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Sexual Images of the Self: The Psychology of Erotic Sensations and Illusions

by Seymour Fisher

This volume documents how sexual practices and fictions infiltrate and are influenced by a person's feelings about the self and the body. Using paradigms derived from self and body image theory, Fisher combines...

Juvenile Justice in Double Jeopardy: The Distanced Community and Vengeful Retribution

by The Honorable J Polier

Throughout her entire career, Judge Polier continually fought for the rights and needs of the poor. In this volume she describes the granting and denial of justice toward the poor -- particluarly poor children...

Advances in the Psychology of Human Intelligence: Volume 5

by Robert J. Sternberg

Volume five continues to mark the significant advances made in the psychology of human intelligence, problem solving, and thinking abilities. Papers contributed by leaders in the field reflect a diversity of...

Emotions in Ideal Human Development

by Leonard Cirillo, Barnard Kaplan & Seymour Wapner

Derived from a conference sponsored by the Heinz Werner Institute for Developmental Analysis at Clark University, these papers consider the role emotions play in ideal human development. Contributors from the...

Anomalistic Psychology: A Study of Magical Thinking

by Leonard Zusne & Warren H. Jones

Updating and expanding the materials from the first edition, Anomalistic Psychology, Second Edition integrates and systematically treats phenomena of human consciousness and behaviors that appear to violate...

How Children Discover New Strategies

by Robert Siegler & Eric A. Jenkins

This well-documented book divides the process of constructing new problem-solving strategies into two parts: discovery of the new strategy, and its generalization to new contexts. By using a trial-by-trial analysis,...

Intellectual Teamwork: Social and Technological Foundations of Cooperative Work

by Jolene Galegher, Robert E. Kraut & Carmen Egido

This book seeks to establish an interdisciplinary, applied social scientific model for researchers and students that advocates a cooperative effort between machines and people. After showing that basic research...

Perception and Control of Self-Motion

by Rik Warren & Alexander H. Wertheim

This book presents studies of self-motion by an international group of basic and applied researchers including biologists, psychologists, comparative physiologists, kinesiologists, aerospace and control engineers,...

Intelligent Tutoring Systems: Evolutions in Design

by Hugh Burns & Carol A. Luckhardt

This is a collection of essays on issues related to the evolutionary design and the practical future of intelligent tutoring systems. Following in the tradition of Foundations of Intelligent Tutoring Systems...

The Content, Structure, and Operation of Thought Systems: Advances in Social Cognition, Volume IV

by Jr., Robert S. Wyer & Thomas K. Srull

If anyone deserves the title "father of social cognition," it is William J. McGuire who, along with his wife and colleague Claire V. McGuire, has written the target article for this volume. The culmination of...

The Development of Numerical Competence: Animal and Human Models

by Sarah T. Boysen & E. John Capaldi

The area of animal counting has historically been the subject of a long and colorful debate, but only more recently have systematic, more rigorous experimental efforts to evaluate numerical abilities in animals...

Life-Span Development and Behavior: Volume 11

by David L. Featherman, Richard M. Lerner & Marion Perlmutter

This volume continues the tradition of the Life-Span Development Series, presenting overviews of research programs on a variety of developmental topics. Research and theory in life-span development have given...

Life Crises and Experiences of Loss in Adulthood

by Leo Montada, Sigrun-Heide Filipp & Melvin J. Lerner

A result of a conference at the University of Trier, Germany, this volume mirrors its goals:

* to provide an overview of recent advances in research on critical life events and the losses associated with them...

Assumptions of Social Psychology: A Reexamination

by Robert E. Lana

This book is a thorough revision of the successful Assumptions of Social Psychology, first published in 1969. Reexamining the implicit and explicit assumptions concerning inquiry as to the nature of the human...

The Symbolic and Connectionist Paradigms: Closing the Gap

by John Dinsmore

The modern study of cognition finds itself with two widely endorsed but seemingly incongruous theoretical paradigms. The first of these, inspired by formal logic and the digital computer, sees reasoning in the...

The Psychological Effects of War and Violence on Children

by Lewis A. Leavitt & Nathan A. Fox

The outgrowth of a conference planned as a response to the need for researchers and clinicians to develop integrated plans for addressing the psychological trauma of children exposed to violence, this volume's...

Rules of the Mind

by John R. Anderson

Related to the earlier well-known ACT production system theory, this book's basic goal is to present evidence for the psychological reality of a production system model of mind. Distinguished from the original...

Attitude Strength: Antecedents and Consequences

by Richard E. Petty & Jon A. Krosnick

Social psychologists have long recognized the possibility that attitudes might differ from one another in terms of their strength, but only recently had the profound implications of this view been explored....

Perspectives on Anger and Emotion: Advances in Social Cognition, Volume VI

by Jr., Robert S. Wyer & Thomas K. Srull

In this volume, Berkowitz develops the argument that experiential and behavioral components of an emotional state are affected by many processes: some are highly cognitive in nature; others are automatic and...

What Might Have Been: The Social Psychology of Counterfactual Thinking

by Neal J. Roese & James M. Olson

Within a few short years, research on counterfactual thinking has mushroomed, establishing itself as one of the signature domains within social psychology. Counterfactuals are thoughts of what might have been,...