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Leading the Way Through Daniel

by Michael Youssef

Daniel lived as an exile in a hostile country, yet when he committed himself in faith to serve his limitless God, he achieved the impossible. How did Daniel maintain his bold witness for God in spite of bullying...

Leading the Way Through Ephesians

by Michael Youssef

Throughout the book of Ephesians, Paul refers to "the riches of God's grace," "our riches in Christ," and "the riches of His glory" as he reminds believers of the spiritual treasures they already possess in...

Approaching Eden: Adam and Eve in Popular Culture

by Theresa Sanders

Approaching Eden digs much deeper than merely cataloguing entertaining Adam and Eve references in popular culture by exploring how these references both shape and are shaped by society. Theresa Sanders provides...

Fifty Synagogue Seminars

by Jeremy Hugh Baron

This book includes didactic essays discussing the Bible, theology, liturgy, social responsibility, and the arts. Each chapter examines a problem that had perplexed Baron, and for which he now provides a detailed...

Bite-Size Bible® Charts: A Lot of Discovery in a Little Book

by Ron Rhodes

Respected Bible teacher Ron Rhodes offers the ultimate in quick and easy-to-understand summaries of important Bible topics. At a glance, readers will find only the most important information on nearly 150 subjects,...

Understanding Spiritual Warfare: Four Views

by James Beilby & Paul Rhodes Eddy

This four-view work brings together leading theologians and ministry leaders to present major views on spiritual warfare.

The Last Week of Seven Years and the Apostle John 's Surprise: A fresh look at the prophecies in the Books of Daniel and Revelation

by Joe Tarry

Although hundreds upon hundreds of books have been written to analyze the prophetic riddle in Daniel 9 and the symbolic language used both by Daniel and John (Revelation), Tarry takes a slightly different approach...

Digging Through the Bible: Understanding Biblical People, Places, and Controversies through Archaeology

by Richard A. Freund

Digging Through the Bible shares new information about the Holy Land that can provide a powerful connection between past history and present faith. Join celebrated archaeologist and rabbi Richard Freund as he...

One Nation, Under Attack: How Big-Government Liberals Are Destroying the America You Love

by Grant R. Jeffrey

Prepare Now for America’s Fall


The enemies of free-market capitalism have launched their final attack. History’s most powerful nation soon will be reduced to an isolated, impoverished country with no influence...

The Wiersbe Bible Study Series: 2 Corinthians: God Can Turn Your Trials into Triumphs

by Warren W. Wiersbe

God’s children aren’t immune from trials. Based on the BE Encouraged commentary, this Bible study examines Paul’s words of comfort and encouragement for every believer. 

Introduction to the Bible

by Christine Hayes

This book examines the small library of 24 books common to all Jewish and Christian Bibles-books that preserve the efforts of diverse writers over a span of many centuries to make sense of their personal experiences...

The Essential Guide to Bible Prophecy: 13 Keys to Understanding the End Times

by Tim Lahaye & Ed Hindson

Many people are fascinated by the end times but often struggle as they try to figure out what will happen, and when. This guide is the ideal hands-on tool for readers who want...

  • a clear chronological time line...

Excursions Into the Thought-World of the Pali Discourses

by Bhikkhu Analayo

For those who approach Buddhism as a system of mental development, this book is a reliable and accessible guide to understanding the significance of themes from the Pali discourses. Themes include grasping,...


by C. Marvin Pate

This groundbreaking, full-color commentary series presents the best evangelical scholarship to help pastors understand the meaning of the text of the book of Romans and communicate it effectively.

A to Z Guide to Finding It in the Bible, The: A Quick-Scripture Reference

by Baker Publishing Group

Award-winning Bible experts offer an A to Z guide to surprising stories, curious words, and fascinating facts of the Bible.

The Wiersbe Bible Study Series: Ecclesiastes: Looking for the Answer to the Meaning of Life

by Warren W. Wiersbe

What is the meaning of life? Based on the BE Satisfied commentary, this Bible study on Ecclesiastes tackles our biggest question and shares how we can lead a satisfied life.

Essential Figures in the Talmud

by Ronald L. Eisenberg

In Essential Figures in the Talmud, Dr. Ronald L. Eisenberg explains the importance of the more than 250 figures who are most vital to an understanding and appreciation of Talmudic texts. This valuable reference...

All of the Women of the Bible

by Edith Deen

All the women of the Bible offers a rich biographical perspective on evey female figure in scripture -- including the famous, the little-known, and even the unnamed. In more that 300 engaging and insightful...

How Do Catholics Read the Bible?

by S. J. J. Harrington

Accessibly written, How Do Catholics Read the Bible? blends biblical scholarship with compelling personal anecdotes to equip readers with the tools they need to more fully engage Scripture and the Catholic tradition....

Insight into Two Biblical Passages: Anatomy of a Prohibition I Timothy 2:12, the TLG Computer, and the Christian Church

by Leland E. Wilshire

The first study uses the TLG computer database for a new interpretation of I Timothy 2.12, exploring the effect of the interpretation on exegesis, gender pronouncements, hermeneutics, tradition, theology, and...