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The Willing Captive

by Lee Stafford

Six Months Was Hardly a Life Sentence!

After all, Linnet found Cassie, her six-year-old charge, a delight. She would enjoy the time she spent helping the little girl with her English.

It was spending time with...

Hold Back the Dark

by Jane Donnelly

Nicholas Always Makes the Rules

Or that's how it seems to Clarry Rickard. Two years earlier, Nicolas Dargan had sent his brother, Nigel, out of the country. He'd done it to break up Nigel's engagement to Clarry,...

Prince of Lies

by Robyn Donald

"I'm going to stick close to you…closer than a lover, but I'm not going to touch you…"

He called himself Duke and, like a prince on a charger, he'd rescued Stephanie from a nightmare kidnap situation.


The Yuletide Bride

by Mary Lyons

A Mistletoe Marriage?

"What could be nicer than a Christmas wedding?"

Under normal circumstances Amber would have agreed with the sentiment but Max Warner was only offering her a cold-blooded marriage of convenience,...

Hostage of the Hawk

by Sandra Marton

Heaven In His Arms…?

Khalil claimed that he never took what wasn't offered! But despite that claim, wasn't Khalil a man who would stop at nothing to get what he wanted? Kidnapped and held prisoner by Khalil,...

The Unfaithful Wife

by Lynne Graham

The Marriage Mistake!

Leah's marriage to powerful Greek businessman Nik Andreakis was an empty sham, and she was determined to get a divorce. But Nik didn't want one. In the circumstances, Leah found that totally...

Scandals & Secrets

by Miranda Lee

Dark Secrets, Forbidden Desires, Scandalous Discoveries…

Our glittering new six-part saga set in Australia continues. This, and every novel in the set, features a gripping romance that stands by itself, as the...

Slave to Love

by Michelle Reid

Sweet Nights, No Promises…

After her year-long affair with Solomon Maclaine, it was clear to Roberta that she would never be anything but his mistress. Mac's first marriage had left its scars on him, but he...

Yesterday's Echoes

by Penny Jordan

He Knew HerDark Secrets…

Tragedy had befallen Rosie when she was a vulnerable sixteen-year-old, and the worst thing about the experience was being caught by Jake Lucas, who clearly thought Rosie was a tramp....

Love's Prisoner

by Elizabeth Oldfield

Hostage of the Heart

Dynamic news journalist Piers Armstrong had survived being held hostage by terrorists in Central America for a year. Now he was back home and the slow process of rehabilitation had begun....

Practised Deceiver

by Susanne McCarthy

"I don't believe in dicing with danger…"

But when top model Alysha Jones signed an exclusive contract with Lozier Cosmetics, her life became positively hazardous. Ross Elliot—the man whose casual seduction...

Climax of Passion

by Emma Darcy

"When East meets West…the result is passion!"

He is Xa Shiraq, sheikh of Xabia…

She is Amanda Buchanan, independent hotelier…

When they meet, he declares that they are meant for each other, but what does Amanda...

A Masterful Man

by Lindsay Armstrong

"Mr. Irresistible…!"

Steve Warwick makes it clear to Davina from their first meeting that he wants her in his bed! Davina has other ideas…. The last thing she needs right now is a tough, masterful man who thinks...

Prince of Darkness

by Kate Proctor

A Secret Never To Be Told

Ros Bryant had been abandoned as a baby. Now grown up, she was determined to unravel the mystery surrounding her childhood. But in searching for her past she found Damian Sheridan. He...

The Bride of Santa Barbara

by Angela Devine

An Unmarried Bride?

How could you cope with a man who anticipated your secret fantasies even before you had them yourself…?

Daniel Pryor had made a career out of turning people's dreams into reality. Now it was...

Duel in the Sun

by Sally Wentworth

"Shall I describe the kind of man I think you would go for?"

"You can't. He doesn't exist," Catriona said lightly.

"Not even in your imagination, in your dreams?"

Lucas Kane was a difficult man to work for. To...

Dark Fate

by Charlotte Lamb

A Marriage of Minds…

"It's fate—even when we're miles apart the link between us holds!"

Saskia thought that two years was long enough to confirm that she would never be reunited with her estranged husband, Domenico....

The Dating Game

by Sandra Field

A Business Arrangement?

Attractive divorcée and single parent Julie Ferris had problems with a succession of men who were interested in her body, not her mind.

Successful lawyer Teal Carruthers shared her concerns....

Thunder on the Reef

by Sara Craven

"I want you back in my life—back in my bed!"

Macy had fallen for Ross Bannister's charms before, only to be totally disillusioned when he had abandoned her for better things.

Now they had met again and she had...

Obligation to Love


"All love is an illusion."

Hayley was a woman with a mission: she was going to convince Andros Christos to agree to the marraige of her sister and his cousin. Having met Andros, Hayley realized that she had her...