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Three and Two

by Jonathan Waite

A new edition in one volume of my first two books, Three Windows and Two Magicians, with an extra story added to make up the weight.

Tale of the Night Bird

by Eloise De Sousa

A short tale about a simple love affair that ends as a fairy tale. Or does it? The story of two innocents who expect the world to accept their love, but live to accept their fate dealt by a wicked father.


by Costakis Evangelou

In search of a brother who mysteriously disappeared, left with questions unanswered, Sebastian has never stopped believing that somewhere out there, passed all hope and fear, within the strange occurring anomaly...

Spacer and Rat

by Margaret Bechard

Jack knows who belongs out in the Black. And who doesn't -- until Kit comes walking into the pub and changes everything he believes about the Black, about the people who live there, about what it takes to be...


by Simon Ings

Post-cyberpunk SF that recalls the darkness of M. John Harrison and the wild visual imagination of China Mieville and Hannu Rajaniemi, HEADLONG felt ahead of the curve when first published and now serves to...

Shrine of Stars: Confluence Book 3

by Paul McAuley

Who would lay time to rest, or raise it up from its tomb?

The Ancients of Days - humans returned from a long exile in the depths of time and space and history - brought heresy and doubt to the artificial world...

Ancients of Days: Confluence Book 2

by Paul McAuley

On an artificial world created and seeded with ten thousand bloodlines by the long-vanished Preservers, young Yama's ancestry is unique, for he appears to be the last remaining scion of the Builders, closest...

Child of the River: Confluence Book 1

by Paul McAuley

Confluence - a long, narrow man-made world, half fertile river valley, half crater-strewn desert. It is a world at the end of its time, a place of savagery, bureaucracy and war, inhabited by countless flying...

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

by Alan Dean Foster


This cryptic warning is ignored by the national security adviser who feels the ruthless Decepticon threat is no more. The allies are victorious, the enemy has been defeated,...

Transformers: The Veiled Threat

by Alan Dean Foster

Life on earth has changed forever, as humans and their courageous robotic allies, the Autobots, must warily work together to protect the planet from the destructive forces of the evil Decepticons. At the headquarters...

Transformers: Ghosts of Yesterday

by Alan Dean Foster

The first human-alien contact. The last word in galactic warfare. The story you must read–before Transformers rockets to the big screen!

A mammoth robotic being, clearly of alien origin, has been found beneath...

The Watcher

by Joshua Pantalleresco, Florence Chan & Kristen Denbow

On the top of a tower, guarded by dragons, the Watcher gazes out into the horizon. While the rest of his tribe work and toil, he questions what is beyond the walls. Determined to find out, he escapes his captors...

Jack Glass

by Adam Roberts


Jack Glass is the murderer. We know this from the start. Yet as this extraordinary novel tells the story of three murders committed by Glass the reader will be surprised...

The Mark of the Angels

by Mehrzad Van Gieson

Xhaiden. A demon assassin who's betrayal has just been discovered. He is blackmailed into hunting down one last target before his death. Harth. A poor street thief who struggles to care for his sick grandfather....


by Madilyn Sausville

It's the year 50 million and the solar system is dying. The Sun is turning into a supernova and its taking all of the planets with it. Mercury and Venus have already been consumed by the expanding Sun and Earth...

Assault On an Empress

by Cecil Cory

For a birthday present, the daughter of the Ambassador to Zaldar was allowed to travel to a gala reception by Emperor Ghariet of the Hallsworth Empire. She carried with her a document solidifying an agreement...

Novilistricka Factors

by Garrison Clifford Gibson

Patrick Voevoda and his professional xenopological research companion investigate the disappearance of an alien race in a formerly prosperous district of the galaxy where his friend Lush is snatched and grabbed...

Mind Travelers

by J. Vincent Leroux

A tasteful Sci-Fi action adventure novel that deals with life and death, reincarnation, out of body experiences and futuristic interior design while playfully positing hi-tech inventions and lifestyle of the...

Zelerod's Doom

Sime~Gen #8

by Jacqueline Lichtenberg & Jean Lorrah

The monumental social experiment begun in FIRST CHANNEL and continued in CHANNEL'S DESTINY culminates centuries later in ZELEROD'S DOOM. Klyd Farris and Risa Tigue forge an alliance to reorganize both the Sime...

A Universal Widget - In the Realm of Forms

by Garrison Clifford Gibson

A Universal Widget was a blueprint actualized as a formal morphology of words and objects from a metaphysical realm prior to the material cosmos. Where did or could it go? Patrick Voevoda looks into the disappearance....