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A Song for Kate

by Lynnette Kent

He's always loved her.

Dixon Bell has loved Kate Bowdrey for as long as he can remember. Everybody in town knew him as the shy kid who carried around a guitar—and as the guy who disappeared after high school...

Little Girl Lost

by Marisa Carroll

Did Faith Carson steal his sister's baby?

Hugh Damon is convinced that Faith's daughter is actually his sister Beth's missing baby. Just after Beth gave birth she was in a terrible car accident that caused her...

Off Her Rocker

by Jennifer Archer

Twenty years ago Dana Logan reacted to this statement as any new mother would—with disbelief. Tomorrow? Didn't the years ahead stretch like a long, sunny road…with no end in sight?

Well, Dana's just fallen...

Last Night at the Halfmoon

by Kate Austin

Every important event in Aimee King's life has taken place at the Halfmoon…

Her first kiss, Brad Mackey's proposal while parked under the starry sky… Even Aimee's son, Hayden, was conceived there. But as the...

The Other Wife

by Shirley Jump

The last person she expected to see at her husband's funeral was his wife!

But having learned her husband apparently bought his engagement rings in bulk, Penny Reynolds is shocked out of her well-ordered world....

Confessions of a Not-So-Dead Libido

by Peggy Webb

Surprise even yourself!

When longtime best friends, Patsy Leslie and Louise Jernigan decide to jump-start their not-so-dead libidos, quilting and bridge suddenly take a backseat to, well, more amorous pursuits....

Once in a Blue Moon

by Lenora Worth

Who said life is a beach?

Certainly not Lola Nelson. Her neighbors might be fooled by her not-a-hair-out-of-place appearance. But alone in bed at night, Lola believes she's lost all the passion in her life since...

True Confessions of the Stratford Park PTA

by Nancy Robards Thompson


Join the PTA? Yes, according to Maggie, Barbara and Elizabeth. Because despite their differences—one is a recent widow; one is a late-in-life mother; and one is a supermom...

Which End Is Up?

by Patricia Kay


Grace Campisi had lived her whole life according to plan, but her sister Perry—aka "The Screwup"—was more of a live-for-the-moment kind of girl....

Butterfly Soup

by Nancy Pinard

Why Now?

Rose Forrester was too old to be lying on her car's front seat spying on her first love. She even had a husband and a teenage daughter waiting for her at home. But Rob MacIntyre's return had just turned...

Going in Style & I Love Lacy: Going in Style\I Love Lacy

by Bonnie Tucker & Lori Wilde

Going in Style by Bonnie Tucker

She was looking for a little heaven on earth…

What's a girl to do when she thinks she's got only one month to live? In shy accountant Suzanne Mercer's case, she's decided she's...

A Baby...Maybe? & How to Hunt a Husband: A Baby...Maybe?\How to Hunt a Husband

by Bonnie Tucker & Holly Jacobs

A Baby…Maybe? by Bonnie Tucker

With or without the groom!

Cara Romano doesn't want a husband—despite her mother's pushing. In fact, her mother's been pushing so hard, Cara decides to escape. Several states and...


by Rosemary Nourse

Twenty-four-year-old Jane Marshall is unattractive, poor, struggling to educate herself, and living in a deteriorating city with her hopelessly alcoholic mother. Despite Jane's circumstances, she has goals that...

Laird of the Wind (The Celtic Nights Series, Book 4)

by Susan King

The beautiful Isobel of Aberlady is coveted by many men for the power of her prophetic visions. Isobel's father has kept her isolated at Aberlady Castle for this very reason. But when he is taken prisoner in...

A Father's Fortune

by Shirley Hailstock


Tough, rugged carpenter Digger Clayton was good at avoiding his past—he stayed far away from kids and pretty women. Until nursery school teacher Erin Taylor offered him a job he couldn't...

Straight from the Heart

by Sean D. Young

Pastry chef Lili Hart hasn't been satisfied with what she's accomplished with her siblings at Hearts and Flowers. She yearns for independent success, so she seeks to take on clients of her own not tied to the...

Believe in Me

by Regena Bryant

David Thornton lands his dream job as executive director of a faith-based community empowerment center established by his paladin, Congressman Roosevelt Franklin. This honest, hard-working true believer must...

The Gossip Queens

by Kate Austin

Each summer the tourists flood the Sunshine Coast, and the chaos doesn't stop until Labor Day. But in between, at the back of the Way-Inn, best friends, Rose, Mercedes and Doris—aka the Gossip Queens—hold...

Motherhood Without Parole

by Tanya Michaels

Instant motherhood felt a lot like being under house arrest…

When a corporate oversight lands her new husband in jail, Kate St. James feels as if she's the one being sentenced. True, her ritzy new home in the...


by Lynne Hugo

EVERYONE KNOWS SISTERS LIKE THE SAMS GIRLS—three women trying their best to be good daughters, mothers and wives.

LYDIA, married to Wayne, worked a dead-end job to make sure her daughter, Anna Claire, had the...