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The Hammerhead Light

by Colin Thiele & Robert Ingpen

To Tessa and all the people of Snapper Bay, the Hammerhead Light is more than just a lighthouse ? it is a symbol of all that is enduring and safe. Tessa has grown up within sight and sound of the light and she...

Swan Song

by Colin Thiele & Robert Ingpen

An adventure story combining excitement, drama, tragedy and hope, set in a fragile natural environment.

In Swan Song, Colin Thiele revisits the Coorong, the haunting setting of his classic story STORM BOY. Mitch...


by Colin Thiele & Robert Ingpen

A heartwarming adventure from Australia?s master storyteller.

Speedy is the fastest, cleverest dolphin ever to swim the waters around Kangaroo Island. To ten-year-old Mike and his fisherman father Ben, he is...

River Murray Mary

by Colin Thiele & Robert Ingpen

River Murray Mary is a delightful book for younger readers from Australia?s master storyteller.

Mary lives on a farm on the banks of the mighty Murray. Her many adventures include some hair-raising encounters...

Aussie Angels 21: Penguin Parade

by Margaret Clark

PENGUIN PARADE is the twenty-first instalment in a series loved by children all over Australia.

Aussie Angels 1: Okay Koala

by Margaret Clark

There's trouble in school when the Angels get a new principal and a new teacher. And it seems that suddenly Greash and Foxie are the teacher's pets. Pests, more like it. Sneaky deeds with Feral the ferret get...

Aussie Angels 12: Mouse Pad

by Margaret Clark

The Aussie Angels are back and their mission is clear: return an endangered dunnart to its colony and natural habitat. But when the Angels set out to return the critter, everything turns to disaster ? mysterious...

Aussie Angels 19: Llama Drama

by Margaret Clark

LLAMA DRAMA is the nineteenth book in Aussie Angels, the very popular series about the adventures of twins Meg and Mike, and their mischievous little brother Mark, and their life at Animal Haven, a temporary...

Aussie Angels 20: Leap Frog

by Margaret Clark

In this new adventure, Meg and Mike learn about the plight of thirty-three species of native Victorian frogs and Mark wants to keep a pet frog to help save Australia's frogs from extinction. Boris is shocked...

Aussie Angels 4: Hello, Possum

by Margaret Clark

There are lots of brushtail possums at Animal Haven and Fur Bag is the resident mischief maker. But when Ringlet the female ringtail possum is rescued, she needs special care and attention, and Meg and Mike,...

Aussie Angels 10: Dollar for a Dolphin

by Margaret Clark

There's a pod of dolphins in the bay and Meg and Mike's teacher Ms Lee gets the kids involved in the "Adopt-a-Dolphin" scheme. Everyone brings a dollar so they can support the dolphins and go on a dolphin-watching...

Aussie Angels 11: Dog on the Job

by Margaret Clark

Animal Haven is a temporary home for all sorts of Australian wildlife, although there are a few permanent residents as well, like Oscar the owl, Fur Bag the possum, Cinnamon the koala and Alice the labrador....

Aussie Angels 14: Duck for Luck

by Margaret Clark

When a flock of wild ducks move into the swampy area near Animal Haven, everyone is excited. But among them is one pure white duck. The mysterious white duck seems quite out of place amongst the wild flock and...

Aussie Angels 8: A Horse of Course

by Margaret Clark

Something's stirring Alice up, and she's ususally such a placid dog. When the Green family follow her she leads them to an abandoned foal, and only Eddy the cocky seems to know where he comes from: a brumby...

Beyond The Shaking Time

by Simon Higgins

Cassandra Marshal is 18 and somewhat over-protected by her father who forbids her to join the village militia that has formed to guard the fledgling society that remains after the terrible Shaking Time. Villagers...

The Silver Nut Tree: The Faraway Fairies: Book Twelve

by Eleanor Coombe & Andrew Smith

Astara, Eden, Puck and Blaize have been captures by the Siduri, greedy women who feed them spellbinding silver nuts to make them work as slaves, weaving nets to capture the moon. Can Cedar release her fairy...

The Magical Roses: The Faraway Fairies: Book Eleven

by Eleanor Coombe & Andrew Smith

Things are going missing on Faraway Island - the jewels on the Scented Hills and, worst of all, the fairies' voices! Astara and her friends must get their voices back so they can work out why things are disappearing....

The Golden Flower: The Faraway Fairies: Book Ten

by Eleanor Coombe & Andrew Smith

Something or someone is causing the land on Faraway Island to be spoiled. Trees are being cut down and the Diamond River is dirty, making Ziel, the Asrai River Fairy Princess, very sick. Can the golden flowers...

The Fire Flower: The Faraway Fairies: Book Nine

by Eleanor Coombe & Andrew Smith

Eden has made friends with a strange, gentle beast, the qilin, whose favourite food is the magical fire flower. But when the Goblin King captures the qilin and uses it to attack the fairy castle, the fairies...

The Wonderful Starberries: The Faraway Fairies: Book Seven

by Eleanor Coombe & Andrew Smith

Blaize has lost his magical guitar, and someone is playing terrible tunes with it and mesmerising everyone on Faraway Island! Astara sets a quest for the fairies to make a new guitar to restore peace to the...