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Rainforest Tourism, Conservation and Management: Challenges for Sustainable Development

by Bruce Prideaux

Globally rainforests are under threat on numerous fronts, including clearing for agriculture, harvesting for timber and urban expansion. Yet they have a crucial role in biodiversity conservation, climate change...

Nature First: Outdoor Life the Friluftsliv Way

by Bob Henderson & Nils Vikander

Friluftsliv is an approach to creating a relationship between humans and nature. Nature First explores ways of applying this wisdom to everyday out-of-doors life.

The Endangered Species Road Trip: A Summer's Worth of Dingy Motels, Poison Oak, Ravenous Insects, and the Rarest Species in North America

by Cameron MacDonald

Bill Bryson meets John Vaillant in this life list quest to see the rarest species in North America.

Crammed into a minivan with wife, toddler, infant, and dog, accompanied by mounds of toys, diapers, tent, sleeping...

Maine Birding Trail: The Official Guide to More Than 260 Accessible Sites

by Bob Duchesne

This is the authorized guide to the Maine Birding Trail, which opens in 2009. The book features more than 260 sites in Maine and includes bonus material on Campobello and Grand Manan islands. Unlike most guides,...


by Damiano Andreini

Slowtuscany è un insolito viaggio fatto di orizzonti noti e pure di strade, storie, borghi e personaggi meno conosciuti, non per questo meno affascinanti. La Toscana “raccontata” da Damiano Andreini in...

Wildflowers of Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains

by Leonard Adkins & Joe Cook

Using full-color photography and expertly crafted prose, Wildflowers of the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains turns a day hike or drive through our nation's most beautiful and rugged expanse of forested mountains...

Volunteer Vacations: Short-Term Adventures That Will Benefit You and Others

by Anne Geissinger, Doug Cutchins & Ed Asner

For the increasing number of people looking for ways to make a difference while on vacation, this fully updated edition is filled with in-depth information to get them ready for their adventure, including contacts,...

The Great Northern Canada Bucket List: One-of-a-Kind Travel Experiences

by Robin Esrock

Renowned travel writer and TV host Robin Esrock has explored every inch of Canada's north to craft the definitive Bucket List. From food and culture to nature and adrenaline rushes, Robin provides the inspiration...

The Heart of Nature: Or, The Quest for Natural Beauty

by Francis Younghusband

This early work by Francis Younghusband was originally published in 1921 and we are now republishing it with a brand new introductory biography. 'The Heart of Nature' is a broad ranging work comprising details...

Birds of Kangaroo Island

by Christopher Ian Baxter

Regional bird field guides are few and far between in South Australia and Chris Baxter's photographic guide to the birds of Kangaroo Island is the stand-out in this genre. This comprehensive account covers all...

Understanding Tropical Coastal and Island Tourism Development

by Klaus Meyer-Arendt & Alan A. Lew

This volume contains a collection of articles that include both case studies and theoretical insights applicable to the tourism development challenges of tropical coastal and island destinations throughout the...

Glorious Gulf of Mexico: Life Below the Blue

by Jesse Cancelmo & John W. Tunnell

Stunned by widespread ignorance about the Gulf of Mexico following the 2010 Macondo oil spill, underwater photographer Jesse Cancelmo decided to turn his camera on the marine life of this 600,000 square mile...

Sustainable Revolution: Permaculture in Ecovillages, Urban Farms, and Communities Worldwide

by Louis Fox, Juliana Birnbaum & Paul Hawken

Urban gardeners. Native seed-saving collectives. Ecovillage developments. What is the connection between these seemingly disparate groups? The ecological design system of permaculture is the common thread that...

The Great Northern Canada Bucket List: One-of-a-Kind Travel Experiences

by Robin Esrock

Renowned travel writer and TV host Robin Esrock has explored every inch of Canada's north to craft the definitive Bucket List. From food and culture to nature and adrenaline rushes, Robin provides the inspiration...

The Sword of Heaven: A Five Continent Odyssey to Save the World

by Mikkel Aaland

“Any attempt at peace must be attended by a knowledge of self,” discovers writer and photographer Mikkel Aaland, who grew up with a bomb shelter for a bedroom, in terror of nuclear war. At the height of the...

Lightfoot Companion to the Via Domitia Arles to Rome

by Babette Gallard

The LightFoot Companion is an optional partner to the Lightfoot Guide Books, providing the additional historical and cultural information that will enhance your experience of travelling the ancient pilgrim routes...

Sustainable Transportation in Natural and Protected Areas

by Francesco Orsi

Protected areas are at the centre of nature-based tourism, which is increasingly popular across the world. As visitor numbers increase, so does awareness of the harmful effects that large crowds may have on...

My Couch is Your Couch: Exploring How People Live Around the World

by Gabriele Galimberti

Tour the world from inside other people’s homes 

Documentarian and photographer Gabriele Galimberti traveled the world for more than two years. He stayed only with members of the diverse, multicultural

Biodiversity for all tastes

by Aa.Vv

Liguria in one of the most visited Italian regions. It manages to maintain a land that is intact, beautiful, and healthly in the 2000 Nature Areas interspersed around region and, in particular, in the Parks....

Homeland of the Buddha: A guide to the Buddhist holy places of India and Nepal

by John Tosan McKinnon

Places where the Buddha lived and taught two and a half thousand years ago are now sites of pilgrimage. Homeland of the Buddha is a book for those who have an interest in Buddhism and who aspire to visit these...