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Without Regard to Race: The Other Martin Robison Delany

by Tunde Adeleke

Before Marcus Garvey and W. E. B. Du Bois lifted the banner for black liberation and independence, Martin Robison Delany (1812-1885) was at the forefront. He was the first black appointed as a combat major in...

The Pilgrim Jubilees

by Alan Young

In 1960, four young men went into a Chicago recording studio and revolutionized the sound of African American gospel music. When they made that groundbreaking recording, the Pilgrim Jubilees had been singing...

Reading Faulkner: Light in August

by Hugh Ruppersburg

Explaining the world of William Faulkner's "Light in August" is the primary goal of this glossary. Like other books in this series, it explains, identifies, and comments on many elements that a reader may find...

Remaking Dixie: The Impact of World War II on the American South

by Neil R. McMillen & Morton Sosna

Although the Civil War reconfigured Dixie, in the half century since the end of World War II the American South has been massively changed again. It is still an improbable mix of tradition and transition, but...

Clinical Anatomy: A Case Study Approach: A Case Study Approach

by Mark Hankin & Dennis Morse


Filled with 50 cases that consider 130 possible diagnoses, and more than 250 illustrations, this concise, highly accessible book is a must...

Passing for Spain: Cervantes and the Fictions of Identity

by Barbara Fucha

Passing for Spain is a healthy sign that Renaissance scholars are finally looking to early modern Spain as a likely locus for the study of self-fashioning and the formation of the nation-state. Anne Cruz, professor...

Working for Justice: A Handbook of Prison Education and Activism

Women and the Republican Party, 1854-1924

by Melanie Gustafson

Explores the forces that propelled women to partisan activism in an era of widespread disfranchisement and provides a new perspective on how women fashioned their political strategies and identities before and...

Anteaters Don't Dream and Other Stories

by Louise Hawes & Jeffrey C. Stewart

In Anteaters Don't Dream and Other Stories, Louise Hawes deftly portrays lovers at the end of their patience, marriages on the verge of decline, children reeling from abuse, and parents devastated by loss.


Night of the Jaguar

by Michael Gruber

Science and mysticism, nature and greed collide in this mind-bending, compulsively readable thriller from the author of Tropic of Night and Valley of Bones, hailed by the Washington Post as "miracles of intelligent...

Gertrude Stein and Richard Wright: The Poetics and Politics of Modernism

by M. Lynn Weiss

After the Second World War Gertrude Stein asked a friend's support in securing a visa for Richard Wright to visit Paris.

"I've got to help him, she said. You see, we are both members of a minority group."...

Perspectives on Harry Crews

by Erik Bledsoe

Critics have called Harry Crews a "mad genius" and "Flannery O'Connor on steroids." His novels chronicle the southern world on the edge of insanity. His characters set out to eat an entire car on national television,...

Unsung Valor: A GI's Story of World War II

by A. Cleveland Harrison

Thirty riveting months in the life of a common infantryman, one among the "citizen soldiers" who took the Allies to victory

When drafted into the army in 1943, A. Cleveland Harrison was a reluctant eighteen-year-old...

Manners and Southern History

by Ted Ownby

The concept of southern manners may evoke images of debutantes being introduced to provincial society or it might conjure thoughts of the humiliating behavior white supremacists expected of African Americans...

Woke Me Up This Morning: Black Gospel Singers and the Gospel Life

by Alan Young

Many studies of African-American gospel music spotlight history and style. This one, however, is focused mainly on grassroots makers and singers. Most of those included here are not stars. A few have received...

The Role of Ideas in the Civil Rights South

by Ted Ownby

With essays by Tony Badger, David L. Chappell, Elizabeth Jacoway, Richard H. King, Ralph E. Luker, Charles Marsh, Keith D. Miller, Linda Reed, and Lauren F. Winner

In the 1950s and 1960s the American South...

The Identity Question: Blacks and Jews in Europe and America

by Robert Philipson

A diasporic study of the striking similarities between Jewish consciousness and black consciousness in Europe and America

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Despite the Enlightenment's promise of utopian belonging...

Perspectives on Richard Ford

by Huey Guagliardo

A comprehensive appreciation of the fiction written by this Pulitzer Prize author

This is the first book-length examination of the fiction written by Richard Ford, who gained critical acclaim for The Sportswriter...

Mayor Crump Don't Like It: Machine Politics in Memphis

by G. Wayne Dowdy

In the 1930s thousands of African Americans abandoned their long-standing allegiance to the party of Abraham Lincoln and began voting for Democratic Party candidates. This new voting pattern remapped the nation's...

The Enchanted Quest of Dana and Ginger Lamb

by Julie Huffman-klinkowitz & Jerome Klinkowitz

Best-selling authors, sensational lecturers, documentary filmmakers, amateur archaeologists, spies for FDR--Dana and Ginger Lamb led the life of Indiana Jones long before the movie icon was ever scripted. "We...