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The Rising Storm

by Dennis Wheatley

Apr 1789 - Jul 1790

At Fontainebleau all seems peaceful and serene, with Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette secure on their thrones. Yet as Roger Brook arrives on a secret and vital mission for Prime Minister Pitt,...

The Dark Secret of Josephine

by Dennis Wheatley

Aug 1794 - Apr 1796

Roger Brook ? Prime Minister Pitt's most daring and resourceful secret agent ? had sailed for the West Indies with a party that included three beautiful women. His purpose: pleasure. But the...

Sixty Days to Live

by Dennis Wheatley

Before the vogue of apocalyptic fiction really took off, in 1932 Dennis Wheatley researched and imagined a party of would-be survivors in the glow of a pending comet on course to collide with planet earth.


The Man who Missed the War

by Dennis Wheatley

When German submarines were sinking so much Allied shipping that Britain faced the danger of starvation, Dennis Wheatley – then a member of the War Cabinet's Joint Planning Staff – suggested that a system...

Uncharted Seas

by Dennis Wheatley

In the face of an Atlantic hurricane, a boatload of mis-matched crew and passengers find themselves aboard a life-boat and must pit their strength against the rigours of the open sea. Tension mounts both inside...

Mastering Revit<sup>®</sup> Architecture 2010

by Greg Demchak, Tatjana Dzambazova & Eddy Krygiel

As Autodesk's fastest-growing software package, Revit Architecture offers a new version that will require Revit users of all areas of expertise-architects, project managers, designers, contractors, and building...

The Man who Killed the King

by Dennis Wheatley

Jun 1792 - Aug 1794

The Man who Killed the King tells the story of Roger Brook?Prime Minister Pitt's most resourceful secret agent?during the Great Terror when more than a million people perished and the Terrorists...

They Found Atlantis

by Dennis Wheatley

Atlantis: for centuries the magic of that name has haunted man's imagination.

Now, an incredible expedition is being prepared. Its destination: the final resting place of the ancient gold-encrusted city ? one...

The Launching of Roger Brook

by Dennis Wheatley

Introducing Roger Brook, 'master spy and gentleman adventurer' of the Napoleonic Era, in Dennis Wheatley's famous historical series that spans the years from 1783 through 1815.

The year 1783 finds the young Roger...

Scripta didactica et polemica, volumen IV : Epistolae duae, deux discours

by Jean Calvin, Erik Alexander De Boer & Frans Peter Van Stam

These two public letters are Calvin’s first publication for a wider audience since his arrival in Geneva. Its preface is dated on 12 January 1537. After years of scholarly activity and travelling in anonymity...

The Shadow of Tyburn Tree

by Dennis Wheatley

Nov 1787 - Apr 1789

The Shadow of Tyburn Tree tells the story of Roger Brook?Prime Minister Pitt's most resourceful secret agent?who, in 1788, is sent on a secret mission to the Russia of that beautiful and licentious...

The Rape of Venice

by Dennis Wheatley

Roger Brook ? 'wanted' for illegal duelling ? sailed for Calcutta in the summer of 1796. With him went his lovely Clarissa. And in Calcutta Clarissa was abducted. Abducted by Rinaldo Malderini, a Venetian senator...

Star of Ill-Omen

by Dennis Wheatley

Kem Lincoln, ex-Commando and British secret agent, was sent on a special mission to South America. He knew at the outset that it was an assignment fraught with danger, but, amidst the politics and the affairs,...

Paradise Court

by J.S. Fletcher

Mr. Rivington is tall, slender and willowy; Mr. Wells is stoutly built and looks as if nothing could break him. Mr. Rivington is a dreamer who loves art and can pursue his cultured interests thanks to the inheritance...

A Perfect Marriage

by Jean Saunders

First published in 2004, this novel tells the story of Robert Jarvis who dies from a heart attack, leaving his wife Margaret a widow at forty-two. Family and friends rally round, but their attentions only serve...

Uncle Abner: Master of Mysteries

by Melville Davisson Post

Uncle Abner, the most famous literary character created by Melville Davisson Post, is a righteous amateur detective, a keen observer of human actions with profound knowledge and love for Bible. On his journeys...

Red Sky at Night, Lovers' Delight

by Jane Aiken Hodge

When spirited Kate Warrender embarks on a dangerous impersonation she puts her family and home in jeopardy. In this enthralling new regency novel, first published in 1977, Jane Aiken Hodge, master of romance,...

The Merry Marauders

by Arthur J. Rees

Val is invited to New Zealand by his Uncle Rufus to help run his business, which he describes to Val as 'control of the New Zealand fruit trade'. Restless Val hopes that his new life will be adventurous and...


by Jean Saunders

Gracie Brown's dream is to become an acclaimed seamstress, but because of her background, she believes that success is an unattainable goal. Then, at an opening of the new Palais, she meets Charlie, a dashing...

All in the April Morning

by Jean Saunders

The day dawns bright and fair on peaceful San Francisco. Outside the Pendleton mansion, the O'Connell sisters ? Bridget and Kitty ? enjoy the freedom of the hour. But this is the day of the great San Francisco...