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Shadow of the Silk Road

by Colin Thubron

Shadow of the Silk Road records a journey along the greatest land route on earth. Out of the heart of China into the mountains of Central Asia, across northern Afghanistan and the plains of Iran and into Kurdish...

Insight Guides: Jordan

by Insight Guides

Insight Guide Jordan is a comprehensive full-colour travel guide to the culture, history, people and sights in this peaceful and prosperous Middle Eastern country. Our inspirational Best Of section selects Jordan's...

Istanbul Select

by Insight Guides

Seductively packaged pocket guides compiled by local experts who know Istanbul inside out. These brand new guides are designed for informed, experienced travellers and those on a repeat visit but looking for...

Stranger to History

by Aatish Taseer

"Indispensable reading for anyone who wants a wider understanding of the Islamic world, of its history and its politics." —Financial Times

Aatish Taseer's fractured upbringing left him with many questions about...

Desert Falcon

by Leslie Goodyear & Beeley Fergus

Through lyrical literary voice honoring an Arabic poem... the legend of Desert Falcon, an historical allegory rich with travel and adventure tells the story of Rashid, a seemingly skill challenged Bedouin...

Living in Palestine between tablets, walls, the Bible and the Koran

by Giovanni Verga

Living in Palestine between Tablets, Walls, The Bible and The Koran” is a book that reports the daily life in West Bank through population’s direct experiences and the reconstruction of historical facts...

Digital Middle East

by Mohamed Zayani

In recent years, the Middle East's information and communication landscape has changed dramatically. Increasingly, states, businesses, and citizens are capitalizing on the opportunities offered by new technologies,...

Couchsurfing in Iran

by Stephan Orth & Jamie McIntosh

A modern-day glimpse into the surprising reality of life in Iran.

Iran: A destination that is seldom seen by westerners yet often misunderstood. A country that simultaneously “enchants and enrages” those...

“Hare” ‘N There Adventures of Rosie Rabbit

by Diane Herak

Rosie Rabbit is about to bring you wonderful adventures about the places she travels. She will tell you of her incredible visits in many parts of the world and also in the United States. If you remember, in...

Gal in the Gulf

by Vanessa Molina

With the media blasting out horror stories about the Middle East and the Muslim faith, this American teacher went to work in Kuwait with fears and doubts most people in the West have about that area of the world....


by Stig Pors Nielsen

The Sultanate of Oman occupies the southeastern part of the Arab Peninsula. The country is beautiful and is full of unspoiled nature. The sun shines almost every day. The temperatures are pleasant during winter,...

The Red Sands

by Gamal Elsayed Dorah

Dedicated to the spirit of the ancestors in the UAE, Oman as well as the spirit of the eternal leadership which well maintained the nation, and overcome all the difficult circumstances as well as the ruthless...

The Sword and the Rose

by Tara Sufiana

An unplanned adventure finds Tara Sufiana amidst the Sufis of Egypt for five years. Immersed in their mystical practices, she discovers the dervish within, expressing herself through sacred dance and music at...

Man and God

by Ahmad Nosrati

My objective in writing that has been recorded thus far has been to discover the root cause of the current conflict between western and Middle Eastern factions, a confrontation which has been labeled a struggle...

An A-To-Z Pocket Guide to Living and Working in Saudi Arabia

by Valérie David

I have spent more than six years and three tours of my health care career living and working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a country that is modern and on the move but yet it is still very...

The Rise and Fall of the Assyrian Empire

by Zenaide Ragozin

There is, on carefully drawn maps of Mesopotamia, a pale undulating line (considerably to the north of the city of Accad or Agade), which cuts across the valley of the two rivers, from Is or Hit on the Euphrates,...

Exploring the World: Adventures of a Global Traveler

by Howard J. Wiarda

Professor Howard J. Wiarda, a leading academic expert on foreign policy, comparative politics, and international affairs, is the author of more than eighty books. Wiarda has traveled to many of the worlds most...

Backpacking in the Middle East and Africa

by Martha Marino

Marthas desire in life has been to see the world. This book is about her travels to mainly two interesting countries Turkey and Southern Africa. She tells about staying in hostels, her experiences, the people...

A Persian Odyssey

by Rami Yelda

Every good traveler plans his or her itinerary carefully to use time well and benefit as much as possible from the trip. I did not have an agenda, however. I wanted to travel Middle Eastern style, that is, with...

A Yankee Engineer Abroad

by Linnaeus C. Shecut Ii

This book is a transcription of a recently discovered manuscript of a Grand Tour taken by a clasically educated American engineer in the years 1855 through 1857.