sheriff Reese Walker thought he could tackle any obstacle head-on—until his former flame showed up with a little girl whose eyes mirrored his own. He'd always believed he wasn't good enough...

Callaghan's Way

by Marie Ferrarella

There's No Place Like Home…

Kirk Callaghan: A loner and determined to stay that way, he'd come back to town planning to put the past behind….

Rachel Reed: A part of that past, as alluring as ever—and now with...

Desert Man

by Barbara Faith

Man of Two Worlds

Prince Kumar Ben Ari was as much at home with the fast-paced ways of the West as he was among the tribes of the desert kingdom he ruled. But when it came to women, he preferred them old-fashioned—until...

Where There's Smoke

by Doreen Roberts

For the Love of a Child

No one seemed to believe how much widowed Turner Mitchell's little girl meant to him. No one but enigmatic Claire Spencer. His daughter's godmother offered to help him fight for custody,...

White Wedding

by Jean Barrett

A Christmas Wedding…

Lane Eastman had had an uneasy feeling about this wedding ever since she'd agreed to be maid of honor. She thought she knew why when her rogue of an ex-husband, Jack Donovan, turned up as...

Heart vs. Humbug

by M.J. J. Rodgers

He Said the Law Couldn't Afford a Heart…

Attorney Brett Merlin—alias the Magician—was certain he'd squashed one senior citizen's Christmas crusade against his Scrooge of a client. Until he met opposing counsel,...

Handsome As Sin

by Kelsey Roberts

Sinner or Savior?

Jake Devereaux was a lot more than just a sexy, common thief…he was a wealthy one with a questionable M.O. Charisma clung to him—as did an airtight alibi, much to Ellie Tanner's dismay. A...


by Molly Rice

She Was Seduced By Her Past…

Stacy Millman's search was supposed to lead to her family's secrets—not to a romantic fantasy! But there was no avoiding the rugged and oh-so-seductive Derek Chancelor. His small-town...

Lethal Lover

by Laura Gordon


Dark and dangerous, bounty hunter Reed McKenna bore little resemblance to the man Tess Elliot once loved. Now, stranded on Grand Cayman Island after her cousin's mysterious disappearance, Tess was...

Echoes in the Dark

by Gayle Wilson

Without a Past

Caroline Evans knew that she would never have memories to fill the blankness of her past. Something had happened to her, she'd been told, something so terrible her mind refused to remember.


Baby vs. the Bar

by M.J. J. Rodgers

She Had a Billion-Dollar Baby…

Remy Westbrook didn't want a man in her life—she wanted a baby. But the sperm bank made a big mistake…and now Remy's baby is heir to a billion-dollar fortune and Remy is up to...

Behind the Mask

by Joanna Wayne

All She Could See Were His Eyes

Though Graham Dufour's ebony eyes lit up her dreams for the past ten years, Lindsey Latham hoped she could come back to New Orleans without seeing the man who'd once stolen her...

Prince of Time

by Rebecca York

Frozen in Time…

With an ominous rumble echoing in the Alaska wilderness, Cassandra Devereaux was buried under tons of snow in a freak avalanche. Trapped…alone. But when she scrambled into a hidden cave, she...

Fatal Charm

by Aimee Thurlo

He Was Tall, Dark and Dangerous…

Not exactly the kind of man Amanda Vila was looking for as a father to her daughter. Then again, no other man had ever made her melt with desire—not like Tony Ramos. But Amanda...

Beauty vs. the Beast

by M.J. J. Rodgers

And Then There Was One…

When psychologist Damian Steele killed off the nasty half of his dual-personality patient, he never expected that the "widow" would file a wrongful-death suit. Nor did he expect that...

Undying Laughter

by Kelsey Roberts

More Than One Man Had a Date With Destiny…

Destiny Talbot, The Rose Tattoo's newest headliner, was head-turningly gorgeous, but her arresting allure brought on more than her share of suitors, including a Wesley...

The Suspect Groom

by Cassie Miles

His Letters Promised Everything…

After a month-long correspondence, Trina Martin agreed to the unthinkable and became a mail-order bride. Leaving for Alaska, she felt fully prepared to live with a romantic stranger...