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A Rainbow of Gangs: Street Cultures in the Mega-City

by Diego Vigil

With nearly 1,000 gangs and 200,000 gang members, Los Angeles holds the dubious distinction of being the youth gang capital of the United States. The process of street socialization that leads to gang membership...

The Teacup Ministry and Other Stories: Subtle Boundaries of Class

by Rhoda H. Halperin

In the global world of the twenty-first century, class boundaries are subtle and permeable, though real nonetheless. Markers of identity, authenticity, and belonging can change with a gesture or a glance, making...

German Seed in Texas Soil: Immigrant Farmers in Nineteenth-Century Texas

by Terry G. Jordan

Terry Jordan explores how German immigrants in the nineteenth century influenced and were influenced by the agricultural life in the areas of Texas where they settled. His findings both support the notion of...

Texas Graveyards: A Cultural Legacy

by Terry G. Jordan

Where more poignantly than in a small country graveyard can a traveler fathom the flow of history and tradition? During the past twenty years, Terry G. Jordan has traveled the back roads and hidden trails of...

Mayas in the Marketplace: Tourism, Globalization, and Cultural Identity

by Walter E. Little

Selling handicrafts to tourists has brought the Maya peoples of Guatemala into the world market. Vendors from rural communities now offer their wares to more than 500,000 international tourists annually in the...

The Summer of Her Baldness: A Cancer Improvisation

by Catherine Lord

"No eyebrows. No eyelashes. When it rains the water will run straight down into my eyes," Catherine Lord wrote before her hair fell out during chemotherapy. Propelled into an involuntary performance piece occasioned...

On the Plaza: The Politics of Public Space and Culture

by Setha M. Low

Friendly gossip, political rallies, outdoor concerts, drugs, shoeshines, and sex-for-sale-almost every aspect of Latin American life has its place and time in the public plaza. In this wide-ranging, multi-disciplinary...

Women and Men in Late Eighteenth-Century Egypt

by Afaf Lutfi al-Sayyid Marsot

In the late eighteenth century, decentralized and chaotic government in Egypt allowed women a freedom of action that has not been equaled until recent times. Delving extensively into archival sources, Afaf Marsot...

Kaqchikel Chronicles: The Definitive Edition

by Judith M. Maxwell & Robert M., II Hill

The collection of documents known as the Kaqchikel Chronicles consists of rare highland Maya texts, which trace Kaqchikel Maya history from their legendary departure from Tollan/Tula through their migrations,...

The Zoot-Suit Riots: The Psychology of Symbolic Annihilation

by Mauricio Mazón

Los Angeles, the summer of 1943. For ten days in June, Anglo servicemen and civilians clashed in the streets of the city with young Mexican Americans whose fingertip coats and pegged, draped trousers announced...

Here, Our Culture Is Hard: Stories of Domestic Violence from a Mayan Community in Belize

by Laura McClusky

Marriage among the Maya of Central America is a model of complementarity between a man and a woman. This union demands mutual respect and mutual service. Yet some husbands beat their wives.In this pioneering...

The Kin Who Count: Family and Society in Ottoman Aleppo, 1770-1840

by Margaret L. Meriwether

The history of the Middle Eastern family presents as many questions as there are currently answers. Who lived together in the household? Who married whom and for how long? Who got a piece of the patrimonial...

Trees of Paradise and Pillars of the World: The Serial Stelae Cycle of "18-Rabbit-God K," King of Copan

by Elizabeth A. Newsome

Assemblies of rectangular stone pillars, or stelae, fill the plazas and courts of ancient Maya cities throughout the lowlands of southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and western Honduras. Mute testimony to state...

LBJ and Mexican Americans: The Paradox of Power

by Julie Leininger Pycior

As he worked to build his Great Society, Lyndon Johnson often harkened back to his teaching days in the segregated "Mexican" school at Cotulla, Texas. Recalling the poverty and prejudice that blighted his students'...

Batos, Bolillos, Pochos, and Pelados: Class and Culture on the South Texas Border

by Chad Richardson

"The Valley of South Texas," a recent joke goes, "is a great place to live. It's so close to the United States." Culturally, this borderland region is both Mexican and Anglo-American, and its people span the...

Our Lady of Guadalupe: Faith and Empowerment Among Mexican-American Women

by Jeanette Rodríguez & Fr. Virgilio Elizondo

Our Lady of Guadalupe is the most important religious symbol of Mexico and one of the most powerful female icons of Mexican culture. In this study, based on research done among second-generation Mexican-American...

East Los Angeles: History of a Barrio

by Richardo Romo

This is the story of the largest Mexican-American community in the United States, the city within a city known as "East Los Angeles." How did this barrio of over one million men and women-occupying an area greater...

The Illusion of Inclusion: The Untold Political Story of San Antonio, Texas

by Rodolfo Rosales

To many observers, the 1981 election of Henry Cisneros as mayor of San Antonio, Texas, represented the culminating victory in the Chicano community's decades-long struggle for inclusion in the city's political...

Inventing the Savage: The Social Construction of Native American Criminality

by Luana Ross

Luana Ross writes, "Native Americans disappear into Euro-American institutions of confinement at alarming rates. People from my reservation appeared to simply vanish and magically return. [As a child] I did...

From Viracocha to the Virgin of Copacabana: Representation of the Sacred at Lake Titicaca

by Verónica Salles-Reese

Surrounded by the peaks of the Andean cordillera, the deep blue waters of Lake Titicaca have long provided refreshment and nourishment to the people who live along its shores. From prehistoric times, the Andean...