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Lies We Tell Ourselves: How to Say No to Temptation and Put an End to Compromise

by Greg Laurie

Drawing from the pages of Scripture and his own experiences, Greg Laurie takes an honest and humorous look at the ways we fall into sin and how we frequently rationalize our actions, sharing practical steps...

Dealing with Giants: How to Face the Hardships and Challenges of Life

by Greg Laurie

All of us have to deal with Goliaths in our lives--giants like loneliness, addiction, jealousy, bitterness, lust, and fear. Believers need to know what to do when they encounter situations so much bigger than...

Walking with Jesus: Daily Inspiration from the Gospel of John

by Greg Laurie

In his accessible style, Greg Laurie takes readers through 90 days of walking with Jesus through stories and images of Jesus found in the Gospel of John.

Finding Hope in the Last Words of Jesus

by Greg Laurie

This booklet takes each of the last seven statements from the cross and presents insightful nuggets for devotional reading and outreach.

Are These the Last Days?: How to Live Expectantly in a World of Uncertainty

by Greg Laurie

Are we living in the last days? Find the answers to take some of the guesswork out of understanding the end times and be encouraged to live confidently and expectantly in an uneasy and uncertain world.

New Believer's Guide to Effective Christian Living

by Greg Laurie

Renowned evangelist Greg Laurie answers questions common to new Christians in this guide. New Believer's Guide to Effective Christian Living answers such questions as “How should I live as a Christian?”...

Essentials 2: Foundational Topics for Christians in Today's World

by Greg Laurie

You can ask your smart phone questions or directions or consult your computer for answers on this or that, but only God's Word offers wisdom for this life and for eternity. Following on the heels of Greg Laurie's...

Following Jesus in the Modern World Bible Study

by Greg Laurie

See Christ through Matthew's eyes in the first century so you can be a strong Christian in the twenty-first century. In Following Jesus in the Modern World Bible Study, evangelist Greg Laurie reveals what it...

Following Jesus in the Modern World

by Greg Laurie

Jesus had the power to accomplish His purposes on earth by Himself, but instead He asked twelve individuals to come with him. He asks the same of us. Following Jesus in the Modern World studies Jesus' life,...

Wrestling with God: Prayer That Never Gives Up

by Greg Laurie

Using personal experience and biblical examples, well-known pastor Greg Laurie illustrates how prayer works in different people's lives. In spiritual terms, Jacob wrestled with God for years. The Syro-Phoenician...

Married. Happily.: Secrets to a Great Marriage

by Greg Laurie

People scour the Internet to find good advice on how to invest their money, which car is the best value, what certain products are rated. But next to your relationship with God, there is no greater investment...

Upside Down Living: A Template for Changing Ourselves and the World from the Book of Acts

by Greg Laurie

In the book of Acts, many in the established order regarded believers in Jesus Christ as troublemakers. But the resurrected Christ was at work in those days, shattering darkness, snapping chains, breaking boundaries,...

Run To Win: How to Finish Strong in the Race of Life

by Greg Laurie

No one enters a race and then wanders off to play a game of checkers or look for four-leaf clovers. They have a word for that kind of person: loser. If you want to cross life's finish line as a winner, you need...

Discipleship: The Road Less Taken

by Greg Laurie

What comes to mind when you hear the word "disciple"? Does it describe your own relationship with Jesus Christ? Every disciple is a believer, but not every believer is a disciple. And knowing the difference...

Living Out Your Faith: Messages from the Gospel of John, Volume Three

by Greg Laurie

It's great to tell others about our love for God. It's great to engage in ministry activities for God. And it's great to sing songs about our love for God. But what matters more than anything is that we simply...

For Every Season, Volume Two

by Greg Laurie

"To everything there is a season," wrote Solomon, "a time for every purpose under heaven." For every season of life you may find yourself in, the Bible offers timeless principles for knowing and walking with...

Secrets to Spiritual Success: Building Blocks and Disciplines for Living the Christian Life

by Greg Laurie

Want to be a spiritual success? You can be. Why is it that some people who make a commitment to Christ seem to grow leaps and bounds, while others who make the same commitment never seem to make any lasting...


by Greg Laurie

Most people carry heavy burdens that weigh them down during the day and keep them up at night. And although Christians have the certainty of heaven and the promises of God, they aren't immune to the world's...

Why, God?

by Greg Laurie

Sometimes, in the pain of difficult life experiences, we look to heaven for quick explanations. But we don't always get the answers we're looking for. When Job's whole world caved in on him, he didn't understand...

Red, the Color of Christmas

by Greg Laurie

Red is the color... of softly glowing candles on a frosty night, bright holly berries, festive wreath at your front door. But that's not why red is the color of Christmas. Red is also the color of the blood...