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Trans-Siberian Express

by Warren Adler

International intrigue and suspense on the world's longest and most exotic train ride. During the bad old days of the Soviet Union, famous American cancer specialist Dr. Alex Cousins is sent by the President...

Madeline's Miracles

by Warren Adler

Fiona FitzGerald, a senator's daughter and homicide detective on the Washington D.C. Police force, must investigate the mysterious death of Congresswoman Frances McGuire, whose right-to-life stance was well...

American Quartet

by Warren Adler

Never underestimate the power of failure. In this first book of the Fiona series, four seemingly unconnected D.C. murders stimulate Fiona FitzGerald's sense of history as she delves into our country's dark past....

The War of the Roses - The Children

by Warren Adler

""Whatever happened to the children of the Roses?" "More than 20 years after the publication of The War of the Roses, the divorce story that inspired the famous movie starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner,...

Random Hearts: Accidental Lovers Find Themselves in a Tragedy of Death and Deception

by Warren Adler

There was no earthly reason why Vivien Simpson and Edward Davis should ever have met. But when two unidentified bodies are discovered amid the wreckage of a plane disaster, their separate lives collide and they...

Never Too Late for Love: More Stories of Love, Sex and Joy in a Florida Retirement Community

by Warren Adler

More stories from The Sunset Gang. A collection that combines additional stories written after The Sunset Gang was published dealing with the same intrepid crew who inhabit Sunset Village. Anyone who is aging,...

Mourning Glory: Finding a Husband Among the Grieving

by Warren Adler

Grace Sorrentino, a gorgeous woman approaching forty who is determined to obtain a secure future for her and her daughter, adopts a new persona to catch a handsome and rich widower in Palm Beach, but soon the...


by Warren Adler

A womanizing married Senator, enjoying a tryst in his Delaware beach home with a beautiful black woman, discovers that his paramour has accidentally drowned. Aware of the scandal that could ensue and destroy...

The War of the Roses

by Warren Adler

The Classic Story of a Nasty Divorce. This is the book that inspired one of the most famous movies about divorce ever produced. Shown somewhere in the world every week, the movie is an excellent adaptation of...

American Sextet

by Warren Adler

Fiona FitzGerald, senator's daughter turned Washington, D.C., homicide detective, is called in to investigate the death of a beautiful young woman found at the bottom of the Duke Ellington Memorial Bridge. Was...

New York Echoes: Short Stories

by Warren Adler

Acclaimed author Warren Adler focuses his laser eye on New York City in these 22 deftly crafted and compelling short stories. New York, the frenetic, tough-minded, generous-hearted city, magnet for people's...

We Are Holding the President Hostage

by Warren Adler

Aging Mafia Don Salvatore Padronelli is furious when fanatical Islamic terrorists capture his beloved daughter and grandson on a trip to Egypt. Fed up with ineffective diplomatic measures and a lack of governmental...

Twilight Child

by Warren Adler

The rights of grandparents to visit their beloved grandson pit them against their remarried daughter-in-law. When Charlie and Molly's son dies, their daughter-in-law remarries and is vaulted into an upper class...

The Witch of Watergate

by Warren Adler

Fiona FitzGerald, a senators daughter turned Washington, D.C., homicide detective, is back for her fifth gripping thriller, investigating a murder with explosive consequences on Capitol Hill. When Polly Dearborn,...

The Ties That Bind

by Warren Adler

"Fiona FitzGerald, senator's daughter turned Washington, D.C., homicide detective, is called in to investigate when the daughter of a prominent lawyer is found murdered. All clues begin to point to a revered...

The Sunset Gang

by Warren Adler

With time running short, the lively and intrepid residents of the Sunset Village retirement community in Florida continue to thirst for life. But the true beating heart in these acclaimed short stories is the...

The Housewife Blues

by Warren Adler

A handsome advertising executive sweeps Jenny, a "nice" girl from the Midwest, off her feet while visiting and they are soon married. Afterwards, he spirits her away to the super-charged world of New York City....

The Henderson Equation

by Warren Adler

The people who run the influential newspaper the Washington Chronicle have just exposed and brought down a President with their investigative reporting. Flushed with power, they now attempt to create their own...

The Casanova Embrace

by Warren Adler

A charismatic South American Diplomat recruits three Washington women to engage in a bombing plot to kill a political rival. Hungry for the man's sexual favor, the women allow themselves to be manipulated and...

Senator Love

by Warren Adler

The stunning wife of the Austrian Ambassador is kidnapped and murdered. The bones belonging to a vanished young girl are discovered. Both share the same starling clues that point to a powerful, seductive and...