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Annals of a Fortress: Twenty-Two Centuries of Siege Warfare

by Eugene-Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc & Benjamin Bucknall

Written by a famous architect and military engineer, this chronicle of 2,000 years in the life of a fictional castle combines a novel's excitement with the authenticity of a historical document.

Bartlett's Classic Illustrations of America: All 121 Engravings from American Scenery, 1840

by W. H. Bartlett

Extremely rare engravings after illustrations of mid-19th-century America by eminent English artist. Superb detailed views of Mount Vernon, Faneuil Hall in Boston, Niagara Falls, West Point, much more. All royalty-free....

Domestic Manners of the Americans

by Frances Trollope

Witty, entertaining, and controversial account of American life and culture by a woman of rare intelligence and keen perception — with comments on clothing, food, speech, politics, manners, and customs.

Ancient Egyptian Dances

by Irena Lexová

One of the few books in English on the topic investigates origins, nature, role of dance in ancient Egypt. 80 drawings and illustrations adapted from tomb paintings, other sources. New introduction. Bibliography....

The Mexican Kickapoo Indians

by Felipe A. Latorre & Dolores L. Latorre

Fascinating anthropological study of a group of Kickapoo Indians who left their Wisconsin homeland for Mexico over a century ago. "...an excellent work..." — American Indian Quarterly. 26 illustrations. Map....

Fifty Classic British Films, 1932-1982: A Pictorial Record

by Anthony Slide

200 striking photographs, in-depth commentaries, plot synposes, contemporary reviews, and more — about 50 British classics from yesterday and today. Preface. Text. Alphabetical list of films. Bibliography....

Traits of American Indian Life and Character

by Peter Skeene Ogden

Illuminating account of Indian life in the American Northwest painstakingly documents customs, beliefs, ritual and daily activities.

The Autobiography of a Kiowa Apache Indian

by Charles S. Brant

Ethnological classic details life of 19th-century Native American — childhood, tribal customs, contact with whites, government attitudes toward tribe, much more. Editor's preface, introduction and epilogue....

My Life as an Indian

by J. W. Schultz

Firsthand memoir of a young white man's life among the Piegan Blackfeet in Montana Territory. Detailed accounts of religious ceremonies and customs, child-rearing, food, tanning hides, war parties, raids, and...

Indian Heroes and Great Chieftains

by Charles A. Eastman

Vivid biographical sketches, by author raised as young Sioux in 19th century, of 15 great Indian leaders: Red Cloud, Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, Little Crow, Chief Joseph, 10 more. Enhanced with 12 portraits....

The Ghost-Dance Religion and Wounded Knee

by James Mooney

Classic of American anthropology explores messianic cult behind Indian resistance, from Pontiac to 1890s. Extremely detailed and thorough. Originally published 1896 by Bureau of American Ethnology. 38 plates,...

The American Family in the Colonial Period

by Arthur W. Calhoun

This complete, fundamental, and authoritative classic — the result of years of research, analysis, and thought — describes the American family as a product of many factors, among them, the distinctive environment:...

Buffalo Bill's Life Story: An Autobiography

by W. F. Cody

Thrilling yarns of buffalo hunts, Indian life, and riding with the Pony Express abound in this exciting memoir of life in the Old West. Illustrations by N. C. Wyeth.

Thoughts on the Cause of the Present Discontents: Volume 1 Paperback

by Edmund Burke

Volume 1 of Select Works of Edmund Burke contains "Thoughts on the Cause of the Present Discontents" (1770), Burke's brilliant defense of the American colonists' complaints of British policy. Faithfully reproduced...

Propaganda and Intelligence in the Cold War: The NATO information service

by Linda Risso

This book offers the first account of the foundation, organisation and activities of the NATO Information Service (NATIS) during the Cold War.

During the Cold War, NATIS was pivotal in bringing national delegations...

The European World 1500-1800: An Introduction to Early Modern History

by Beat Kümin

The European World 1500-1800 provides a concise and authoritative textbook for the centuries between the Renaissance and the French Revolution. It presents early modern Europe not as a mere transitional phase,...

Bill Clinton: Building a Bridge to the New Millennium

by David H. Bennett

In 1993, William J. Clinton began his eight year stint as forty-second president of the United States. A key figure of change in the Democratic Party, Clinton's political and personal actions ensured his lasting...

The Story of Black Military Officers, 1861-1948

by Krewasky A. Salter I

Black members of the military served in every war, conflict and military engagement between 1861 and 1948. Beyond serving only as enlisted soldiers and non-commissioned officers, many also served as commissioned...

The Reader's Companion to American History

by John A. Garraty & Eric Foner

The Reader's Companion to American History offers a fresh, absorbing portrait of the United States from the origins of its native peoples to the nation's complex identity in the 1990s. Covering political, economic,...

Sorcery In Poitou: Two Satanic Essays: Gilles de Rais and Felicen Rops

by Joris-Karl Huysmans

The first notable literary advocate of the Satanist, alchemist and child-killer Gilles de Rais remains J-K Huysmans, famous for his novel A Rebours and its quintessential decadent, Des Esseintes. Huysmans' later...