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After the Coalition

by Kwasi Kwarteng, Priti Patel & Dominic Raab

In After the Coalition five new Conservative Members of Parliament tackle the challenges of contemporary Britain. They argue that Conservative principles adapted to the modern world are essential for national...

The Dictionary of Liberal Quotations

by Duncan Brack

If you’re a liberal or a democrat, and especially if you’re a Liberal Democrat, this masterful and considered collection of thought-provoking quotations should belong to you. All the great Liberals are packed...

The Dictionary of Labour Quotations

by Stuart Thomson

Anyone who has an interest in Labour or the left needs a copy of this brilliant compendium of left-leaning quotations. The collection features all the best quotes from all the great thinkers, whether they were...

Practical Garden Railways

by Peter Jones

Have you always wanted to run your own railway? Does your indoor model railway leave you with a desire to fill your nostrils with the smell of steam and hot oil on a winter's morning? If the answer to any of...

Fired Up With Raku: Over 300 Raku Recipes

by Irene Poulton

The origins of raku can be traced back hundreds of years to Japan, where it was used as the traditional method of creating clay bowls for the tea ceremony. Over the years potters have embraced and adapted the...

Sprinting: Training, Techniques and Improving Performance

by Chris Husbands

A huge amount of time, planning and preparation goes into creating a world-class sprinter. Sprinting - Training, Techniques and Improving Performance is an essential guide for all athletes at the beginning or...

Medieval Tailor's Assistant: Making Common Garments 1200-1500

by Sarah Thursfield

A comprehensive guide to making period clothes for re-enactment, living history or theatre. From establishing the date of your outfit, defining the wearer and selecting garments, to measurements, patterns, materials,...

Complete Loft Conversion Book: Planning, Managing and Completing Your Conversion

by Julian Owen

Loft conversions are one of the most popular types of home alteration and, as this book shows, they can be an enormously useful and stylish addition to a house. If you have not been involved in a building project...

Home Song

by LaVyrle Spencer

LaVyrle Spencer explores the true meaning of unconditional love in this powerful New York Times bestseller.

High school principal Tom Gardner feels a sense of shock when he sees Kent Arens, a new transfer...

The Priest, His Lady and the Drowned Child

by Mary Cavanagh

For twenty years, Father Ewan McEwan, a Roman Catholic priest, has enjoyed a passionate long-term relationship with Lady Marina Proudfoot, an older woman of great beauty and refinement, whose two-year-old daughter...

Photographing Nature in Action

by Arnold Wilson

This book explains how to take great shots of animals moving in water, land and air, as well as perhaps less obvious plant movement. The main topics covered include the functions of your camera, and the fundamentals...

Powerlifting: Training, Techniques and Performance

by Nicola Vaughan-Ellis

Powerlifting: Training Techniques and Performance is a guide for athletes and coaches in powerlifting as well as more general reading for the lover of sport. It takes a coach-led, athlete-centred approach that...

George Orwell S Commander in Spain: The Enigma of Georges Kopp

by Marc Wildermeersch & Marc Wildemeersch

With a focus on the relationship between Orwell and Kopp during the Spanish Civil War, ‘George Orwell’s Commander in Spain: The Enigma of Georges Kopp’ is the first biography of a fascinating figure: double...

Shooting Stars: Ten Historical Miniatures

by Stefan Zweig & Anthea Bell

Ten turning points in history, vividly sketched by the great Stefan Zweig

"Such dramatically concentrated, such fateful hours, in which a timeless decision hangs on a single date, a single hour, even just a single...

The Apostate's Tale

by Margaret Frazer

Dame Frevisse must determine whether Sister Cecely, newly returned to the nunnery with her young son, is truly interested in repenting for her sins-or if she's just in hiding after involvement in schemes that...

Fighting Fatigue: a practical guide to managing the symptoms of CFS/ME

by Sue Pemberton & Catherine Berry

This practical manual comes from a nationally recognized centre for CFS/ME and is jointly written by health professionals and their patients. They give straightforward and specific expert advice, accompanied...

The Little Blue Gnome

by Kevin Perkins

This fictional story opens on the High Seas in the Far East and Kit and his little sister Imojen are subjugated to a violent storm with their Mum and Dad, deliberately sent by the Devil to drown the family but...

Judges and Generals in Pakistan Volume II

by Inam Sehri

Judges & Generals In Pakistan: Vol-II by Inam R Sehri is another book comprising of his articles [in continuity with Vol-I]; mostly covering the historical scenarios of Gen Musharraf’s military regime from...

A Divided Life

by Mohammed Khan

This account of my autobiography and cultural memoirs with history/is utterly unique. It progresses through my early life. Narrative includes many irresistible and glistening stories to arouse one’s feeling....


by Patricia Grace

This is the te reo Maori translation of the award-winning novel Tu. The only survivor of three young men who went to war from his family, Tu faces the past and tells his niece and nephew, through the pages of...