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Dangerous Days in Elizabethan England: Thieves, Tricksters, Bards and Bawds

by Terry Deary

The reign of Elizabeth I - a Golden Age? Try asking her subjects...

Elizabethans did all they could to survive in an age of sin and bling, of beddings and beheadings, galleons and guns. Explorers set sail for...

The Knight of Swords and Spooks

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

Young George is suspicious when his unloving father announces that he

will be a squire to King Richard III. It is not long before he finds

out that he is really a hostage to guarantee his father's loyalty to


The Knight of Silk and Steel

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

The locals all fall off their tavern stools with surprise when a

strange figure arrives to the village. He says he is a knight, and he

does have a magnificent horse and a gleaming silver sword. But he is


The Bomber Balloon

by Terry Deary

Stories of the First World War from the bestselling Terry Deary, author of the hugely successful Horrible Histories. November 1916 - the war on the Home Front. Minnie is being told off for breaching the blackout...

The Last Flight

by Terry Deary

Stories of the First World War from the bestselling Terry Deary, author of the hugely successful Horrible Histories. France 1917 - the war in the air. An air observer is shot down behind enemy lines and meets...

The Town Mouse and the Spartan House

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

430 BC. Darius has been orphaned by the plague in Athens. To escape the sickness he runs off to join his Uncle Alcmaeon who is a general with the Spartan army. But he finds the Spartan way of life quite shocking....

Dangerous Days on the Victorian Railways: Feuds, Frauds, Robberies and Riots

by Terry Deary

Facing feuds and frauds, robberies and riots and the disasters of dangerous drivers, deadly designers and sleepy signalmen, Victorians risked more than just delays when stepping on a steam train.

Victorian inventors...

Dangerous Days in the Roman Empire: Terrors and Torments, Diseases and Deaths

by Terry Deary

DANGEROUS DAYS IN THE ROMAN EMPIRE is the first in a new adult series by Terry Deary, the author of the hugely bestselling Horrible Histories, popular among children for their disgusting details, gory information...

Put Out the Light

by Terry Deary

Put Out The Light is a thrilling tale following the adventures of two groups of children during World War II.

The Twisted Tunnels

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

Two toshers live by finding valuables in the sewers. What happens when the London Underground destroys their home?

The Sea Monsters

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

The 1838 race to be the first steamship to cross the Atlantic. Will Brunel's Great Western win?

The Sword of the Viking King

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

Wessex, Southern England, 878. Fortunes are not on the side of the

English and the Vikings will soon control all the land. Even young

Ethelbert believes he could do a better job than King Alfred. Little

does he...

The Pirate Queen

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

Grace O'Malley is the greatest pirate that ever lived, the terror of

the Irish Sea. Her gang of cut-throats rule the waves ... until Grace is

captured! But instead of being hanged, she is sent to London - by royal...

The Pirate Prisoner

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

Red-legs Greaves has been a slave, a pirate, and a rich sugar planter. Now he's a prisoner. And next morning, he'll be dead - hanged by the neck for piracy! His only friend is a slave girl called Lou. Can Lou...

The Pirate Lord

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

Tom is a cabin boy for Captain Francis Drake, on his mission to steal

South American gold from the Spanish fleet. Can Tom survive the trip

round the world, through waves three times the height of their tiny


The Pirate Captain

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

Captain Fly is the greatest pirate to sail the seven seas - or so he says. But can his captives Jed and Arthur stop the cruel captain?

Terror on the Train

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

True story of the Staplehurst railway disaster. Charles Dickens,

who was on board the train, fought heroically to save lives.

The Fabulous Flyer

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

The true story of Henri Giffard's airship and how he made the world's first powered flight in 1852.

The Boy Who Cried Horse

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

1180 BC. Young Acheron is a liar. Everybody knows it. Troy is under siege and Acheron tells tales of Trojan bravery to entertain Prince Paris and the beautiful Helen at the palace. But when a stranger comes...

The Goose Guards

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

387 BC. Rome is under attack from the vicious Gauls and the barbarianarmy is now preparing to besiege the Temple of Juno on Capitol Hill,home of Brutus, a trainee priest. The temple’s inhabitants are offeredhelp...