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The Whale Chaser: A Novel

by Tony Ardizzone

The Whale Chaser is the story of Vince Sansone, the eldest child and only son in a large Italian American family, who comes of age in 1960s Chicago. A constant disappointment to his embittered father  - a fishmonger...

Fall River and Other Uncollected Stories

by John Cheever, Franklin H. Dennis & George W. Hunt

The stories in this collection are ones that Cheever wrote in the 1930s and 1940s. There are 13 total, 11 of which are not available anywhere else, including the new Library of America edition. Interest in Cheever's...

Fast Facts for the Radiology Nurse: An Orientation and Nursing Care Guide in a Nutshell

by BSN, RN Valerie Aarne Grossman MALS

"...covers many topics essential to the success of the nurse working in an imaging setting ... The handbook's size make it easily portable as a bedside reference...[It]would be a welcome addition to any radiology...

He That Is Spiritual

by Lewis sperry Chafer

He That Is Spiritual defines true Christian living and unpacks the Bible teaching concerning spirituality: what it is and how it is secured.

Time Out For Coffee

by Jeanette Lockerbie

What busy woman in the working world doesn't welcome a coffee break? That time out for coffee seems to do the trick in helping her get through the pressures of the day. Even more helpful, though, is time out...

The Enneagram Movie & Video Guide 3.0: How To See Personality Styles In the Movies - Third Edition Revised and Expanded

by Thomas Condon

See Your Favorite Stars in a Whole New Light Whether you are a movie lover, aspiring actor, storyteller, student of psychology or Enneagram enthusiast, this spirited and original book will alter the way you...

The Cinderella Factor

by Sophie Weston

The French chateau is the perfect hiding place for Jo—until its owner, sardonic reporter Patrick Burns, comes home…

At first Patrick thinks the secretive runaway is a thief—or worse—until he sees that what...

Millionaire Dad: Wife Needed

by Natasha Oakley

Nick Regan-Phillips: a millionaire, whom the world assumes has it all…but he's got a secret that he's kept from the world—he's a single dad. Nick's daughter, Rosie, is deaf. Nick missed the first five years...

Mommy Proposal

by Cathy Gillen Thacker

Gearing up to be a single father to his newly adopted son could be the toughest job Nate Hutchinson has ever taken on. That's why the self-made millionaire hired makeover expert Brooke Mitchell to turn his lonely...

Domesticating Luc

by Sandra Paul

Dogs needed love and attention, but getting workaholic Luc Tagliano to bond with his newly inherited dog drove trainer Julie Jones crazy! The obstinate developer wanted immediate results—because he planned...

Meet Me Under the Mistletoe

by Julianna Morris


No sooner had they settled in Washington than history repeated itself: the welcoming committee of available women. The casseroles. A widower Alex McKenzie I might be, but he was not...

The Hometown Hero Returns

by Julianna Morris

He could still put her heart in a tailspin…

When Luke McCade returns to Divine after a long absence, Nicki Johansson realizes that she may have lost the bad clothes and haircut, but it's hard to shake an old...

The Matchmaking Machine

by Judith McWilliams

li, Maggie Romer, am about to teach my new boss a lesson he won't soon forget. The minute he took over my company and fired my friend Sam, John Richard Worthington became my enemy. But this man has many sides....

Twelfth Night Proposal

by Karen Rose Smith

To love, or not to love?

That is the question for widower Leo Montgomery, a boat designer who'd do anything to make his little .girl happy—except let himself fall for her sweet-faced nanny. Even if that nanny...

Found: His Family

by Nicola Marsh

A successful businesswoman and single mom, Aimee has everything she wants in life—especially her little boy. But Toby is sick, and Aimee now needs the one person she thought she'd never see again—Toby's father,...

One Man and a Baby

by Susan Meier


When Rick Capriotti is hired over her as manager on the family horse farm, Ashley Meljac feels betrayed because Rick is a notorious bad boy who has only...

The Parent Trap

by Lissa Manley

"I'M NOT AFRAID OF A LITTLE FRIENDLY COMPETITION…"—Brandon Clark, restaurant owner

But Brandon smelled a rat when he wound up at a dinner arranged by his daughter…and came face-to-face with the beautiful mother...

Plain Jane's Prince Charming

by Melissa McClone

For waitress Jane Dawson happily-ever-afters only happen in fairy tales…. So when she approaches I sexy millionaire Chase Ryder she's thrilled he'll sponsor her charity. Of course, there's no chance Chase will...

Cowboy's Plan

by Mary Sullivan

C. J. Wright has a simple strategy for his life. Get his ranch going. Sell the family's candy shop. And fix his relationship with his young son.

Nowhere in his plan is there room for a woman like Janey Sweeter-than-She-Looks...

Prince Baby

by Susan Meier

Subject: DON'T PANIC ABOUT THE BABY! To: ty…bryant@bryantdevelopment…com From: seth…bryant@bryantdevelopment…com

Yes, the rumor that Princess Lucy Santos of Xavier Island went into labor moments after showing...