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The Wilson Governments 1964-1970 Reconsidered

by Glen O'Hara & Helen Parr

This book provides a fascinating re-assessment of our view of the Wilson governments of 1964-1970. This new text draws on newly available sources, across the range of British government, and for the first time...

The South European Right in the 21st Century: Italy, France and Spain

by Jocelyn A.J. Evans

Since the European-wide domination of social democratic governments during the mid- to late-1990s, Right-wing parties have returned to power in the three largest Mediterranean democracies - Italy, France and...

Reinventing Democracy: Grassroots Movements in Portugal

by João Arriscado Nunes & Boaventura de Sousa Santos

The studies gathered in this volume focus on Portuguese society, from the creative social and political experimentation by citizen and popular movements during the revolution of 1974/75 to more recent episodes...

Contesting Citizenship

by Birte Siim & Judith Squires

This new book shows how citizenship, and its meaning and form, has become a vital site of contestation.

It clearly demonstrates how whilst minority groups struggle to redefine the rights of citizenship in more...

Islam, Democracy and the State in Algeria: Lessons for the Western Mediterranean and Beyond

by Michael Bonner, Megan Reif & Mark Tessler

Modern Algeria has been, in many ways, a harbinger of events and trends that have affected the Arab and Muslim worlds. The country's bold experiment in democratization broke down in the early 1990s, largely...

Executive Leadership and Legislative Assemblies

by Nicholas D. J. Baldwin

The relationship between a head of government (head of the executive branch) and a nation's parliament or legislative assembly (the legislative branch) has long been the focus for comment and analysis - for...

U.S. Military Strategy in the Gulf: Origins and Evolution Under the Carter and Reagan Administrations: Origins and Evolution Under the Carter and Reag

by Amitav Acharya

First published in 1989, this title explores the nature and dimensions of the U.S. strategy in the Gulf in the formative years that followed the fall of the Shah, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the outbreak...

Stuart Hall and Race

by Claire Alexander

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of Stuart Hall's work in shaping the field of racial and ethnic studies for nearly five decades. From his groundbreaking work Policing the Crisis through to his...

Eastern Partnership - Korosteleva

by Elena Korosteleva

This volume offers a collective assessment of the development and impact of the European Neighbourhood Policy and the Eastern Partnership Initiative on its eastern neighbours - Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova in...

Human Trafficking in Asia: Forcing Issues

by Sallie Yea

By analysing the complex issues surrounding internal and cross-border human trafficking in Asia, and asserting critical perspectives and methodologies, this book extends the range of sites for discussion and...

The International Politics of Human Rights: Rallying to the R2P Cause?

by Monica Serrano & Thomas G. Weiss

The responsibility to protect (R2P) is at a crossroads, the latest in a journey that is only ten years old. This book present debates on the prevention of mass atrocities to R2P's normative prospects.

The book...

The Caged Virgin: An Emancipation Proclamation for Women and Islam

by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Muslims who explore sources of morality other than Islam are threatened with death, and Muslim women who escape the virgins' cage are branded whores. So asserts Ayaan Hirsi Ali's profound meditation on Islam...

A Citizen's Guide to Deficits and Debt: The Politics of Taxing, Spending, and Borrowing

by William E. Hudson

America is currently involved in one of the worst economic crises of modern times. As alarm increases over how the government will balance the budget, handle the debt, and maintain prosperity for the future,...

Public Service Efficiency: Reframing the Debate

by Rhys Andrews & Tom Entwistle

The current economic and political climate places ever greater pressure on public organizations to deliver services in a cost-efficient way. Focused on the costs of service delivery, governments across the world...

Afghanistan, Pakistan and Strategic Change: Adjusting Western Regional Policy

by Joachim Krause & IV, Charles King Mallory

The region encompassing Afghanistan and Pakistan (Af/Pak region) is undergoing a fundamental strategic change. This book analyses the nature of this strategic change, in ordre to seek possible future scenarios...

The Ecological Community

by Roger S. Gottlieb

First Published in 1997. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Meanings of Europe: Changes and Exchanges of a Contested Concept

by Claudia Wiesner & Mieke Schmidt-Gleim

What is Europe? What are the contents of the concept of Europe? And what defines European identity? Instead of only asking these classical questions, this volume also explores who asks these questions, and...

Comparing Prison Systems

by Nigel South & Robert P. Weiss

This book provides in-depth, orignal and critical analyses by leading scholars of the penal systems of 16 nations around the world, focusing on changes in social structure, culture and punishment since 1975....

Changing the Wor(l)d: Discourse, Politics and the Feminist Movement

by Stacey Young

Changing the Wor(l)d draws on feminist publishing, postmodern theory and feminist autobiography to powerfully critique both liberal feminism and scholarship on the women's movement, arguing that both ignore...

Routledge Handbook of the South Asian Diaspora

by Joya Chatterji & David Washbrook

South Asia's diaspora is among the world's largest and most widespread, and it is growing exponentially. It is estimated that over 25 million persons of Indian descent live abroad; and many more millions have...