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Tales from the mother galaxy

by Maria Pellegrini

Five long trips in a mysterious and unusual part of the Universe. Paths of war, nightmares and escapes from total mind-control, racing cars for the roads of the Universe, forking paths which multiply worlds,...

Planets Under Glass

by Maria Pellegrini

Meba was a rather graceful humanoid, always in a good mood and very proud of his important profession and his powerful motormembrane which took him fluttering off to work each morning... he had nothing less...

Borrowed Brains

by Maria Pellegrini

A group of scientists managed to build the first working model of organic mental teleportation, the HASAMAT (Hyper-Spatial Mind Transporter), the racing car of the roads of the Universe. Volunteers are needed...

Real Virtualities

by Maria Pellegrini

The catastrophic “Dark Tides” had destroyed all who remained on the surface of the planet Earth. But the great, open minded Arachnids had rebelled against the normal, short sighted thinking and understood...

Zetana The Disconnected

by Maria Pellegrini

The Universal Connection was the way in which knowledge flowed around the Mother Galaxy. It was a plasma that permeated everything. It gave and received knowledge almost unconsciously. Unfortunately the Connection...

The War of the Plutonidians

by Maria Pellegrini

The Plutonidians were a really curious species. They came from nomadic intergalactic populations settling uninhabited new planets, rather than living together with different species in the most attractive and...