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Amazing Australia

by Laine Cunningham

Ideal for the nature-loving traveler, Amazing Australia is a handy pocket guide to the most unusual and the most common birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects, plants, and trees of Australia. This focused...

The Edge of the World

by Coral Waight

In 2006, Coral Waight set out in her little hatchback to begin the first of four road trips around the island of Tasmania, south of where she lives in Melbourne, Australia.

She planned to the nth degree, but...

Insight Guides New Zealand

by Insight Guides

Insight Guides: all your customers need to inspire every step of their journeys. An in-depth book, now with free app and eBook. Newly updated edition of Insight Guide New Zealand (with free app and eBook) is...

First We Surf, Then We Eat

by Jim Kempton

Jim Kempton has spent his life traveling and surfing the world, along the way learning to cook the world's best beach-loving dishes. Now he's sharing his vividly colorful, richly flavorful, and vibrantly healthful...


by Martin Dean Tobin

If youve ever thought about travelling to Australia or moving there for any reason, look before you leap! Do your homework first! Too many people go to Oz misguidedfooled by popular misconceptions. Australia...

Seeking a Welcoming Shore

by Manuela Durling

Exploring the largest swamp in the world, the mighty Okavongo, with the famous crocodile hunter Bobby Wilmot. Leaving South Africa in the middle of the apartheid regime and in the midst of family problems. A...

Walking with an Australian Hiring Manager

by Kin Kok Low

This is my personal journey as a migrant looking for his first job in 1992. Later, as a hiring manager and volunteer in two NGOs working with migrants integrated into our lucky country. It contains stories of...

Backpacking at an Older Age

by Raymond A. Ringhoff

Back Packing at an Older Age This book is about my 6-month adventure, back packing and working around Australia, which was a dream of mine since migrating to Australia in 1996. Eventually becoming an Australian...

Wonders Down Under

by M. M. Estes

Have you ever wished you could go somewhere that you have read about or heard about to see for yourself what it is like? That is how this book began. After spending one school year (ten months) on the island...

Upside-Down and Blindfolded

by Daniel J. Pukstas

What might a two-month visit to Australia and New Zealand be like if the traveler were not distracted and overwhelmed by the spectacular scenery? In this book Dan Pukstas, a blind professor, answers this question...

Papa Mikeýs Palau Islands Handbook

by Mike Hollywood

The Republic of Palau is the westernmost archipelago in Oceania; it is renowned for it's pristine lagoons and immense marine diversity. Palau's marine community features over 800 varieties of hard and soft corals,...

No Worries, Mate

by Ken Ewell

No Worries, Mate is the journal of a modern-day swagman on a manly adventure in the land down under. Follow his manful exploits as he closes the pubs of Sydney, tramps about the Blue Mountains of New South Wales,...

Alone Near Alice

by Harold Harbaugh

On their second trip to Australia, Ruth and Harold met a couple during a Great Barrier Reef cruise. They and their children eventually became great friends. Lynette and Rob had lived in Washington, DC and had...

Gone Walkabout in Henn Boo Too

by William P. Hogan

Like Down Under in Henn Boo this book is comprised of the e-mail messages sent to family and friends while on a ten month journey around Australia. The messages tell of the people, places and things encountered...

Down Under in Henn Boo

by William P. Hogan

Imagine heading out for a six-month trip to a foreign country intending to live in a recreational vehicle. First you would have to quickly locate and then buy a satisfactory vehicle so you could get on the road...

Frommer's EasyGuide to Australia 2019

by Lee Mylne

Everything you need for a successful and easy Australian vacation—in one concise and intelligent guide. The Australian dollar has recently plunged in value against the U.S. dollar making Australia far more...


by Joe Glickman

Like the instant classic The Last American Man, Fearless is the story of a remarkable individual who accepts no personal limits—including fear. Freya Hoffmeister, a forty-six-year-old former sky diver, gymnast,...

The Adventures of Bruce From Bondi

by Steve McGregor

A fun book about hotel life in Australia

“The Adventures of Bruce from Bondi” continues the story of Bruce from Bondi whom we first met in “Adventures of a Jackeroo”, who wanted to be a trainee property...

The Incredible Travel Sketches, Essays, Memoirs & Island Works of R. L. Stevenson

by Robert Louis Stevenson

Musaicum Books presents to you this carefully created volume of "The Incredible Travel Sketches, Essays, Memoirs & Island Works of R. L. Stevenson". This ebook has been designed and formatted to the highest...

Two Up Down Under

by Ron Smith & Jim Smith

In Two Up Down Under, Ron and Jim enjoy a road trip around Canberra and the Riverina in Jim’s 50-year old VW Kombi, Miss October. As well as the journey, the story of Miss October is told, and, as would be...