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Praying with Fire: Seeking His Presence through the Revival Passages of Scripture

by Dr. Mark D. Partin

Do you have a desire for a fresh move of God in your own life and in your local fellowship? Do you hunger after more of God, but are not sure what to do to see it happen? Mark Partin knows what it's like to...

Oracle SOA Suite 11g

by EAIESB & Consultants Network

This book is an introduction to Oracle SOA Suite 11g. It introduces you to this most useful tool and provides numerous hands on examples of how to use the product. SOA Suite 11g is known as among other things...

Bride of the Wolf

by Jennifer St. Giles

When the heroic werewolf Navarre is trapped in the twilight realm, his Shadowmen comrades are unable to rescue him. Only a passionate woman with a spirit as wild as his own can set him free....

Oil heiress...

Pagan Portals - Runes

by Kylie Holmes

The Runes are a set of 24 symbols which are steeped in history, myths and legends. This book offers practical and accessible information for anyone to understand this ancient form of divination.

Lysander's Legs

by Jane Myles

Lysander’s Legs...a story not of unrequited love, but of love that is requited just enough to give hope...


by Alaric Albertsson

The first ship was sighted over St. Louis...and then St. Louis was gone.

The End of Death: How Near-Death Experiences Prove the Afterlife

by Admir Serrano

A compelling examination of Near Death Experience, proving immortality in every page.

Sacred Paths: A Journey Through the Big Questions

by Adrian Gibb

There is an exquisite diversity and beauty that can be found in the ‘Sacred Paths’ people choose to walk. This is a book that explores those paths.

Thimio's House

by John Kefala Kerr

Idealistic composer, Fish, visits economically decimated Greece with his archaeologist girlfriend, Gabrielle, but unexplained events thwart his plans for a new society.

The Rainbow Way: Cultivating Creativity in the Midst of Motherhood

by Lucy H. Pearce

The comprehensive, soulful companion for artist mothers on their creative journey.

Where the Beast Is Buried

by Joanna Rajkowska

The first English-language book about Joanna Rajkowska and her unique practice of work in public space, in extremely diverse cultures and geographies.


by Ben Gwalchmai

London, 1858: a child is dead, a man is blamed, and dragged through hell - why is he persecuted and who is his persecutor?

The Hidden Crown: Northland - 1166

by David Haworth

In an alternate twelfth century, a young Norse solider saves the Saxon child-queen from assassination and is plunged into a struggle for the throne.

Bird Without Wings: FAEBLES

by Cally Pepper

Scarlett's sixteen, she has her fair share of problems, but she's totally freaked out when she discovers she's growing wings.

Literary Freedom: A Cultural Right to Literature

by Heather Katharine McRobie

How do we protect literary freedom while preventing the harm done by literary hate speech? This book presents an innovative new approach to literary freedom as a cultural right.

Supercharge Your Dreams Into Being: By Trusting Your Soul's Inner Guidance

by Cissi Williams

This book will show you how you can manifest your dreams in such a way that you are able to create your most amazing destiny ever.

Lion of Light: The Spiritual Life of Madame Blavatsky

by Gordon Strong

Without Madame Blavatsky the New Age would not exist. This pioneering and phenomenal spiritual traveller deserves new respect and recognition.

Inhabiting Heaven Now: The Answer to Every Moral Dilemma Ever Posed

by Andrea Mathews

If you knew your essential core nature to be divine, who would you be? Where would you live?

Middle Age Beauty: Soulful Secrets from a Former Face Model Living Botox Free in Her Forties

by Machel Shull

Find out how to look fabulous during middle age without plastic surgery by learning inside secrets from a former model.

A Fruit-Bearing Spirituality

by Carolyn Reinhart

The book is not about religion, theology or church, but it takes you into a deeper understanding of spirituality today.