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Meeting the Psychoeducational Needs of Minority Students: Evidence-Based Guidelines for School Psychologists and Other School Personnel

by Craig L. Frisby

"Dr. Frisby focuses a bright light on issues that often remain obscured in a fog of polemics, deeply held convictions, and genuine concern for the plight of minority students. Meeting the Psychoeducational Needs...

Reading Assessment: Linking Language, Literacy, and Cognition

by Melissa Lee Farrall

A groundbreaking integrated approach to reading assessment that addresses each child's unique Learning Profile

Fifteen to twenty percent of our nation's children have reading difficulties. Educational evalua-tors...

Cognition: From Memory to Creativity: From Memory to Creativity

by Robert W. Weisberg & Lauretta M. Reeves

From memory to creativity—a complete and current presentation of the field of cognition

The process of cognition allows us to function in life; it translates inputs from the world so we can recognize the sound...

Child-Centered Play Therapy: A Practical Guide to Developing Therapeutic Relationships with Children

by Nancy H. Cochran, William J. Nordling & Jeff L. Cochran

"The authors . . . make child-centered play therapy readily understandable to those who wish to take advantage of its long history of helping children overcome problems and grow emotionally to a level of maturity...

Losing a Parent

by Alexandra Kennedy

Kennedy shares her own story of facing the loss of a parent and offers innovative strategies for healing and transformation.


by Robert A. Johnson

Provides an illuminating explanation of the origins and meaning of romantic love and shows how a proper understanding of its psychological dynamics can revitalize our most important relationships.

Gotham Chronicles: The Culture of Sociopathy

by T. Byram Karasu

In a deeply layered psychological narrative, T. Byram Karasu, one of AmericaOs leading professors of psychiatry, illustrates that the age of narcissism has metamorphosed into the more virulent age of sociopathy,...

Mathematics for Neuroscientists

by Fabrizio Gabbiani & Steven James Cox

Virtually all scientific problems in neuroscience require mathematical analysis, and all neuroscientists are increasingly required to have a significant understanding of mathematical methods. There is currently...

Fundamental Neuroscience

by Larry Squire, Floyd E. Bloom & Nicholas C. Spitzer

Fundamental Neuroscience, 3rd Edition introduces graduate and upper-level undergraduate students to the full range of contemporary neuroscience. Addressing instructor and student feedback on the previous edition,...

Positive Psychology and Family Therapy: Creative Techniques and Practical Tools for Guiding Change and Enhancing Growth

by Collie Wyatt Conoley

An affirming guide equipping family therapists to effectively incorporate positive psychology within their practices

The next step in the evolution of family therapy, positive psychology has enabled family therapists...

Psychotherapy: Lives Intersecting

by Louis Breger

“A lively account of the intellectual and professional evolution of a psychotherapist, with enlightening comments on rival therapeutic schools.”
—J. M. Coetzee,
Nobel Prize Winner in Literature,...

Best Friends, Worst Enemies: Understanding the Social Lives of Children

by Michael Phd Thompson & Cathe O'Neill-Grace

Friends broaden our children’s horizons, share their joys and secrets, and accompany them on their journeys into ever wider worlds. But friends can also gossip and betray, tease and exclude. Children can cause...

The Student EQ Edge: Emotional Intelligence and Your Academic and Personal Success

by Steven J. Stein, Howard E. Book & Korrel Kanoy

Many students who are intellectually capable of succeeding have difficulties with a variety of non-cognitive competencies such as time and stress management, establishing positive relationships, and making wise...

Psychoanalysis and Severe Handicap: The Hand in the Cap

by Angelo Villa

The book The Hand in the Cap introduces an original look on handicap, a look aiming at capturing the subjectivity, no matter how weak or uncertain it may be, of the ill Other. In this light the work of operators...

The Interpersonal Neurobiology of Group Psychotherapy and Group Process

by Bonnie Badenoch & Susan P. Gantt

Might it be possible that neuroscience, in particular interpersonal neurobiology, can illuminate the unique ways that group processes collaborate with and enhance the brain's natural developmental and repairing...

If You Can't Trust Your Mother, Whom Can You Trust?: Soul Murder, Psychoanalysis and Creativity

by Leonard Shengold

The main theme of this book concerns the continuing psychic centrality of parents for their children. Several chapters examine an author and his works, outlining that author's relationships with parents, good-and-bad,...

Backwards in Time: A Study in Infant Observation by the Method of Esther Bick

by Alessandra Piontelli

This compact classic describes Alessandra Piontelli's experience of observing two babies over several years. These children came from diverse social, economic and familial backgrounds but a number of interesting...

Attachment, Intimacy, Autonomy: Using Attachment Theory in Adult Psychotherapy

by Jeremy Holmes

Attachment theory is on the leading edge of a conceptual revolution. It offers a new paradigm that can synthesize into a more coherent whole the best ideas from psychoanalysis, cognitive science, and neurobiology....

Caring and Compassion in Clinical Practice: Issues in the Selection, Training, and Behavior of Helping Professionals

by Seymour B. Sarason

Sarason shows that treatment derives not from intent, but from the ways helping professionals are chosen, schooled, and supervised.

Principles of Interpretation: Mastering Clear and Concise Interventions in Psychotherapy

by Steven T. Levy

A systematic introduction to interpretation as a technical therapeutic skill.