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Everything Kids' Dinosaurs Book

by Kathi Wagner

Explore the ancient world of volcanoes, earthquakes, fossils, and more with The Everything Kids' Dinosaurs Book! Loaded with puzzles, games, and trivia, you can learn all about your favorite dinosaurs from Brontosaurus...


by Robert T. Dr Bakker & Luis Rey

Dinosaurs! follows the evolution of these spectacular creatures from their earliest beginnings as little fellows who had to evade attacks from giant croc relatives to today’s living dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Babies

by Lucille Recht Penner & Peter Barrett

A newly updated leveled reader including the latest scientific information on dinosaurs, for children who recognize familiar words and sound out new words with help.


With revised illustrations reflecting...

Dinosaur Days

by Joyce Milton & Franco Tempesta

Illus. in full color. Difficult dinosaur names are simplified with phonics.  

Dinosaurs 101 Super Fun Facts And Amazing Pictures (Featuring The World's Top 16 Dinosaurs With Coloring Pages)

by Janet Evans

A book of dinosaurs from Janet Evans featuring the world's top 16 most loved dinosaurs. This book brings these magnificent creatures back to life again with its amazing pictures, numerous fun facts and featuring...

101 Amazing Facts about Dinosaurs

by Jack Goldstein

Did you know there is a species of dinosaur named after Hogwarts? Which were the largest and smallest dinosaurs? What is the difference between a brontosaurus and an apatosaurus? This excellent book answers...

The Chronicles Of Krangor 2: The Missing Kin

by Michael Pryor

Deltora Quest meets Dinotopia in this classic fantasy quest from the bestselling Australian author of the Laws of Magic series! While Adalon and his friends, Targesh and Simangee, gather supporters at the Lost...

The Chronicles Of Krangor 1: Lost Castle

by Michael Pryor

A classic fantasy quest - with an exciting dinosaur twist - from the creator of the Laws of Magic series and the Quentaris Chronicles. When Queen Tayesha threatens to conquer all seven kingdoms of Krangor and...

The Discovery and Mystery of a Dinosaur Named Jane

by Judith Williams

Digging in the badlands of Montana, workers from the Burpee Museum of Natural History have spent weeks hunting for fossils. On their last day of prospecting they make a great find: the toe bone of a meat-eating...

Chronicles Of Krangor 3: The King In Reserve

by Michael Pryor

Battles, betrayals and beguiling enchantments Queen Tayesha's mad plan to rule all the Saur people is tormenting the land itself. Earthquakes, volcanoes and vast crevasses are threatening to tear Krangor apart....

Saurus Street 4: An Allosaurus Ate My Uncle

by Nick Falk & Tony Flowers

Saurus St is just like any other street . . . except for the dinosaurs! When Susie won't hand over her pocket money to her mean cousin Walter, he locks her in the attic. But when a gigantic meat-eating dinosaur...

Saurus Street 3: The Very Naughty Velociraptor

by Nick Falk & Tony Flowers

Saurus Street is just like any other street . . . except for the dinosaurs! Tom and Tam are horrified when they find out Great Aunt Gertrude is coming to stay. She's got bad breath, smelly feet and her false...

Dinosaurs: 101 Super Fun Facts And Amazing Pictures (Featuring The World's Top 16 Dinosaurs)

by Janet Evans

DINOSAURS: 101 SUPER FUN FACTS AND AMAZING PICTURES ( FEATURING THE WORLD's TOP 16 DINOSAURS) This book depicts the wonder of the world of Dinosaurs in all its glory. Children are given a well-rounded understanding...

Dino-Mite Jokes About Prehistoric Life: Laugh and Learn About Science

by Melissa Stewart & Gerald Kelley

In DINO-MITE JOKES ABOUT PREHISTORIC LIFE learn about everything from early arthropods to dinosaurs and early humans. After reading all the silly jokes, follow author Melissa Stewart's directions to create your...

Velociraptor Up Close: Swift Dinosaur

by Peter, PhD Dodson, Bob Walters & Laura Fields

Velociraptor was a swift dinosaur that ate whatever it could catch. Learn about Velociraptor's tail and claws, and how it hunted its food and cared for its young. Written by a world-famous paleontologist, this...

Tyrannosaurus Rex Up Close: Meat-Eating Dinosaur

by Peter, PhD Dodson, Bob Walters & Jeff Breeden

TYRANNOSAURUS REX is one of the most famous dinosaurs. Everyone has heard of this meat-eating "tyrant lizard"-but how did it live? Who were its relatives? Learn the answers to these questions and more in this...

Triceratops Up Close: Horned Dinosaur

by Peter, PhD Dodson, Bob Walters & Laura Fields

What kind of dinosaur was TRICERATOPS? What did it eat? How did it live? Find the answers to these questions and more! This easy-to-read science book fills a need for nonfiction science readers while entertaining...

Stegosaurus Up Close: Plated Dinosaur

by Peter, PhD Dodson, Bob Walters & Laura Fields

Paleontologist Peter Dodson introduces young readers to STEGOSAURUS, a plated dinosaur. Full-color illustrations bring this dinosaur's word to life, showing its head, legs, legs, and environment up close. A...

Pterosaurs Up Close: Flying Reptiles

by Peter, PhD Dodson & John Bindon

Author Peter Dodson introduces young readers to pterosaurs. Although they are not dinosaurs, these flying reptiles lived fascinating lives millions of years ago. Learn about Pterandodon, Pterodactylus, and many...

Diplodocus Up Close: Long-Necked Dinosaur

by Peter, PhD Dodson & John Bindon

Diplodocus was a gentle giant among dinosaurs. Learn all about this huge dinosaur with full-color illustrations of its skin, teeth, neck, and more! Another great book in the ZOOM IN ON DINOSAURS! series.