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Exposure: A Novel

by Kathryn Harrison

“Luminous and affecting . . . [Exposure] examines the often fine line between art and abuse. . . . Taut in plot, beautifully realistic, and intelligently disturbing.”

–Harper’s Bazaar

Ann Rogers appears...

Joan of Arc: A Life Transfigured

by Kathryn Harrison

The profoundly inspiring and fully documented saga of Joan of Arc, the young peasant girl whose "voices" moved her to rally the French nation and a reluctant king against British invaders in 1428, has fascinated...

Saint Therese of Lisieux: A Penguin Life

by Kathryn Harrison

Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, largely unknown when she died in a Carmelite convent at the age of twenty-four, became-through her posthumously published autobiography-one of the world's most influential religious...

While They Slept: An Inquiry into the Murder of a Family

by Kathryn Harrison

Early on an April morning, eighteen-year-old Billy Frank Gilley, Jr., killed his sleeping parents. Surprised in the act by his younger sister, Becky, he turned on her as well. Billy then climbed the stairs to...

Envy: A Novel

by Kathryn Harrison

Will has a good sex life–with the woman he married. So why then is he increasingly plagued by violent erotic fantasies that, were they to break out of his imagination and into the real world, have the power...

The Seal Wife: A Novel

by Kathryn Harrison

Stunning, hypnotic, spare, The Seal Wife is the masterly new novel by Kathryn Harrison, “a writer of extraordinary gifts” (Tobias Wolff). Set in Alaska in 1915, it tells the story of a young scientist’s...

The Mother Knot: A Memoir

by Kathryn Harrison

In this dark gem of a book by the author of The Kiss, a complex mother-daughter relationship precipitates a journey through depression to greater understanding, acceptance, freedom, and love,.

Spare and unflinching,...

Enchantments: A novel of Rasputin's daughter and the Romanovs

by Kathryn Harrison


“Part love story, part history, this novel is a tour de force [told] in language that soars and sears.”—More


St. Petersburg, 1917. After Rasputin’s body is pulled from...

Thicker Than Water: A Novel

by Kathryn Harrison

Isabel is the troubled daughter of charismatic but reckless parents who hastily wed, divorced just as fast, and distanced themselves from each other–and their child. Left to her grandparents’ care, Isabel...

The Kiss: A Memoir

by Kathryn Harrison & Jane Smiley

In this extraordinary memoir, one of the best young writers in America today transforms into a work of art the darkest passage imaginable in a young woman's life: an obsessive love affair between father and...

True Crimes: A Family Album

by Kathryn Harrison

From acclaimed literary talent and New York Times bestselling author Kathryn Harrison comes a collection of provocative and illuminating essays. In True Crimes, conventional ideas of love, loss, forgiveness,...

The Road to Santiago

by Kathryn Harrison

Displaying her "real talent for conjuring far-flung times and places," Kathryn Harrison tells the mesmerizing story of her 200-mile pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. In the spring of 1999, Kathryn...

Poison: A Novel

by Kathryn Harrison

Francisca de Luarac, the daughter of a poor Spanish silk grower, is a dreamer of fabulous dreams. Marie Louise de Bourbon, the niece of Louis XIV, dances in slippers of fine Spanish silk in the French Court...

Seeking Rapture: Scenes from a Woman's Life

by Kathryn Harrison


In this exquisite book of personal reflections on a woman’s life as a child, wife, and mother, Kathryn Harrison, “a writer of extraordinary gifts” (Tobias Wolff), recalls episodes...

The Binding Chair; or, A Visit from the Foot Emancipation Society: A Novel

by Kathryn Harrison

In poised and elegant prose, Kathryn Harrison weaves in The Binding Chair; or, A Visit from the Foot Emancipation Society a stunning story of women, travel, and flight; of love, revenge, and fear; of the search...