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Polish Orphans of Tengeru: The Dramatic Story of Their Long Journey to Canada 1941-49

by Dr. Lynne Taylor

In 1949, about 123 Polish Displaced Persons orphans were brought to Canada from East Africa as part of the settlement of the postwar DP crisis. The situation became an international incident when Warsaw protested...

Return to Jalna

by Mazo de la Roche

In Return to Jalna, the Whiteoak family reunites after a year of separation. Piers, Renny, and Wakefield return in 1943 during the Second Word War. Finch has been off on a concert tour, and Maurice has come...

Everything I Needed to Know About Business ... I Learned from a Canadian

by Leonard Brody & David Raffa

"If you want to read about...fascinating can-do business builders by two razor-sharp doers themselves, this is the book. If you want to disprove the ugly myth that 'Canada' and 'entrepreneurial' do not compute...

The Whiteoak Brothers

by Mazo de la Roche

The Jalna household is electric with secrecy and excited expectation. It is now 1923, and while young love blossoms between Pheasant and Piers, Aunt Augusta's friend, Dilly Warkworth, arrives at Jalna and tries...

Whiteoak Harvest

by Mazo de la Roche

Originally published in 1936, Whiteoak Harvest chronicles the 1930s saga of Renny Whiteoak and his family. Finch Whiteoak and wife, Sarah, return from their honeymoon to upset the Jalna household with Eden Whiteoak's...

Whiteoak Heritage

by Mazo de la Roche

Published in 1940, Whiteoak Heritage chronicles the fortunes of the Whiteoak family after the Second World War. The drama continues at Jalna when Renny returns home to find his one-time love still unforgiving...

I Choose to Live: A Self-Made Millionaire Faces Cancer

by Mischa Weisz & Wade Hemsworth

When he was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer in 2007, Mischa Weisz had all he needed to face the fight of his life. His work with bank machines gave him the advantage when the Canadian government opened...

Pike's Portage: Stories of a Distinguished Place

by Morten Asfeldt & Bob Henderson

The stories of the people who have struggled over Pike's Portage at the edge of the Barrens in the Northwest Territories are many and varied, including sports hunters, surveyors, trappers, and explorers.

Emancipation Day: Celebrating Freedom in Canada

by Natasha L. Henry

When slavery was abolished throughout the British Empire, effective August 1, 1834, people of African descent celebrated their newfound freedom and former slaves could live unfettered lives in Canada. This well-researched...

Storms of Controversy: The Secret Avro Arrow Files Revealed

by Palmiro Campagna & Major-General Richard Rohmer

The development of the Avro Arrow was a remarkable Canadian achievement. Its cancellation prompted questions that have long gone unanswered. Who was involved? Did Arrow technology find its way into the American...

The Wexford: Elusive Shipwreck of the Great Storm, 1913

by Paul Carroll

The steamer Wexford charmed spectators as it carried cargo across the Great Lakes. The Wexford's fateful final voyage was punctuated with opportunities to be saved, but attempts to make port led to tragedy....

The Boy in the Picture: The Craigellachie Kid and the Driving of the Last Spike

by Ray Argyle

Edward Mallandaine had just turned 18 when he left his home to help the Canadian militia fight Louis Riel. He crossed the province as a Royal Mail carrier, following the unfinished stretches of railway before...

From Queenston to Kingston: The Hidden Heritage of Lake Ontario's Shoreline

by Ron Brown

Travel with Ron Brown as he probes the shoreline of Lake Ontario and discovers its heritage. Explore forgotten coves, historical lighthouses, and unique features of the landscape. Even in large cities such as...

220 Best Franchises to Buy: The Essential Sourcebook for Evaluating the Best Franchise Opportunities

by Lynie Arden & The Philip Lief Group

Today's economic climate, dominated by corporate giants and chains, can be a tough place for a new face, but buying a franchise is the best opportunity for a budding entrepreneur. 220 Best Franchises to Buy,...

The Golden Dream: A History of the St. Lawrence Seaway

by Ronald Stagg

In the early twentieth century a movement flourished, championing the St. Lawrence route as the answer to easily transporting goods in and out the centre of the continent. Communities along the Great Lakes planned...

Wild Spirits

by Rosa Jordan

After a bank holdup upsets 19-year-old Wendy Marshall so much that she retreats to a farm and surrounds herself with orphaned wildlife, she develops a bond with 11-year-old Danny Ryan. Danny is neglected at...

Combat Journal for Place D'Armes: A Personal Narrative

by Scott Symons & Christopher Elson

Both a study of the emergence of a character's true self through his homosexual experiences and the decay of Canadian, and especially French-Canadian, traditions, Place d'Armes was named one of the top 100 most...

Africa's Children: A History of Blacks in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

by Sharon Robart-Johnson

This extensively researched history traces the lives of black families of the Yarmouth area of Nova Scotia who, still enslaved at the time, arrived with the influx of black loyalists and landed in Shelburne...

Publish Your Family History: Preserving Your Heritage in a Book

by Susan Yates & Greg Ioannou

Many people want to write a family history, but few ever take on the task of publishing one. Publish Your Family History will tell you all the fundamentals of book production, together with the important details...

Nightshade: A Sam Montcalm Mystery

by Tom Henighan

In Quebec City, deadly nightshade means murder. Police, RCMP, and a mysterious FBI agent converge on an important scientific conference concerning the genetic manipulation of trees. Sam Montcalm, a despised...