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The Managers: The Tactics and Thinkers that Transformed Gaelic Football

by Daire Whelan

Brilliant. The best researched and best compiled book on the subject that's ever been printed. Fans, players and would-be managers will devour it.' Seán Kelly, former President of the GAA In The Managers, journalist...

Cinnamon Toast and the End of the World

by Janet E. Cameron

House Parties. Pick-Up Trucks. Cherry-Vanilla Ice-Cream. Prom Night. Unrequited Love. Welcome to the spring of 1987 and the world of Stephen Shulevitz who, with three months of high school to go in the small...

Add A Zero

by Brian O'Connor

In Add A Zero, we join him on his quest as we're taken through the highs and the lows of the world of Irish racing, where we meet with leading personalities, trainers and jockeys such as Aidan O'Brien, Dermot...

Secrets My Mother Kept

by Kath Hardy

Kath grew up on a vast council estate in the 1950s, the second youngest of ten children. The two most important people in young Kath's life were her charismatic but manipulative mother Flo and her mother's sister...

James, By the Grace of God

by Nigel Tranter

In the wake of the Battle of Flodden, Scotland was ruled in name only. The boy king, James V was at the mercy of ambitous rival factions, and beyond them, the ever-watchful, looming presence of Henry VIII of...

Lord in Waiting

by Nigel Tranter

In 1460, when clan feuds were rife, and the threat of english invasion was ever-present, James the Third, one of Scotland's weakest monarchs, came to the throne. Before long, John, Lord of Douglas, a born leader...

Ghost Trap

Ghost Whisperer #1

by Doranna Durgin

Since she was a little girl, Melinda Gordon could talk to the dead: "earthbound spirits" as her grandmother called them. Melinda came to understand that the spirits are trapped, and in need. She listens, tries...

Lord of the Isles

by Nigel Tranter

By the power of his sword arm, his dragon fleet and his sheer personality, Somerled Norse Slayer carved an enduring name for himself in Scottish legend. Inheriting his father's shattered thanedom in Argyll in...

Rough Wooing

by Nigel Tranter

The final volume in the trilogy spanning the turbulent reign of King James V of Scotland. The young James, King of Scots is a beleaguered man. Still grief stricken at the untimely death of his queen, Madeleine,...

Lady Catherine and the Real Downton Abbey

by TheCountessOfCarnarvon

Sometimes the facts are even more extraordinary than the fiction... This book tells the story of Lady Catherine, a beautiful American girl who became the chatelaine of Highclere Castle, the setting for Julian...


by Mike O'Leary

From ASBOs to superheroes... Misfits follows five teenagers on community service who get caught in a freak storm and develop superpowers. Hard-as-nails Kelly can suddenly hear people's thoughts, shamed sporting...

The Great Northern Cookbook

by Sean Wilson

"This journey has given me the exciting opportunity to bring my cooking life full circle, and to introduce you to the very best recipes from the North of England. I've been able to delve deep into the diverse...

The Restful Mind

by Gyalwa Dokhampa

The restless mind is frightened of silence, easily bored, and busy, busy, busy. The restful mind is creative and alert, relaxed and confident. The step from one to the other is all in the way we think. His Eminence...

The Undercover Mother

by Eirin Thompson

A part-time job as an undercover store detective at the Riverside Shopping Mall seems ideal for our mum-of-three whose kids are now at school. Used to not being noticed at home, she feels she has the perfect...

The People Next Door

by Roisin Meaney

Numbers 7, 8 and 9 of Miller's Avenue look like any other houses in any other well-kept neighbourhood. But behind these brightly coloured doors live people with very complicated lives. When Yvonne in number...

My Brother John

by Marie Carthy

John Carthy was an average guy, a hard-working young man devoted to his mother and sister, who also happened to suffer from depression - in common with one in four Irish people today. But in April 2001, in the...

Souls of the Sea

by Damien Tiernan

In January 2007, within the space of only six days, three large fishing boats - the Pere Charles, the Honey Dew II and the Renegade - capsized and sank off the south east coast of Ireland. There were eleven...

The Blood of Lambs: A Former Terrorist's Memoir of Death and Redemption

by Kamal Saleem & Lynn Vincent

The Blood of Lambs reveals the true inside story of the making and mind-set of a Muslim terrorist. Though his ties with terrorism were severed more than twenty years ago, it was not until 9/11, when radical...

A Lesson in the Storm: Season of Desire: Part 1

by Sadie Matthews

Part One of SEASON OF DESIRE, a fiercely passionate five-part serial novel by Sadie Matthews which will excite all fans of FIRE AFTER DARK, BECAUSE YOU ARE MINE and FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. Freya Hammond is used...


by Charlie Daniels

A hardback bestseller, this is the most authentic and moving account of a prostitute's life and a hidden world of sex and violence that you'll ever read.