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Begging for Trouble

Dog Walker Mysteries #5

by Judi McCoy

When Ellie, New York City's most enterprising dog walker, goes to see one of her clients perform in a show, the screams aren't just for the fantastic dance numbers...

A murder happens backstage, and the only...

The Vampire Files, Volume Three

by P. Elrod

Two Jack Fleming, Vampire P.I novels - now in one volume.

Chicago is a rough town, even for the undead. But someone has to clean up the dirty burg, and Jack Flemming is just the vampire for the job. The Vampire...

Debts: A Novella

by Tammar Stein

In this 50-page novella by Tammar Stein, the author of KINDRED and SPOILS, Miriam and Natasha think they've escaped their respective brushes with otherworldly beings. Miriam has settled into a normal-seeming...

Open Shutters

by Mary Jo Salter

Mary Jo Salter’s sparkling new collection, Open Shutters, leads us into a world where things are often not what they seem. In the first poem, “Trompe l’Oeil,” the shadow-casting shutters on Genoese houses...

Porsche 911 HP1489: Building the Ultimate  911 for High Performance Street or Road Racing

by Mitchell Sam Rossi

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

Joy: The Surrender to the Body and to Life

by Alexander Lowen

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

Life Drawing: A Journey To Self-Expression

by Bridget Woods

Life drawing is a passionate and rewarding pursuit, which inspires a wide range of styles from photographic to abstract. This practical book, packed with images and enjoyable exercises, is designed for the beginner...

British Rail Main Line Locomotives Specification Guide

by Pip Dunn

British Rail Main Line Locomotives Specification Guide identifies the major detail differences and livery variations that have appeared on all British Rail, ex-British Rail and privatized railway diesel and...

To Kingdom Come: An Epic Saga of Survival in the Air War Over Germany

by Robert J. Mrazek

On September 6, 1943, three hundred and thirtyeight B-17 "Flying Fortresses" of the American Eighth Air Force took off from England, bound for Stuttgart, Germany, to bomb Nazi weapons factories.

Dense clouds...

Educating Muslim Women: The West African Legacy of Nana Asma'u 1793-1864

by Beverley Mack & Jean Boyd

Nana Asma’u (1793–1864) was a prolific Muslim scholar, poet, historian, and educator whose legacy in Nigeria and America continues today.

Wing Chun Kung Fu: Weapons Training

by Shaun Rawcliffe

Following on from the success of Simply.....Wing Chun Kung Fu and Wing Chun Kung Fu - The Wooden Dummy, Sifu Shaun Rawcliffe presents a thorough guide to the weapons forms in Wing Chun Kung Fu. The Knives and...

Between Dog and Wolf

by Elske Rahill

‘You need a little hypocrisy in you,’ he told me more than once. ‘You need to be a little tainted if you are not to be corrupted altogether.’ The French call it entre chien et loup . . . Darkly moving,...

The Last Knight: Desmond Fitzgerald, 29th Knight of Glin

by Robert O'Byrne

When Desmond FitzGerald died on ?? September ????, obituaries paid tribute to his involvement with organizations such as the Irish Georgian Society and the Irish Architectural Archive. Over the previous decades,...

Trinity Tales: Trinity College Dublin in the Eighties

by Katy McGuinness

Dublin’s Trinity College in the ????s was a haven of intellect and swagger in the recession-swept island of Ireland. Within its confines, students imbued with the future teetered on the brink of independence....

Polycentric Monarchies: How Did Early Modern Spain and Portugal Achieve and Maintain a Global Hegemony?

by Pedro Cardim, Tamar Herzog & Jose Javier Ruiz Ibanez

Having succeeded in establishing themselves in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, in the early 16th century Spain and Portugal became the first imperial powers on a worldwide scale. Between 1580 and 1640,...

A Lover's Almanac: A Novel

by Maureen Howard

One of the preeminent novelists of our time, Maureen Howard dazzles us with a love story of radiant intelligence and delicious wit. The exhilarating flights and emotional depths of Howard's storytelling balance...

The Politics of Humanity: The Reality of Relief Aid

by John Holmes

John Holmes was the UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs from 2007 until 2010. His work took him to some of the most troubled areas of the world: to Sri Lanka, Darfur, Somalia and the Democratic...

One Hundred and Fifty Shards of Light

by Michael Levitton

This book of articles written for a Parish Magazine does many things. It makes you think about the Christian faith. It shows you characters from the Bible in a new way. It brings the Bible to life. It introduces...

Women's University Fiction, 1880-1945

by Anna Bogen

The rise of the middle classes brought a sharp increase in the number of young men and women able to attend university. Developing in the wake of this increase, the university novel often centred on male undergraduates...

Self-Control: by Mary Brunton

by Anthony Mandal

Self-Control (1811) was a literary sensation, going into four editions in its first year. The first novelist to set her story against a strong Scottish background, Brunton set the scene for other writers such...